Monday December 1st 2008 – The Overthrow Update

UK Time Friday February 15th – Episode 2

Michelle, Nick and Alex Band Together to Overthrow Common Sense

The police have brought Alex to Michelle after a spot of shop lifting. Alex has told her that Michelle is his mom and that he lives there. Michelle, after some prodding and against her instinct to lie tells the cop that she is his biological mother and he doesn’t live there. The cop asks if she can leave him there and of course Michelle says yes.

Do we have a lawyer on the blog? I ask because I wonder if a minor is picked up by the cops are they duty bound to take said minor to their parents. Can the minor always just decide where he/she wants?

Shockingly Alex doesn’t like living at home. Ah home, the palace of parental rules and regulations. Where you have to tell your parents where you’re going and they make you responsible for your actions. What teenager wouldn’t like living at home. He puts his case to Michelle who of course thinks it is a great idea.

Wendy doesn’t like the idea. Nick thinks it is a great idea. Alex doesn’t live with Nick.

You know what else is awesome? Michelle tells Wendy that Alex will probably stop there for a couple nights. That’s realistic!

Oh wait, what about Ryan, you say? Well, he comes home to great news and then asks his mother if she has organized a swap.

Anyone else think Michelle is being silly and not really considering what Ryan will think of all this?

House Purchase Still On Despite Current Betting Slip Crisis

Jack, Molly, Tyrone, and Paul can’t find that betting slip and Tyrone worries that Paul will cast doubt on Tyrone’s “I gave it to Vera” story resulting in Jack backing out of the sale. Tyrone is a little paranoid, but can you blame him.

Tyrone and Molly wring their hands about it until Paul pops into the pub asking them to go see Jack. They run to the Old Rectory only to have Jack tell them that he’s done his part for the sale, why are they dragging their feet?

Worry not, new Duckworths. You’ll get your house.

In Other News

John Baird says that Carla is the Devil

That may be overstating, but the factory girls are having a great time watching her misery. Tony comes by the factory and they mix business and displeasure.

Violet Wilson’s Mood Tanking Faster than the Loonie

Sean can’t say anything anymore. I had a lot of patience for her behaviour but that is gone now. In a related story, Violet’s sister manages to deliver one good line. When Sean said that he wonders if he has upset Violet, Lauren says, “I’ve felt that way all my life. What’s wrong Vi…”

Dev Watch

Norris is pathetically looking for someone who will gossip with him. He scrapes the bottom of the barrel and finds Dev. Dev is shocked and tell Amber. Amber asks Ryan about it and is probably more upfront and mature about it than anyone else. LOVES Amber.

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21 Responses to Monday December 1st 2008 – The Overthrow Update

  1. Pink Lady says:

    Nice update. Alex and Ryan have 3 crappy parents. Violet’s pissy and Dev is gossiping about other people not having a hold or a relationship with their kids. Like he should talk….

  2. Long time lurker says:

    Love your title and subtitles, Debbie. Each one – very apropos! I cannot stand how Michelle seems to have totally no regard of Ryan’s feelings in all of this. And you’re totally right on Alex playing the 3 parents off each other. Adults should not be dictated by the whims of teenagers; they’re supposed to be the ones making the mature and rational decisions. Not Michelle.

  3. haili says:

    Violet is making Lauren look good. Sean is wrong no matter what he says or does. Friendship is out the window.

    Titles are very good but I doubt that it’s Carla that reminds John Baird of the devil!

    If Alex turns out to be a juvenile delinquent, Michelle deserves him. Maybe that’s why Wendy isn’t too keen to get to know Ryan; one teen is enough for her.

  4. lovethestreet says:

    I have to agree, your titles are inspired: great update. In fact, I liked your update much better than the actual show. Last night, I did something I have not done in all my years as a Corrie fan — changed the channel.

    Please, writers, please, end these dreadful storylines! You’ve done nothing to make us care about Alex or Violet.

    (Does anyone else miss the days of Fiz driving around on her moped, bumping into things?)

  5. bre says:

    I think it is right on when Carla is called “Cruella”!
    What on earth is Tony up to, in Carla’s purse then her apartment??? Yes the story line is rather sucky perhaps this will liven it up a bit. Vi has become completely irrational – late pregnancy hormones???

  6. Glacia says:

    Does Michelle have NO consideration for Wendy’s feelings?

  7. Gayle says:

    Excellent update! I found this episode very annoying. What the hell is Michelle thinking? First of all, where on earth is the kid going to sleep? I wouldn’t think that there that many bedrooms above the pub?
    Why has Violet turned so bitchy, all she does is lie around the apartment and eat. How is she going to cope with a newborn?

