Update For Episode #6753 November 28, 2008



Steve and Vern discuss the potential refurbishment of the pub. Leather is mentioned, although if in reference to the decor or the staff uniforms it remains unclear. Steve just wants to be sure that the pub does not end up looking like one of those shirts Vern is so fond of wearing.


Rosie has been entrusted by Carla to spy on the factory girls. When Carla is off to do some business Rosie tries her best to schmooze with the machinists while they are on their break, which of course is met with much derision by the girls, and Fiz finding somewhere else to be. Kelly finds it odd that officer material would be mingling with the cannon fodder all of a sudden. The gossip du jour is about why Tony binned Carla. Vicky think it is because Carla is too thin. Sean thinks it has something to do with her voracious sexual appetite. All of this of course is reported back to Carla when she returns. Tony rings, and Rosie tries to get Carla to answer but she instructs Rosie to tell Tony that she is out.


Violet, Jamie and Sean are chatting in The Rovers. Sean is banging on about what the baby will be eating, and how there are all sorts of great organic foods available for babies these days. Violet tells him she is bored of these conversations and waddles a hasty retreat with Jamie in tow.


Roy has everything ready well in advance of his departure. Lloyd does his best to reassure him that the trip will go smoothly. Becky show up with a collecton of garbage bags, containing most of her worldy good it would seem, in anticipation of her moving into the cafe flat for the duration of Roy’s trip. Roy starts to show signs of being unsure about leaving but Becky tells him that things will be fine. Blanche and Ken stop by so Blanche can ‘show him the ropes’ but Ken defers to Becky, even as she comments that he is ‘not much to look at.’ The last words Becky say to Roy is ‘nothing can possibly go wrong.’ A bit of foreshadowing methinks.


Jack stops by the bookies for the first time since the demise of his beloved swamp duck. While having a conversation with Dan he discovers that he won 3,172 pounds a while back, but he has to have the ticket in order to collect. Jack goes and talks to Tyrone who bought the ticket, but Ty tells him that he gave the ticket to Vera. Jack, Tyrone and Paul search for the ticket in the house but are unable to find it. Ty and Paul suggest looking in Vera’s handbag or clothes, but Jack tells them it is still too soon to go through her things. Paul goes to talk to Dan about collecting the prize but the bookie is adamant that without a ticket he cannot pay out.


Alex stops in the Kabin early in the morning to find something to eat. Norris asks Alex if it was he that he saw sleeping on the bench. Turns out it was. Alex then tries to put the food on his mother’s account, which leads to an interesting conversation about his lineage, and some juicy gossip for Norris, after Alex tells the whole story of the switch at the hospital. Lloyd later sees him steal a bottle of milk from the dairy truck.

Michell and Ryan walk to the bus stop, with Michelle explaining the strict rules she has laid down for Alex regarding his habit of popping by for a visit. All the while, Alex is lurking in a doorway in the background watching them.

Norris, Rita, Sean and Eileen engage in a bit of chin wag in the Kabin. Eileen and Rita find it hard to belive what Norris is telling them about babies being switched at birth, but Sean does admit that things have been a bit odd round the pub lately, and that there has been an underage lad hanging around, who was whisked straght through to the back room.

Nick calls Michelle to tell her that Alex has gone missing, and she tells Nick that she has not seen any sign of Alex.

Eileen comes by the Streetcars office to tell Steve about the gossip on the street, hoping that he will deny what she has heard but Steve admits that it is true. Michelle comes by and Steve fills her in with what people are saying about her and her son(s).

Norris wants to talk to Carla and Liz about the Ryan/Alex situation, since they are ‘almost family’, but Rita prevents him from making a complete ass of himself.

Nick stops by the pub and has a bit of a heated discussion with Michelle about Alex.

A while later a police car stops in front of The Rovers and the officer bring Alex inside. They ask Michelle if he is her son. After a bit of hesitation she admits that he is. The officer asks if this is where Alex lives. Steve interjects and tells the police that Alex does not live there. Alex whines a bit about how it is where he lives and the officer asks again ‘is this where he lives or not?’

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8 Responses to Update For Episode #6753 November 28, 2008

  1. tea says:

    Thanks for all the work you do posting updates.
    I wasn`t able to see Fridays on tv.


  2. haili says:

    Nice enough episode but just more of the same with Michelle, Alex, etc.

    I imagine Paul will do something sneaky with the betting slip if he finds it.

    Violet is still as cranky as ever with Sean ho hum.

  3. BornToBeACorrieFan says:

    Alex brings out weakness in Michelle. He’s put her in a terrible position. She should tell the truth though. She’s already made so many mistakes.

    Hope Jack finds the ticket. He really lit up when he realized he may have won all that money.

    Also, really tired of the Violet-Sean-Jamie story. She better have that baby soon and maybe it’ll all simmer down.

    Vernon redecorating the pub it actually kind of fun to listen to. Some of the quips (coming from Steve usually) make me chuckle to myself. I think this will be one of the rare occasions where Vern actually comes through. But, like I said, they ARE rare occasions.

  4. pip says:

    It is nice to see Vern actually DOING something.

    I’ve really been enjoying the exchanges between Roy and Becky. Roy says some very witty things without trying to be funny, I just wish I could remember them.

    It was either this episode or the previous one that Steve yelled at both Alex and Ryan in the back about behaving. I really didn’t think Ryan deserved to be yelled at. He’s been remarkably level-headed about it all, probably shown more maturity than any of the others.

  5. Joy says:

    Loved the scene in the Kabin where Rita, Norris, Eileen & Sean were discussing how babies don’t get switched at birth in real life. Exactly what we were thinking!

  6. haili says:

    Those little scenes are the ones that make Corrie worth watching. I loved Sean’s line about half the stuff in the paper you couldn’t make up; so true.

  7. Diane/tvor says:

    Everyone knew that Vera usually hated Jack going into the bookies. Why on earth would Tyrone then give Vera a betting slip to keep safe instead of giving it to Jack? Very contrived.

  8. fondue123 says:

    true, diane/tvor, very true. And Paul’s “acting” still gives me the willies, somehow. Think it’s the way he looks anywhere but at the person he’s talking to. During one recent scene, I could have sworn he was reading from a cue card off camera.

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