This Needs to Be Settled

I keep getting messages that comments are being added to a blog post dated NOVEMBER 6.

What could be so exciting that more than a month later it still generates discussion?  Why it’s battle of the t.v. designers of course!

So let’s settle this right here and now.  Who ever wins will be proclaimed ultimate corrie designer of the universe and will hold the title of  ‘Supreme Corrie Canuck Designer Guys of the Universe’.

Oh and MF, I didn’t know Mark Brunetz had his own show.  I loved him on that Niecey Nash Clean House show!

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31 Responses to This Needs to Be Settled

  1. debbie says:

    I looked at the Post on November 7th. But, I don’t see what you mean. November 7th is Mayfair’s update.

  2. glacia says:

    Oops, I meant the 6th. TY Debbie! Changing it now.

  3. debbie says:

    I think it is hilarious that Steven and Chris got no votes

  4. Jody says:

    FYI I started that with my comment about C and J being way better than those boneheads Steven and Chris. I am surprised those two even have a show because it is Yawn boring.
    Colin and Justin really are super fab!

  5. haili says:

    I beg to differ and prefer Steven and Chris. Colin and Justin have done some ghastly makeovers. Granted, they did a good job on the apartments but some of the houses and rooms have been really ugly. They just love bright mauves, orange and gaudy wallpaper.

  6. blueheadlights says:

    I voted for Colin and Justin because they make me laugh not because they’re good. I don’t mind Steven and Chris and actually bought a line of their bedding that is beautiful. They are just not as entertaining.

  7. beanie says:

    I love C&J with their weird sense of humour and sexual inuendos.

  8. Mandy says:

    I bought CoverGirl lash blast mascara and it said on the package Steven and Chris reccomend it. It sucks. Just goes to show, even if they’re gay, men can’t be depended upon for makeup advice.

  9. Yanyan says:

    I LOVE lash blast! I didn’t buy it cause of Steven & Chris, tho; I bought it cause of Drew Barrymore’s kick arse lashes in the commercial.

  10. glacia says:

    I adore Colin and Justin, but maybe more for their personalities and all around Scottishness (also, when I met them, it was the BEST celebrity interaction EVAH).

    Steve and Chris…I just find them really grating and sometimes their advice is a bit obvious. (Put on a bit a weight? Try wearing black for a slimming effect.).

    Other grating Canadian shows, that Gill chick and the ultimate all time high priestesses of grating…that stupid ‘Mom Show’. The day one of the moms talked about her baby being a ‘long term breast feeder’ (read: 6 years old) – I decided I could never watch it again.

    But I digress. I can’t comment on Steve and Chris design style because I’ve never seen the show due to my grating issues.

    I’m still holding Mark Burnetz up as style king.

  11. haili says:

    I admit to using the remote a lot when watching these shows but I like the little fashion shows on Steven and Chris. Steven was good on that show with Marilyn Dennis so I’m glad they have their own show now. The ones I can’t stand are the tall woman and short guy who do the cooking show , and the stubble-faced Carlo guy who’s a wine snob. Colin and Justin are entertaining but have rotten taste in decorating sometimes IMO – but it takes all kinds.

    I agree about the Mom Show.

    Who is Mark Burnetz?

  12. Mandy says:

    Breastfeeding at six? That’s disgusting. That kid is going to have some maaaaajor issues.

  13. MarkD says:

    Steven & Chris! You have GOT to be kidding. As a fellow gay I can tell you that these two wierdo’s are NOT looked upon fondly by myself or anyone in my circle. Chris needs to lose about 10lbs of that mop on top of his head and Steven used to be cute on cityline, but he’s just way too gay now. Ugh, excuse me now, I need to vomit.

  14. glacia says:

    Mark – re: Steve – okay so it’s not just me who thinks he’s over the top.

    Haili – Mark Brunetz I know from Clean House. He’s an American designer who I really admire. I was always amazed at what he could do and how well he could ‘read’ people. His style is definatly American, but always just wonderful.

    I can remember some of the stuff people wouldn’t give away that he’d work around – it’d be incredible what he could do.