    If Michelle isn’t careful she is going to lose Ryan and Steve.

  8. haili says:

    I dread to think how much Violet we’ll get when the baby finally comes out. She is one of the most boring characters of all time.

    Michelle is the worst and whiniest since Katy Harris.

    At least we get a few laughs from Sean and the factory girls. Becky and Ken working together might be good too.

  9. Yanyan says:

    Okay, so you asked for a lawyer….in response, I quote the great rapper Jay-Z:
    “I ain’t passed the bar, but I not a lil bit.”
    In Canada, the cops are obligated to take minor HOME. Where he layeth his ugly little head every night. Not to biological mom’s, not to grandma’s, not to LaFonda the hooker’s. In the UK, of course, this could be totally acceptable, as it seems to be acceptable to have two young men who hate each other under the same roof.

  10. TrudyC says:

    Has nobody contacted the hospital to find out exactly how the baby switch took place? All of a sudden Michelle seems to have forgotten Ryan in all of this. The whole story line makes me shake my head. The only sane person is Steve.

  11. pip says:

    Why do I get the feeling that once Alex is living with Michelle we will get a variation of the good twin/bad twin plot line, with Alex framing Ryan for the bad things he does, all with the goal of having Ryan kicked out of the house.

    Violet is going to be a terrible mother. She has made sure her pregnancy is all about her, even taking offence when Sean bought clothes for the baby. She’s not going to be able to cope with the fact that motherhood is all about the baby. I’m hoping for a plot twist that sees her crashing and burning, with Sean and Marcus taking over full time care of the baby. Now that, I would enjoy.

  12. fondue says:

    I’m having a hard time with Michelle’s attitude towards Vernon, how snippy she is with him. I know, I know, Vernon is not the most sympathetic character on the Street…BUT, I simply do not understand why Michelle thinks she can be such a bully with him. It’s not as though she’s even his boss, she’s a coworker. And if she’s thinking, well, I’m living with Steve who owns the pub, so that gives me extra status? Well Vernon is married to Liz, the manager of the pub. Don’t see much of a difference in status there. THey’re both EMPLOYEES!!! And they share the living space at the pub, I think Vernon has every right to make a comment regarding inviting yet another housemate in.

  13. Gayle says:

    Fondue, I was thinking the same thing last night. I actually don’t mind Vernon he is very kind to Amy. And after all it is his home, I am really surprised that Liz and Michelle haven’t had words. Michelle does very, very little work and is such a drama queen! I am getting really tired of Michelle and Violet!

  14. pip says:

    Michelle might think Vern is beneath her because there was that time he made a pass at her. Even though Vern seems to have matured quite a bit, not even Liz seems to take him seriously.

  15. missusmac says:

    Leave it to the old sage Lloyd to put it in perspective –no man, no matter which side he bats for, no matter what he does — will ever please a woman. Poor Sean. How long before it’s poor Jamie?

    Also, Tony in Carla’s flat isn’t so unexpected. Remember, when they first started dating, his ex painted him as very stalkerish and controlling. We haven’t seen that –up til now. Carla may have met her match, and there won’t be anyone left in the family who will believe her about Tony, except Liam.

    Why is Dev being painted as a buffoon? He could have had a brilliant and witty conversation with Michelle about how his life changed when Amber arrived, and instead we got the Coronation Street version of Peter from Family Guy…

  16. fondue says:

    Yes, Vernon seems to have gotten more reasonable, more aware of others, more responsible, while Michelle seems to be regressing to her teenage years…me, me, me.
    I’m really quite tired of her; her character’s…character is just so annoying. Not to mention it’s hard to reconcile what she says/does this week with what she said/did last week, or the week before. It just makes no sense to me.

  17. debbie says:

    Every time I manage to forgot Katy Harris someone brings her back up!

  18. haili says:

    LOL debbie. If it was me – I’m sorry!

  19. pip says:

    Debbie, you have to play the Katy Harris drinking game. Knock one back every time she’s mentioned. Then it’s not so bad.

  20. eila says:

    Dear pip,

    Love your idea about Sean and Marcus ending up with the baby. Good plan!

    I guess, given the ten month time lag, it’s way too late to suggest it to the writers.


  21. beanie says:

    There was a funky little ‘Corrie Moment’ when Sal and Jan and the divine Wiki were having a drink and staring at Cruella then again brazenly outside her office. Such an unlikely trio! LOL

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