Monday December 8th 2008 – the Don’t Sit There Episode.

UK Time Friday February 22nd 2008 – Episode II

The scene opens with Violet’s V-jay-jay on display. The helpful audience members are Marcus – who’s training as an ultrasound technician makes him the most qualified to catch the baby and Sean, who is holding Violet up and trying to say something helpful while quelling her worries. Lauren, Liz, Steve and Vern are propping up the bar and I’m wondering if anyone thought about getting popcorn. The only one who had a reaction that I understood was Vern. Feeling that the miracle of birth is more gross than miraculous, Vern tells Liz that he’s glad she’s past all then makes tracks for the cellar the moment the baby crowns. I don’t blame him.

The baby comes out and is all slimy and purple. That was a lot of TV. The realism was refreshing, although. She didn’t give birth to a perfectly clean nine-month old holding a soother.

Jamie never arrives at the pub but later turns up at the hospital in time to see Sean totally in love with the little one. Jamie is very thankful to Marcus and Sean for being there for Violet. However, it is obvious that he is feeling threatened and the whole event has made Jamie want to high-tail it out of Weatherfield as soon as possible.

Who else was surprised with Violet FINALLY shows some understanding for Sean? However, I don’t want to shock anyone when I say: Jamie is right. Sean would be totally unbearable. Violet chose the biggest busy body to father her child. If she didn’t want an involved dad she should have gone to a sperm bank. The thing is that Violet’s patience for Sean will wear thin in about a week and Sean will in no way be able to keep himself in check. It would be years of Sean going too far and Violet taking offense at everything. There is only so much anyone can take of that. So, for the love of Corrie, Violet and Jamie need to leave.

Alex and Michelle are at the Italian waiting for Wendy to show up to collect her son. She arrives and is obviously happy to see Alex again. As a typical mom, she hands him his allergy medication. Alex is cold to her and Michelle is straining to make things go smoothly. When Alex goes to the bathroom, Michelle offers Wendy some insight into Alex’s world. Michelle tells her that all this baby swap business is difficult for him.




If only Wendy knew this before. THIS is why he’s behaving the way he is. Finding out that he was switched at birth is hard? Who knew? Thanks, Michelle, for illuminating the situation.

Wendy rightly tells Michelle that it is difficult for her and all. Michelle makes herself look more like an idiot when she tells Wendy that he’s “a credit” to her because he is so polite. You mean, when a teenager gets to live with someone who has no idea of his problems, has never seen his temper and will indulge his every whim and doesn’t make him responsible for his actions he is totally sweet. You don’t say.

Wendy then tells Michelle that she doesn’t know the boy, she has never seen his temper and that raising his has been difficult and this situation has given him an escape and made managing him all the more difficult.

When Alex comes back from the toilet Wendy makes a move to leave. She mentions that they have to get going as the baby is at the nursery. Alex than quips, “can’t miss that.” Guess what. YOU CAN’T. You can’t leave a baby at nursery school. Why can’t Michelle back Wendy up here?

Then Alex announces that he doesn’t want to go back with Wendy, he wants to go “home” with Michelle. Instead of correcting him and telling him that his “home” is with Wendy, Michelle folds like a house of cards. She takes him back home and watches home movies with him. Ryan is obviously angry about it and Steve is trying to get Michelle to see sense. Pardon the expression, but this whole thing is a shit show.

So, the bookie son is doing his best to make his way through the women of Weatherfield. He is now on to Kelly, everyone’s favourite factory girl. He was supposed to take her to lunch, but due to the birth he has postponed to dinner.*

It is pretty clear that they will be going to The Italian and that Paul will be picking up the check. Before he gets to treat Kelly to the night of her life, he tells his father that he doesn’t care where he goes, as long as he isn’t around when he brings Kelly back who is obviously a sure thing.

The pair head to the Italian and eat and drink 200 quid worth of product. When Leanne arrives at the table, the bookie son informs her that the meal is on Paul. This is obviously embarrassing for Paul, angering for Leanne, but super fun for Kelly. She’s all class, our girl.

Predictably when bookie son comes home bookie dad is there with all his stuff. The night of nookie is thwarted. His ex-wife has made sure that he moves all his stuff out of her house so he brought them to his son’s place. Oh, will these bookie’s antics never end?

*You know, squirrels once gave birth in my aunt’s attic. The smell was unbearable and it lingered for years. I’m sure the Rovers will be fine. But still, who’s going to clean that up?

Over at the Platt’s David is setting up for his party that turns out to be a sad affair. It looks like the most riveting thing that happens is Amber and Tina discussing chip flavours. Tina is kind of bitchy to Amber.

Darryl shows up and Tina makes a comment about Lauren coming. I sort of missed it, but I think she was trying to be nasty to Amber. That girl had better watch her mouth! It becomes abundantly clear that David doesn’t actually have any other friends and when Gail comes home at 9:45PM she doesn’t really interrupt anything. Half the party heads out the door and the other half heads up the stairs.

