Obscure Football Reference Of The Day


Whilst on their drunken debauch some of the boys are heard to sing ‘Blue Moon’, which is the tune the Manchester City fans sing at the start of all of their home matches. Steve (I think) tries to get them to stop singing as they are in Stretford, a part of Manchester that traditionally supports United, and drunken City fans might be given a bit a thumping if they ran across the wrong people.

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1 Response to Obscure Football Reference Of The Day

  1. nwtrunner says:

    I wondered about why they kept going back to “Blue Moon” – thanks for the information!

    Q – how long have MC fans been using this song and WHY?!

    Me – it’s Flower of Scotland or Loch Lomond all the way. I’m very blue and white in my past life – and red and white in my current.

    I hate when Canada plays against Scotland in anything – but I’ll cheer for Canada when they do. Luckily, Canada and Scotland rarely play against each other in anything.

    Canada vs UK – easy. Canada all the way.

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