Nuit Blanche – Update for Thursday


Blanche was on FIRE last night! We got treated to a lot of Blanche moments which were lovely to see.

My favourite was at the Salon when she starts reminiscing about her honeymoon with Ronald – 3 days at a B&B.

They drove up in his motorbike with her in the sidecar and the closest they came to a bucket of ice for champagne was a bucket of cold water for washing up. When Audrey says she can understand why they only stayed 3 days, Blanche responds, ‘It was lovely.’


Rat Bastard #1
Paul comes into the bookies with the slip to cash and when Dan says something about Jack, Paul quickly lets him know that Jack doesn’t know and won’t.

Jack comes in and buys a ticket, warning Paul not to let the bookies take advantage of him, then goes whistling out.

Dan agrees to cash the stub without a word to Jack if Paul coughs up £1,000, which Paul agrees to.  

At that point Blanche walks in and while placing a bet explains that back in her day there were nicknames for money.   A Shilling was a…hang on where are my notes?  Oh yeah, a shilling was  bob, a sixpence was a tanner and something like a threepence was a Joey.   Then I started hearing the voice of Grandpa Simpson.

Dan tries to push her out and she leaves with a warning from the future, ‘You won’t have fun at my age!’.

Later in the day Harry discovers on the computer that Jack’s Yankee paid out and assumes that Jack collected.    (Then I thought….Dan is an IDIOT – of course dad is going to notice a £3,000 payout.).   When Jack comes in to collect on the bet he made that day Harry quickly deduces that Jack didn’t actually get the money.

He confronts Dan and tells him that he is an idiot because they could lose their license over this and in addition, he doesn’t cheat his customers like that.  So the tells Dan that he’ll have to payout to Jack with his own money.

Over at the Duckworths, Dan tells Jack that they’re going to payout without the slip but it’s a one time deal, what with Vera and all.   Later he gets Paul on the street and tells him he has to pay him back the £2,000 by tommorow or else.   Paul does a lot of smirking and says, ‘Or else what?’.

I don’t know Paul, didn’t you find out ‘else’ before when those guys came and took your knives and the money out of the till? 

Rat Bastard #2

Jamie has decided that he and Violet should leave town next Wednesday or else Sean is just going to want to have a right to see HIS CHILD….   They quickly make plans for hightailing out of dodge to London without saying goodbye to anyone.

Later on the street Sean and Marcus ask Jamie if they could take him and Violet out for dinner the next day, which Jamie agrees to.   Only to break the date later in the pub.  Sean seems a bit hurt over this, but Jamie really doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

When did he become such a jerk?  Seriously.  

Rovers Reno

Turns out the renovation is going to cost a hell of a lot more money than Steve has (or at least if he hadn’t taken 27 vacations last year…).  Vern suggests that his mates from the band can do the renovations and although Steve is thinking, ‘Hell no.’, he agrees to let Vern measure up the place to get an estimate.

There’s a really funny scene where Vern is throwing the measuring tape across the breakfast table in the ‘frontroom’ as everyone calls it, even though it’s in the back, so wouldn’t it be the ‘backroom’?   Anyway, I digress.  Vern makes some comment about not wanting to make Alex feel anymore uncomfortable than he already must be feeling – and I’m not sure if Vern really is this socially clumsy or he’s just making a sly dig.  I’m kind of hoping for the latter.

Later in the day Liam (oh yeah Liam and Maria are back) comes over with a video game for Ryan and introduces himself to Alex as Ryan’s uncle.  When Alex says, ‘I guess in a weird way you’re my uncle too.’ , Liam’s response is kind of , ‘Yeah well, whatever.   freak.’.

In Other News

Tina and David continue to walk all over Gayle.

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8 Responses to Nuit Blanche – Update for Thursday

  1. Jen says:

    I agree. When did Jamie become so mean? I am kind of bewildered by a lot of the story lines right now. Did they have a full turnover of writers or something?

    Steve is endlessly reasonable with this whole baby swap story (which is already totally played out), Jamie and Violet are mean to Sean like they were never friends, let alone in the recent past, Gail smiles wistfully into the distance when David is honest about treating her like dirt…I don’t know! Everything just seems sort of unhinged! Even for the Street!

  2. haili says:

    Yes, Jamie used to be kind of nice but he really is being nasty to his so-called friend Sean. They used to be together a lot and confide in each other but now Jamie and Violet have completely changed.

    I guess Gail is just so happy that David isn’t poisoning children, causing accidents or other such mayhem that she puts up with anything – or she’s on heavy-duty tranquilizers.

    My parents used to call the living room the “front room.”

  3. Glacia says:

    Oh we totally called the living room the ‘front room’ – but it was in the front. I guess I just get a giggle that the backroom is the frontroom.

  4. pip says:

    Jamie and Violet are a shoe-in for the
    ‘world’s most self-centered couple of 2008’ award. Nevermind that they are depriving Sean of a relationship with his son, they are depriving the son of a relationship with his natural father. Plus his childhood will be based on a lie.

    Jen, I agree the writing seems to be questionable of late. Then again, this isn’t as bad as the Jamie/Frankie pseuod-incest episode.

  5. eila says:

    I don’t know what anyone else thinks, but I found this to be the most enjoyable episode in ages. Lots of Blanche, some Tina (I find her funny), Vern and his refurb, lots of good lines, new tangents, stuff going on — and none of it whining or crying!! I was thinking the writers must have switched back to caffeinated.

    When did Jamie get so mean? I was gonna say, when he threw aside his father, girlfriend and sanity to become lovers with his stepmom, but maybe it’s listening to Violet 24/7 that’s really set him over the edge.

    I’m seriously hoping that Vi’s baby is a complete clone of Sean, in every possible way. I want her to go through the next 20 years constantly hearing people say, “Wow! That’s GOTTA be Sean’s son!!”


  6. haili says:

    eila: I love it! Wouldn’t it be great for her to have a little baby Sean? She’d be leaving it on his doorstep and running away.

  7. eila says:

    Sean would be delighted, and Marcus would make a great coparent.

  8. Yanyan says:

    I loved Blanche’s honeymoon nostalgia!

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