Mr.Clean vs Ben & Jerry

Are We Done Yet?


Get Me Ice Cream Dammit!

Violet is furious, absolutely FURIOUS that everyone in the hood is acknowledging that Sean is the father of her child.  

And just as I’m ready to start throwing my plate of hummus and glass of flaming zambucca at the television, something odd happens – I end up siding with her.  

Violet is at home alone when Sean shows up unannounced with a ‘surprise’.   What’s the surprise?    A cleaner!  Yep, a professional cleaner to make the apartment in shape for the baby.


Now, as much as I’ve despised Violet’s treatment of Sean – if someone even suggested *midly* that my house needed a proper clean – well, let’s just say there’d be a cleaning…but not of the house.   Sean really lost me on that and I was 100% behind Violet on this point.



Instead of kicking Sean and Mr. Clean out of the flat, Violet flees to the streetcars to tell Jaime what’s happening.   Lloyd seems to have a death wish because he keeps ‘poking the bear’ as it were by commenting on women, hormones, clean houses, etc.   Violet ends it all with a industrial size tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

Is It Over Yet?

Alex is setting himself in nicely at the Rovers – which Michelle is defending to the hilt despite Vern’s mumblings.   She bends over backwards to buy him gluten-free, vegan, organic, nut free, sugar free Dust Flakes and getting Steve to give him a few bucks and lifts to the school.  Ryan – oh whatever – you’ve got your allowance and your bus fare.



In a refreshing move, Carla is the voice of reason when she tells Michelle that Ryan is welcomed to hang at her flat if he wants.  Michelle can’t figure out this offer until Carla says that maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe Ryan is feeling a bit alienated by Alex.



There’s some gossipy gossip on the street with Dev being a bit smirky about Michelle’s ‘son’ and Ken, Rita and Lloyd inquiring about the status of Michelle’s two sons.  She tells them to butt out.



The only thing that’s interesting about this story is Alex’s ‘British Invasion’ haircut.



A Stroppy Mare

David and Tina are in the café talking about David’s tannorexia – whereby he’s looking a wee bit orange.  When Ken actually speaks to them,  Tina snaps, ‘Hello, private conversation here.’.  

Then WHOOSH down swoops Becky upon Tina like an avenging angel telling her that she’s not to speak to Ken like that.   When Tina complains, David…clearly remembering Becky’s earlier threats, tells Tina to just let it go.   Tina looks like she is wondering if  David tanned off a few items from his nether regions.



Tina then explains how her mom and stepdad have buggered off for a mini-break and that she hates being at the house by herself because that means she has to cook and clean for herself.  David then offers her a place at Hotel Platt.



And From the ‘Where The Hell Did That Come From’ File….

Tony comes to visit Carla at the factory ‘strictly on business’ and asks to see a fabric sample for the next order.  When Carla goes to get it….he …..goooooooes into her purse and takes keys.






Then, he breaks into her flat and starts caressing knives.






Where was there any freakin’ hint that Tony was a psycho?  He was just merely Scottish up to this point.  I know they have to build new stories…but seriously, can we at least get some lead up to that? 

Anyway, yadayadayada – he’s playing with knives and the last scene is Carla arriving at home to see the door ajar.


 In Other News

Jack has asked Molly if they’d consider letting Paul stay at the house.  Molly says it’d be fine with her, but you know Tyrone….

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11 Responses to Mr.Clean vs Ben & Jerry

  1. missusmac says:

    Tina to David: You look like a cheezy whatzit.

    LOVED it.

  2. haili says:

    Poor Sean can’t win, but he should have explained to Violet that the cleaning was because of her home birth. I loved his comment that the oven cleaning was because she might have wanted to eat the placenta.

  3. Gayle says:

    I know Sean should have asked first, but she is planning on a “home birth” and the apartment was a mess.

  4. pip says:

    Yeah, even the dishes from the night before hadn’t been washed. I really hate how movies and TV shows depict pregnant women as invalids. She’s young, she’s health, you know what, she’s fine. I went for a 15 mile bike ride the day before my second daughter was born.

  5. beanie says:

    Thank you dear Glacia. I thought I was losing it when Tony became psycho.

  6. glacia says:

    Oh I’m so not on board with her idea of the home birth – especially given her previous issues with birthin’…and hell yeah that apartment is gross.

    I guess I’m just thinking that cleaning a woman’s house without asking beforehand is dangerous territory. Or maybe I’m just touchy about that.

    It’s like giving diet books as gifts.

  7. papasmurf1964 says:

    If someone tried to clean the smurf palace without my consent there would be hell to pay. Besides, they might disturb my feng smurfy.

  8. Gayle says:

    Glacia, I agree with you completely regarding the whole “home birth” thing. Violet did lose a baby in the past. What drives me crazy is the girl never thinks things through. She must have had a pretty crappy childhood because she seems very bitter. I certainly hope she has been attending prenatal classes. When I had my son (twenty years ago) I wanted all the knowledge and hospital services that a skilled Ob. had to offer.

  9. Yanyan says:

    Some thoughts:
    1. Violet & Jamie’s apartment was a sty.
    2. Don’t ever, ever, ever hire a cleaner without the lady of the house’s permission. Don’t you know, you have to clean for the cleaner?
    3. Home birth….shudder. I don’t want to be sitting on a piece of furniture in someone’s home wondering if any of the afterbirth splashed there.
    4. Violet & Jamie – whiny bitchy gen-X-ers.

  10. haili says:

    I hope the birth is realistic and has her screaming for drugs like a normal woman. Or am I just old-fashioned?

  11. whitehorsefan says:

    When Karla and Tony first started going out, there was the ex that said he was controlling and manipulative, so maybe the writers believed that they had set the groundwork down that way.

    And if anyone wants to hire a cleaner and send him/her to my house without telling me, I will cheerfully deal with the humiliation and lemon smell that result..

    I think Vi might actually not be at high risk for a home birth. Her earlier pregnancy was ectopic, which makes it more difficult to get pregnant again, and there is the likelihood of another ectopic pregnancy. It doesn’t, however, have an impact, positive or negative, if the egg gets to the uterus. Of course, I’m not a doctor, so I could just be talking out my ass.

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