Update #6756 The Episode Nearly Lost In The Political Coup




"Hi ho, hi ho, it's sewing thongs we go..."

"Hi ho, hi ho...it's sewing thongs we go!"

Running To You…

Carla gingerly sneaks into her flat, sees the sinister cooking knife on the counter and decides the best course of action is to run out and get the police a honkin’ big tire iron, or spanner. Weapon in hand, she runs back into the flat to kick ass…à la Lara Croft with bigger nostrils. 

BTW maybe it’s just my overeating ass, but can’t she smell dinner? What intruder stops to whip up a stew? Tony emerges in a bathrobe, and Carla hurls the spanner with enough force to shatter a really ugly lamp. Tony, it seems, wanted to create a romantic surprise for Carla by making and serving a candlelight dinner and he is the hors d’oeuvre in velour. Carla is unimpressed and abrasive. She orders Tony to get dressed and get out. 

While he is changing, Carla has a few moments on the Barbarella couch to soften up with a glass of wine. She asks Tony what this display is all about. In a word, and not to sugar coat it…sex! Apparently horny Scottish guys break into flats and make haggis. Carla comments that lust is one of the seven deadly sins, and Tony dares her to name them all. While this won’t happen, she does name the seven dwarves, starting as follows…Sally Janice, Vicki.…They move onto the 10 commandments and agree that Tony has apparently coveted his neighbour’s wife….and wants to again (fade to smooch).

Over dinner later, Tony declares that they’re opponents, and launches into some footy talk…apparently he tried out for The Bhoys (Celtic); they said he was too good and it’d be unfair to the Rangers….Smuuurfman……tell them….Smuuuurf…..’kay, wait for Smurf. They lock horns over washing up the dishes.  Tony suggests a naughty alternative.”What do you think I am,” Carla responds, ” an amusement park?” 

Somewhat later, Tony is finally going…and no weapons next time…Hello, Moto….

Running a Scam…

Molly and Paul are looking for the elusive betting slip when Paul hedges around the subject of continuing on as lodger. Molly is wishy-washy. At the garage, Tyrone and Kev are working hard to clear the backlog, but still find time to fantasize that Claire is a savage librarian in bed. Over a pint at Rovers, Jack is less than thrilled to hear from Molly and Ty that they want Paul gone. Jack does realize they might want to start a family of their own one day. He urges them to be straight about it.

Paul, meanwhile, has found the betting slip by observing that Vera used them as paperback bookmarks. Eureka! Molly, Ty and Jack arrive home to find Paul cheerily reading the newspaper, we assume bursting to share his happy news. Before he can, Tyrone serves him his notice. This comes as a blow to Paul. He heads off to the pub, he says to celebrate his birthday…shoving the betting slip into his jeans.

Running Away…

Outside of the pub, Violet, her exercise ball, and Jamie run into Lauren, who asks if the flat is all nice and clean. Violet unloads and spews nasty words on her sister. Lauren defends Sean’s attempts to contribute and assist. Some bloke takes a poke at Violet for being a biatch in the street.

Back at the stinky lemony flat, ( I LOVE that smell, what’s their problem?) Jamie confesses he wishes he was the baby’s real dad. They talk about running away from everything, to a faraway land when Sean can’t ever find them with tangerine trees, and marmalade skies…. Jamie says they’d have to leave all their friends. Violet points out that Sean did “help her” but feels “it’s going to get worse”. They discuss sneaking away…like a do-it-yourself witness protection program in a box.

In Other News…

At the Platt’s Tina and DavId are enjoying TV and allow Gail to haul in all the Freshco’s bags on her own. Tina accepts a glass of wine and David wants his mom to chuck him a “choc. ice” (British ho ho cake). Gail hopes they’re going out because she wants to watch telly. David says no, they’re watching a DVD but gives Gail permission to watch her little tv thingy upstairs. David and Tina go off to bed, telling Gail that they will explain Tina’s sleepover and clean up their mess in the morning.

Ryan arrives home and is disgruntled to see Alex watching his TV. Alex tries to be inclusive, giving him a rundown of the telly choices. Ryan is having none of it.

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Toni Kunz is a female soccer trainer in a mens' world, graphic designer and aspiring writer. She lives and works in Toronto.
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13 Responses to Update #6756 The Episode Nearly Lost In The Political Coup

  1. haili says:

    Thanks for the update and the laugh! I watched the politicos and they didn’t even give us a banner at the bottom of the screen explaining the preemption. Will have to catch this episode Sunday (if I remember what time to watch).

  2. Gayle says:

    I think that it is unbelievably cruel for Jamie and Violet to want to move away to keep Sean away from his son. Does Sean not have any legal rights? I’m sorry but I am really starting to dislike Violet and Jamie.
    I’m also tiring of Violet’s bitchiness. Just because a woman is pregnant doesn’t give her the right to be so abusive to everyone around her.

  3. elocin says:

    They were playing Moloko’s ‘Sing it Back’ in the background when Carla decided to take Tony for another ride on the carousel. That’s rad.

  4. pip says:

    Karla’s confronting the intruder has to be the lamest writing ever. Why on earth would she do that instead of calling 999? What was she going to do, wrestle him into submission and bind him up with twist ties?

    I agree that Jamie and Violet are being the most selfish people ever, but there’s a part of me cheering ‘yes, yes, please leave and never come back!’

    What’s Paul going to do with the bookie slip? He can’t cash it because the bookies will be sure to tell Jack about it. It might have been better for Tyrone and Molly to tell Paul he could stay as long as he toed the line, that way they could have some control over his behavior. After all, he does seem to be trying to be good.

  5. beanie says:

    Great update!!!! Too funny!! The writers could have been more creative with the discovery of the betting slip. They’ve turned that house upside down and yet V’s book were still sitting right there with scrap paper bookmarks hanging out?
    Even though I dislike Carla, the sexy scene’s with her and Tony were a refreshing change from the misery that is Michelle and Violet.

  6. debbie says:

    Love the pic!

  7. mayfairgirl says:

    i am really wondering what is going to happen with paul and the slip. finally something a bit interesting other than the alex stuff!!

  8. glacia says:

    Would anyone else have kicked Tony to the curb? I mean seriously…YOU BROKE INTO MY FLAT?! Food or not, that’s just freakin’ creepy.

  9. Yanyan says:

    I can’t begin to list all the creepy things about that whole scene. Well, okay, I can so I will:
    1. Going through her purse.
    2. Stealing her keys.
    3. Breaking into the apartment.
    I’m sure there’s more but I think that’s enough to warrant a kick to the groin.

  10. Joy says:

    I thought that Tyrone & Molly decided some time ago that they needed Paul to pay the rent. Am I missing something?

  11. pip says:

    I think you’re right, Joy, but was that before Vera died, and they decided to let Paul stay on so Vera wouldn’t be hurt?

  12. haili says:

    I suppose if Jack stays on, he would pay something towards room and board and that would replace Paul. I think they were only going to keep Paul because of Vera and needing the money.

  13. Ian says:

    You mention a ‘choc ice’ ia a ho-ho. I grew up in the Uk an a choc ice then qA b ice cream bar covered in chocolate. Sinilar to a Klondike bar.


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