Update: Thursday November 21, 2008 – A Toast


Trouble in Coupledom:

Couple #1

In the Rovers, Liam and Maria are sitting with Liam’s parents and Steve.  Liam’s cousin Tom, and has arrived for the stag do. Steve announces he is the organizer and is committed to keeping them all in order.

The stag starts in the Rovers waiting for their taxis. Liam’s dad makes a toast. He says no matter if you are Red (United) or Blue (City) to make a toast to the  Busby Babes’. He reminds everyone in the pub that it was fifty years ago to the day that the Manchester United footballers, were lost in the plane crash. They drink a toast, and then they’re off.

Carla’s jabs start on Maria, talking about how her dress size just fits her.  Yet, Maria still asks Carla if she would like a drink – as Liam has left his card behind. Carla says, “At least that way he’s got something worth coming back for,” says Carla. “Yes,” snaps Maria, “his wedding.”  Could I just have one moment alone with her?

Michelle finds Maria is crying in the washroom.  She tells her to ignore Carla, but she says she can’t help it because keeps going on about Liam. Michelle says that Carla likes to be the centre of attention.

Maria tells Michelle she is still insecure after what happened in the Lake District (at the hospital) and the hotel in Birmingham.  Michelle reassures her she will stop when she gets bored.  Later on, Michelle has a word with Carla, to back off.

Back in the pub, Maria is sitting with her future mother-in-law and friends (Carla excepted).  Carla thinks the men will never be back in the Rovers for last orders.

The banter continues with Carla calling Maria ‘a lightweight’ for wanting to go home early.  Maria bites back with, “Why don’t you keep your clever opinions to yourself?”.  Just then the stag party walks into the Rovers, but Liam isn’t with them. Ryan comes a bit tipsy. Michelle is not impressed. Carla wants to know where Liam is, and they all laugh.

Claire and Fiz knock on Maria’s door, and tell her to get her coat for a surprise. Liam dressed only in his boxer shorts (helloooo) and hat, tied by the wrist to the bus stop, singing ‘Blue Moon’. Just as the girls are about to check out Liam (I wish I could…) Carla sees him and laughs. She starts to undo him. (Sigh) At that moment, the girls come round the corner. “What the hell are you doing?” screams Maria, and rushes forward. She tells Carla lay off and takes him home.

Couple #2

Jason gets out of a taxi as Eileen walks towards her house. Eileen notices that he has a fat lip. “Tell me Sarah didn’t do that?” she says. “She was trying to make a point,”. He tells her it is over.

Jason tells his mom it was the Becky thing that tipped it.  Eileen assumes it’s Gail who’s told Sarah, but Jason tells her he told her himself.  Eileen asks if he knows that she hasn’t done the same.  Jason says he has lost Sarah for good.

Later, Gail meets Audrey, about Jason and Sarah. She says she hasn’t heard anything. Gail says it is too bad they are not like David and Tina. “Rabbits, you mean?” says Audrey. (The best line of the show!!) 

In Other Street News:

Kelly is jealous (again) of Vikki’s cash and alcohol consumption

Violet has a case of ‘Seanitis’ and misses work.

Becky is late for work and being tardy.

Mel thinks Lauren is just using Darryl for his kebabs (LOL)

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14 Responses to Update: Thursday November 21, 2008 – A Toast

  1. haili says:

    I really really want Maria to one-up Carla in some way. Surely she can find a way to show her up to Liam for the way she treats her. Is that too much to ask?

    Michelle is an airhead and was really dumb to tell Carla about Liam calling her name. I could have slapped her for that.

  2. Barbie says:

    I agree haili,
    I actually yelled at the TV when Michelle told Carla about Liam. WHAT was she thinking? Now that horrible skank has even more ammunition. No good can come of this.

  3. Piper77 says:

    Did anyone else think cousin Tom looked a lot like Sean’s boyfriend (can’t think of his name right now)? For a minute I was actually wondering why he was hugging and kissing the Connor parents 🙂

  4. eps says:

    Piper77 – Marcus. I don’t know his last name. I just saw a BBC TV show that has an actor named John Simm (I believe) who could be the Marcus-actor’s brother.

