Update For Epiosde #6748 November 21, 2008


Fiz and Kirk have a conversation about Chesney that somehow ends up with Kirk thinking that Fiz is happy to do their grocery shopping for the week.

Steve, Michelle, Vern and Amy are in the back room of the pub opening birthday gifts and cards. They open a card from Mommy/Tracey which leads a pause in the conversation. Amy announces she wold like some cake for breakfast. Michelle glances at her mobile phone, hoping for a text from Alex. Steve, showing some backbone, takes the phone from her hand and tells her to focus on Amy today instead of Alex. She promises to do so.

When Michelle is at the cafe picking up some cakes, which Roy graciously gives her gratis, she gets a call from Alex and of course, she drops everything, breaks her promise to Steve, and agrees to meet Alex. When she sees Steve, Michelle tells him that she is off to meet her son, they argue a bit about priorities, but she leaves regardless, promising to be back in time for the party.

Alex and Michelle meet at a coffe shop and have a good talk about family and the past.

Vern, left alone in the pub with fifty balloons to inflate, in addition to customers who need serving, wonders where Michelle is. Again.

Jason stops by Streetcars with some food for his mom. Steve is listening to a horse race on the radio, only to hear his horse lose. After a bit of conversation it becomes apparent that Steve knows all about what has transpired with Jason and his love life in recent days. Eileen tells her son, as she holds Steve’s head to her bosom, that they are like an old married couple, and they tell each other everything. Jason announces that he is going to apologize to Becky. Eileen points out that sleeping with a girl and then fleeing the country might require more than a simple apology.

At the cafe some of the factory girls come in and gossip a bit about the Jason and Sarah situation, which of course Becky overhears. Jason appears moments later and makes his apology, and Becky gives him a smack in the side of the head in response. Roy comes over and apologizes to Jason for what has happened and Jason tells him it was alright, and anyways he probably deserved it. Roy, in the best line of the night responds: ‘I didn’t say you didn’t deserve it actually.’

Gail sees Jason on the street holding an ice pack to his face. The two in-laws have a touching conversation about how Jason and Sarah might have lost each other already along the way. They part ways with Gail telling Jason to take care of himself.

Dan tries to chat up Becky in the cafe and she snubs him. Roy tells Dan that Becky has had a rough go of it with men lately.

Dan tries to chat up Kelly in the pub, and she is quite receptive to the idea until Harry comes in and mentions the ‘bet’ they had that Dan could bed one of the factory girls before the week was up. Kelly beats a hasty retreat to the girls at the table.

Maria and Liam are in the living room after his night of debauchery. He feels like death. The two soon to be weds have an odd conversation about how and why they love each other. Maria then leaves to go shopping with her future mother-inlaw, only to run into Michelle and Carla on the street. Carla, obviously in a foul mood, takes a stab at Maria by making a joke about Liam showing up for the wedding.

Liz, Audrey and Maria discuss hair in the salon.

Liam stops by the factory to pick up a few things. Liam asks Carla if she is alright. She insists she is, but looks like she has something on her mind, but before she can talk to Liam the factory girls give him a bit of a send off. Carla, increasingly frustrated, growls at the staff who quickly make their out the door. leaving Carla on her own.

Maria is on her way to the hotel for her last night as a single woman. Her and Liam have a passionate kiss in the doorway as she leaves, and of course Carla comes out of the factory at this exact moment. As Maria walks away Carla makes her way to talk to Liam, only to have Tony show up in his shiny blue car. He tries to take her dinner but Carla tells him she is tired. Tony eventually manages to persuade her to come for a drink in The Rovers.

At the pub Tony is trying to be civil and brings up what sort of wedding gift they should get. Carla is getting into a fouler mood and Tony has finally had enough and departs, telling Carla he will leave her to it. Of course this is all taking place in front of the factory girls, and when Carla goes to get another drink from the bar she snaps at them ‘what are you gawping at?’ Later a comment is made by the factory crowd about ‘what a lucky cow Maria is’, which is well within earshot of Carla, who responds by going to the bathroom for a bit of privacy and is actually emotional for a bit. Carla puts on a bit of lipstick, and is quickly her old self once again.

Ryan come by to spend the night with Liam before the wedding. There is some discussion of naff cufflinks and shirts. Ryan goes upstairs to get some things ready and there is a knock at the door and Liam opens it to find Carla standing there. She tells Liam they have to talk. He wonders whether or not it can wait until after the wedding. She tells Liam after tomorrow it will be too late…

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5 Responses to Update For Epiosde #6748 November 21, 2008

  1. haili says:

    To give Michelle a break for a change – she’s the only one who can get Vernon to do any work!

    Still none of the characters seems to notice Carla’s constant bad mood and jealousy. I suppose they are used to it by now.

  2. eps says:

    Don’t cha think:
    If Carla were to marry Tony the girls would make her the most
    darling little dominatrix ensemble? I can picture it so clearly
    with the stilettos, whip, etc.

    Fizz certainly seems to have recovered from the loss of the
    great love of her life in record time.

    I am continually distracted by Tony’s bulging left eye. I find myself wondering: was it like this from birth? caused by some type of cranial pressure? is his sight effected? was there damage to the orbital bone structure?

    Lately, I find that some episodes (or rather, I) actually benefit from allowing my mind to wander a bit.

  3. missusmac says:

    Hilarious that it is Vernon, the slackest of slack, noticing Michelle is skivving?

    In her great rush to embrace her new son, I think Michelle is going to lose parts of her old family.

  4. haili says:

    I can’t see the girls making Carla anything for her wedding; she’s just too nasty – and she already has the look!

    Good for Fizz! At least she can have fun with her friends and doesn’t mope and brood all the time like Michelle and Violet. What I wonder about is the variety in clothing. Some wear skimpy tops and some wear warm coats with scarves and wooly hats. I wish Fizz would treat herself to a new coat as she needs retail therapy – and get herself a co-ordinating scarf.

  5. corrierules says:

    Some thoughts on Friday’s episode:

    Eileen looks fab
    Sean is the new bet Lynch. He even called someone “cock”.
    Again the dialogue between Michelle and Alex is very unsettling… it’s as if they are boyfriend and girlfriend. tres weird.
    Speaking of icky, Mason pere et fils are too invested in each other’s sex lives.
    Carla should grow a moustache… then she could twirl it and cackle , “nyah hah hah!” She is almost a panto villain.
    Excellent episodes this week, lots of humor and enjoyed Connor Ma and Pa.

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