Update – November 26, 2008 – Terminator: The Carla Connor Chronicles

The Wedding

Just because…

We open with Maria seated in the back of the hired car, crying. Liam, who had been waiting at the altar for her, is there with asking her what’s wrong.

“I wanna go ‘ome,” she cries.

Liam is still at a loss to explain why Maria has suddenly gotten cold feet when she tells him, “It’s Carla. I’ll always be second best.”

Meanwhile, in the venue, Carla wants to find Liam and makes like she’s going to the loo but Kelly seems all too eager to join. She declares she’ll hold it.

Fizz and Audrey return and walk down the aisle, causing Sean to declare, tabloid style, “Audrey and Fizz in Lesbian Wedding Shocker!” The guests, however, are getting anxious about the delay.

Outside, Maria tells Liam that she knows he called Carla’s name when he was in th’ospickle. Liam tells Maria it’s her he loves and to forget about Carla. He also figures that Carla is transferring her grief over Paul’s death to him. Liam, if you really want your bride to know of your love and commitment, turn off your cellphone and shave for the wedding ceremony.

Inside, Ryan worries that he’s going to forget his speech but Steve advises that the best thing to do in these circumstances is to sing a Celine Dion song.

Outside, Liam gets a text from Carla: LIAM DON’T MAKE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE I WANT YOU KTHNXBAI! Maria throws the phone halfway across the lawn. Seeing Carla, she hikes up her skirt and tramps across the grounds.

Eventually, Liam convinces Maria to marry him and the wedding is on. They go back to the venue, are pronounced husband and wife and Liam’s middle name is Barrington.

Later at the reception, Kelly utters the two sweetest words in the english language: Free Bar. Sean challenges the factory girls to drink Mr. Connor bankrupt. At the reception table, Liam professes his love for Maria, who is beautiful on the inside. Then Ryan starts to make a speech as best man, which is interupted by the sudden appearance of Alex. Ryan looks like he just took a football to the goolies. Michelle and Steve usher Alex outside. He protests that he wants to meet his family and, wow, really can’t be more inappropriate. They get him in a cab but Michelle decides to go with, just to ensure he gets home ok. Oblivious to this bit of family drama, Maria comes down with Ozzy and asks if they could take him home, too. It’s funny but … really? They took the dog to the wedding? He’s a pup. I’d be afraid that he’d run off. Anyway, things are kind of crappy for Ryan right now when his mum ditches her brother’s wedding to spend time with her bio-son.

In the bathroom, Maria finds Carla crying and asks if she is going to congratulate her. Carla does so but also says Liam is her friend and she didn’t want him to make a mistake. Maria does a kind of funny impression of her – “Me, right? I can ‘ave ‘im any time I want!” – and asks if now Carla will leave them alone.

“Maybe. Maybe not,” is Carla’s response, which gets a slap from Mrs. Liam Connor.

Maria also suggests she start behaving with a little more dignity.

“And you can start by brushing your hair,” adds the missus.

Afterward, everyone is well and truly pished. Dev and Kelly dance and Carla warns all the factory workers she wants them in on time tomorrow. The wedding was on a weeknight?! Anyway, Sean caught the bouquet! He’s the next to get married! But not in California!

Then Liam and Maria retire to the honeymoon suite while Carla looks up at their window and cries a little bit more.

In honour of American Thanksgiving, I am thankful that this wedding did not end with one of the participants jumping out the bathroom window. I am also thankful that someone did not show up with Liam’s estranged progeny. Despite the drama, the wedding was one of Corrie’s more normal ones.

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21 Responses to Update – November 26, 2008 – Terminator: The Carla Connor Chronicles

  1. Gayle says:

    Excellent update! I wondered the same thing…who get married on a weekday. Athough I thought it was kind of cute to see the dog wearing a bow tie, who takes a puppy to a formal wedding? Why was Amy there? Did anyone else notice that Bill wasn’t at the wedding? I was shaking my head when Michelle left her broher’s wedding to make sure Alex got home okay. Athough I feel sorry for Alex he is a bit of jerk.

  2. Yanyan says:

    Loved hearing Oasis’ Wonderwall as the bride walked down the wall. Beautiful song.

    Snickered to hear Baby I’m Your Man by Wham! played at the reception.

  3. beanie says:

    The church, grounds and hotel were gorgeous. Too bad Liam couldn’t shave.Not a good look to have preserved forever in wedding pix. Maria looked lovely but I couldn’t figure out that fur boa thingy. WTF was Carla wearing on her head? Mr Bean thought she looked like a Black Widow Psycho.

  4. papasmurf1964 says:

    I am off to England next sumer to be best man at a wedding – I can only hope it will be up to the Coronation Street standard for fun and debauchery.

  5. kunzie says:

    HI everyone! I have no intelligent comment to offer as Mr. Kunzie is 2 shows behind me due to being away in the tropics. I’m waiting for him to catch up. When he got back he smelled like gin swill and coconut but is fine now. I just wanted to say hi.