  15. glacia says:

    Here’s his website…

    The stuff on there isn’t terribly daring and is obviously for the masses – but again, it’s what he was able to do on that Clean House show that blew me away. Go to that site – check out the Design for TV and then the Before/After shots.

  16. MarkD says:

    One more thing regarding the breastfeeding at six:

  17. haili says:

    glacia: thanks for the info. I just assumed that Clean House was one of those boring housekeeping shows about scrubbing things. Now I know better, will check it out.

    I know I’m old fashioned, but when a kid can run across the room and ask – he’s too old for breast feeding IMO.

  18. Jody says:

    It’s not just the breastfeeding that some women keep up , it’s also when I see one of those pacifiers in a 2 or 3 year olds mouth I go a little nutty.

  19. haili says:

    OK. I just watched Colin and Justin and wouldn’t let them anywhere near my house. In a home with 2 toddlers, they slipcovered the living room and dining room chairs in white! The bedroom was done in the ugliest shade of green – shades of the Exorcist – with really ugly brown trim. I hated the striped flooring. I’ve also seen them actually take out closets!

    Steven and Chris just so much better when it comes to decorating. Maybe I just don’t get C & J’s humour, but I’d hate to have to live with their decor

  20. jax says:

    Colin and Justin are way better than Chris and Steven. Love Colin and jsutins dramatic styles, bored by Chris and Stevens lack lustre styles
    Sorry x

  21. wendy dodds says:

    WTF? Are we even debating this? Come on! Colin and Justin beat Steve and Chris anyday. That talk show on CBC is like SOOOOOOOOOOO weird.
    Anyway – the British dudes are way more talented and way hotter to look at. Though I think Justin should dump that fakefunfur coat he was wearing on Canada am this morning!!!!
    Coat aside these Brit’s are so awesome. Their column in The Star is proof that theyre also talented writers as well as TV personalities.
    So my vote is for them!
    Wendy xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  22. helen fairfax says:

    are you serious? Justina and Colina every time. The previous designer guys were just a tall actor and a podgy lady. Justina and colina are a hoot and I met them once last year at a Home Show where they signed a How Not tO Decorate book. Been trying to get them to sign a brand new Home Heist book but I keep missing the signings! And? WTF? Lashes? WTF!!
    Happy New Year to all design devotees on here!

  23. mick says:

    Colin and Justin and NOT NOT NOT that pair offa cbc steven and chris.
    I like the Brits wit and style everytime I watch,

  24. declan says:

    C and J any time, those bozos christine and stephanie are pale imitations of the English Home Heist hosts

  25. declan says:

    Really sorry, wherever they come from they are awesome deswigners and its the fun they put into their shows that sets them above lesser shows. But I dont think they are Scottish as they speak with English accents, no?

  26. glacia says:

    Not to drag out an argument, but they are most definatly Scottish with accents from Glasgow.

    I met them a few years ago and we talked about shared Scottish ethnicity.

  27. Madrid says:

    OMG – I was scanning these guys and found these threads on them. I think they are Irish, no? Definately not English but possibly Scottish. Hope this helps,

  28. glacia says:

    Seriously….they’re SCOTTISH.

    I met them…we talked about Scotland…they wear kilts and sporrans.

  29. Pink Lady says:

    From wiki: for the record: Glasgow is in Scotland! I can’t believe this discussion is still going on.

    Colin McAllister (b.1968) and Justin Ryan (b.1967) are Scottish interior designers and television presenters. McAllister and Ryan have incorporated their trademark behaviour, which includes their frequent bickering, fussiness, tantrums and light-hearted put-downs, as comic relief into most of their programmes.

    As well as being co-hosts, McAllister and Ryan have also been in a relationship for twenty-two years.[1] 15 February 2008, they were married in London in a private ceremony followed by a Caribbean honeymoon.[2][3]

    Although their main residence is Glasgow[4] they divide their time between there and London and own homes in both cities. As of 2007 they were living temporarily in Canada where they recently bought an apartment and are filming their latest show Colin and Justin’s Home Heist for HGTV.

  30. mikey says:

    Theyre the best dudes on the box. I laugh and get ideas at the same time. Colin and Jason are unique, best designers. Really LOVE Home Heist,
    Mikey x

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