Stand In Corrie Update – All the Drama, None of the Pints

For those of us in Ontario and Quebec, we will be missing our Coronation Street because of Stephen Harper. Unfazed, I have found alternate entertainment for fans of soap drama. Meerkat Manor is on TVO at 7:00PM. Here’s a little update to get you caught up:

Last week on Meerkat Manor

Lola the once dominant female of the Zappa gang is now under her sister Punk’s power. Punk has turned the gang into a fierce troop wantonly gathering food on Whiskers territory.

Lola’s former partner has been ousted from his position by his brother Houdini. But will he end is lothario ways and ignore his taste for Whiskers females? He’s already impregnated Whiskers dominant female, Flower and had her sister and mom. Will he be able to control himself? Will the Whisker’s females miss Houdini’s attentions?

Meanwhile Flower and Rocket Dog have problems seeing the Whiskers gang through the latest Kalahari drought.

The Whiskers may be down, but their not out and successful fight off the marauding Zappas. But, Flower doesn’t survive the fight and now Rocket Dog must lead alone.

Trouble isn’t over for the Whiskers yet. Rocket Dog has problems holding on to power with her rebellious sister, Maybelline and stubborn father, Zaphod.

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One Response to Stand In Corrie Update – All the Drama, None of the Pints

  1. Mrs. D says:

    Frightening but true… I actually watched a bit of this last week…

    Should I be seeking medical attention? LOL.

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