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13 Responses to Monday December 8th 2008 – the Don’t Sit There Episode.

  1. pip says:

    I couldn’t believe Lauren, Steve, Liz and Vernon all just stood there gawping at Violet giving birth. Who does that?? Is this just the natural extrapolation of the mind-if-I-touch-your-pregnant-belly behavior? Anyone in the presence of a woman giving birth is automatically entitled to ring-side seats?

    I’m relieved that Violet is finally appreciating Sean’s rights as a father. It’ll be a rocky road ahead, though, once Sean finds out they were planning on doing a runner. I really can’t see them carrying through with that plan now, though.

    Didn’t Kelly blow the bookie-son off a few weeks ago in the pub when she found out he had a bet with bookie-dad that he could bed one of the factory girls before the end of the night?

    How on earth can Michelle say that Alex is well-behaved. This is the boy who crashed her brother’s wedding looking to be recognized as her son. This is the boy who blabbed to Norris about his parentage. This is the boy who lied to the police about where he really lives. Worst. Parent. Ever.

  2. Gayle says:

    Pip, I completely agree with you regarding the ring side seats to the birth!

    I don’t feel sorry for Violet regarding Sean and his feelings for the baby…she knew full well what Sean is like, she has been friends with him for years. In my opinion she just used him because she so desperately wanted a child. Does anyone remember how hard Sean tried to talk her out of being a single mother, but no avail.

    I just can’t get the image out of my head of the people standing around staring at Violet, I would have been extremely upset and begged for a blanket at least.

    It seems anyone can jump in and deliver a baby (didn’t Norris deliver Curly and Emma’s baby on their living room couch?)

  3. Glacia says:

    Amber looked all shiney and Cher like at the party! And I love how she has a wee bit of Martha Stewart in her when she said you couldn’t mix chips.

    I’m going to go eat chips now.


  4. eila says:

    I couldn’t quite believe Violet’s sudden and total change of heart re: Sean. I think they changed writers again!

    I do agree with the sentiment, though. Them doing a runner isn’t right, no matter how annoying Sean is. The only way it would be right is if he were a danger to the child (a violent or abusive person)– and that he isn’t.

    I don’t feel sorry for Violet. If she didn’t want to be tied to Sean for 18-20 years, she should not have had a child with him. It wasn’t as if it happened by accident!


  5. pip says:

    eila, I can sort of understand Violet’s change in behavior. She just been through an incredible birthing experience with Sean, which gives them a bond, and she’s in love with the baby and can see (and understand) how much Sean’s in love with the baby. Jamie missed out bigtime and I don’t really feel sorry for him. He wants to be the baby’s unrivalled father. Fact is, though, that kids are very accepting of different family relationships. The baby can very easily have a DaddySean and a DaddyJamie, as long as the two of them get along and respect each other’s relationship with their son.

  6. missusmac says:

    This is the part I never understood: How can you cry wolf after having a child with the help of your best friend? Jamie and Sean and Violet were all best friends, even with Jamie and Violet were lovers before.

    Soooo, Jamie has gone from telling Sean if he batted that way, he’d certainly date Sean, to getting the hell away from him. Why not just, I don’t know, say something like “Sean, if you don’t back off, we can’t breathe.” And we might just head to London if we can’t stand it… That would probably wake Sean up.

    Sean isn’t an idiot. He just can’t read people’s minds.

  7. haili says:

    I agree: Jamie and Violet just have to be honest (I was going to say straight) with Sean. They should lay down some ground rules like calling first, no surprises, and set times when he can visit or take the baby out. Instead, Violet plays the martyr and Jamie sulks and complains – and plans a getaway.

    Childbirth seems to have become a spectator sport in the last couple of decades with people filming the whole thing and dads and other relatives in the delivery room; Corrie just took it to a whole new level. I really enjoyed having Sean be the first to see the baby and I hope he gets to take part in the kid’s life.

  8. Yanyan says:

    Marcus should have slapped Violet’s bum instead of the baby’s.

  9. John says:

    I like how Violet’s baby went from slimy newborn to one month old overnight.

    It really does happen that fast.

  10. the pink lady says:

    I really want some prawn cocktail crisps asap. How long til the BIS?

  11. glacia says:

    Begining of April this year….I suspect to avoid the snow storm we had last year. Although I kind of liked us all tucked in at the pub while the wind and snow blew.

  12. debbie says:

    I remember that. It was a ridiculous evening. I was living in the suburbs at the time and I spent the whole night wondering about the Go Train home.

  13. eila says:

    Dear pip,

    Excellent point! And I completely agree re: different families. If everyone acted as if it were normal to have two daddies, a Mommy, and an Uncle Marcus –instead of fighting to ‘own’ the child– the baby would be fine with it. He’d probably be more than fine, with that many parental units to love and care for him.


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