  6. papasmurf1964 says:

    Funny, Glacia smells like gin swill and cocnut every day…

  7. papasmurf1964 says:

    Oops, that should read ‘coconut’.
    Bit of a Freudian slip there…

  8. pip says:

    I couldn’t believe that Michelle went with Alex to make sure he is ‘all right’. That boy is a certified jerk showing up at a family wedding thinking he will be welcomed with open arms into the fold once they all learn who he is. The writing is driving me a bit crazy, too. All Michelle can say to Alex is ‘it’s a bit complicated.’ Explian to the idiot child why it’s complicated because apparently he has the social IQ of a hamster. Sheesh.

  9. Glacia says:

    Oh no, I smell like cocnut too!

  10. lovethestreet says:

    Gayle, I did notice that Bill wasn’t at the wedding. Perhaps he and Kevin got lost on their way…?

    And, yes, Amy was there. There was a shot of her sitting on the floor beside the dog!

  11. haili says:

    Bill’s been out of the picture on a few occasions lately.

    It’s time for a 2-family meeting with the boys and parents.

    I liked Sean catching the bouquet; thought it was going to be Carla.
    Loved Maria finally standing up to Carla, throwing the phone away, etc. It’s about time!

  12. J says:

    I have to give points to Carla for the amazing restraint she had for not getting into a fight with Maria after she got slapped.

  13. haili says:

    It was odd that Kevin wasn’t there and also the music was really odd for a wedding. Maybe they wanted to create a different atmosphere but it didn’t seem appropriate to me – or romantic. When the ceremony finally happened, it seemed pretty quick. And who brings a dog to a wedding? Other than that – it was lovely.

  14. TrudyC says:

    I thought the front of the venue looked like the place where Mike and Linda got married. I think it was the crunching sound of the stones that reminded me.

    OK – maybe I haven’t had enough tea yet this morning.

  15. missusmac says:

    If it was a weekday, perhaps Kevin or Bill weren’t keen on taking time off work (and losing pay) because your wife’s boss is getting married, to your girlfriend’s hairdressing employee is getting married. (although free bar would make it worthwhile for me!)

    I think increasingly people are putting their pets in their wedding. It seems like a lot of work to me — but hey! to each his own.

    For a short notice wedding, this was incredibly lovely. Contrast and compare to Sarah and Jason’s…

  16. haili says:

    Trudy: I thought the same. I wonder if it was the same place Mike and Linda got married.

    Can anyone explain the strange choice of wedding music?

  17. Modge says:

    I would imagine that Liam and Maria’s,okay, Liam’s available finances were considerably larger than that of Jason & Sarah, time may have been a secondary factor.
    I thought Maria’s dress was beautiful, but way over the top, just like her hair – and the dress didn’t really seem to fit her all that well on top, we almost caught a few glimpses of the twins. The music didn’t strike me as “romantic” enough for a wedding but I found it quite jarring and I was surprised that Maria hadn’t insisted that they write their own vows.
    Also surprise at how awful they made Fiz look – since she looked so beautiful just weeks ago on the Christmas show. That outfit they put her in certainly did her no favours with the short jacket cutting her in half visually and you can add me to the small list of people that thought her hair was horrible.
    But I had lots of fun watching Cruella cry and Michelle screw up…yet again.

  18. Karen says:

    I thought this episode underlines everything I love about Coronation st – the subtle camera shots were great – especially during the wedding – a quick shot to Steve’s smirking face when he heard Liam’s middle name “Barrington”, everbody’s faces intermingled between the couple taking there vows, Ryan, holding the mic too close to his mouth when he made his speech. I also loved Maria’s new found confidence when she confronted Carla in the bathroom. I’ve watched the episode 3 times since it was so great. Coronation rocks!

  19. Teri says:


    someone pls translate ???

  20. glacia says:

    What’s driving me nuts with the music – and they did this with Vera’s wedding – is where the hell is it coming from? Are we assuming that there’s a boombox somewhere that is playing it? I’m hoping that the writers haven’t decided that Corrie needs a musical score for every event now.

  21. John says:


    KTHNXBAI is text speak for “Ok, thanks. Bye.” I just added it on because Carla wrote her text message in standard english. I thought it would be funny to add a bit of text shorthand in there.


    The music thing is interesting. On David’s fake suicide day, there was a song on the soundtrack but it was technically coming from David’s car stereo. At Vera’s funeral and Liam’s wedding, I’m pretty sure the song was on a stereo somewhere and was chosen for the occasion by the characters. What’s interesting is that show then plays the song as though it’s the music score.

    What I haven’t seen them do yet is have a song or music score playing when it isn’t coming from a radio.

    I like that the show doesn’t use artificial musical cues and mood music or whatever. If they did that, they’d lose me. But lately, they’ve been walking that line. There was also the Xmas episode when Vern put Queen on the jukebox and it was played over a montage of different scenes. That’s where they’re right on the border between a naturalistic serial drama and full-on soap opera.

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