    I also was irritated as heck at Michelle telling Carla about Liam calling Carla’s name. That was stupid and she knows better.

    When did Maria become such a sniveling little weakling? I remember her early on as having much more gumption. Pretty soon she and Vomitus Violet will become interchangeable.

    It consistently seems to me that this younger crop of females cannot hold a candle, heck – they can’t hold the match to light a candle, compared to the grand ol’ dames. I’m thinking that the problem may be more connected with the writers than the actresses. Maybe also the director(s) – there is absolutely too much whinging and “oh, what shall I do?” crap going on. Becky and Fizz are the only young females that don’t have me
    automatically turning to my Gameboy for respite. Rosie and Sophie are OK, I suppose. Oh, for the days of Bett Lynch.

    Go in peace. The rant is ended.

  5. haili says:

    Elsie Tanner would turn over in her grave if she saw these weak women. Corrie was once famous for strong women but things have gone downhill in that department. Let’s hope for some storylines that show them getting some backbone.

    We still have Rita, Emily, Eileen and Audrey who have a lot of gumption; maybe some of it will rub off on the young ones eventually.

  6. missusmac says:

    Piper77, I thought the same thing about Marcus and Tom. Lots of resemblance. I do love Marcus, he’s such voice of reason and the perfect match for Sean.

    There was a moment when all the ‘boys’ were on the pavement when I thought wow, when does Corrie usually have that many men in one spot. Usually there are lots of women gathered == remember the Eileen, Liz, Frankie, Deirdre drinking days — but it was nice to see the boys on a tear. (Dev and Liam? Kind of weird pairing, but it;s not like Dev’s busy…)

  7. Glacia says:

    Go in peace. The rant is ended.

    Eps – you is funny!

  8. lovethestreet says:

    Add me to the list of fans who would like to see more of the seasoned actors in storylines.

    Fred, Bev and Audrey had the same storyline as Liam, Maria and Carla do now — and Audrey and co. were miles more interesting.

    (Don’t get me wrong: I’m not comparing the personalities, just the situation. Audrey is usually pretty great, and Carla is cow.)

  9. haili says:

    Audrey used to be a shopaholic and a bit of an airhead – very self-centered. They improved her character a lot and she became stronger. Let’s hope they do the same for Maria.

  10. eps says:

    As Sarah Palin might say: I be thankin’ ya.

    Michelle let Ryan go to stag night with that crowd??? What in the world made her think any of those guys would look after the kid –
    combined they hardly have enough responsibility to sit quietly in a public library.

  11. corrierules says:

    First off, a (grateful) word to our sponsors — the fabulous folks who bring us Corrie Canuck. The value-added to the updates — fab photos like the Busby Babes, links to historical and sports references and explanations like who is Janette Krankie — add so much to enhancing the “Corrie experience” Thank you all for your hard work and creative talent!

    And I agree, I love the old-timers … but I think some of the young-uns, like Amber, Sophie, Tyrone, Fizz and Kirkeh are very watchable. I just love Sophie. Put a hairnet on her and ta-dah! — Ena Sharples redux.

  12. haili says:

    The older actors speak more clearly and are easier to understand IMO. Some of the young ones mumble (Sophie!)

    Molly, Jason, Chesney and David are also good. Corrie continues to give us interesting characters.

    Thanks from me too. It helps to understand some of these references.

  13. pip says:

    Maria’s not strong with Carla because she’s insecure about her relationship with Liam, and she has good reason to be. If she knew that Carla didn’t have a hope with him I’m pretty sure she’d squash her.

    I liked the look Claire gave Liam when she saw him in his boxers.

    Fizz, Claire, Becky, Amber, Sophie, Rosie and Sarah can all be strong, imho.

    I agree Michelle was a fool for telling Carla about Liam’s delirious ramblings, but she did it because she thought Carla was simply being mean. She doesn’t seem to have any idea that Carla and Liam have feelings for each other.

  14. lovethestreet says:

    “Ena Sharples redux” Hilarious.

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