Monday December 15th 2008 – The Abandonment Update

UK Time – Friday February 29th – Episode II

All He Gets in a Note and a Broken Heart

All He Gets is a Note and a Broken Heart

The show opens with Jamie shoving some bibs and bobs and odds and sods into the bright orange car looking guilty as anything. Meanwhile still laden down with presents for her nephew Lauren flies frantically into the factory looking for Sean. She tracks him down on the way back from getting some cakes and alerts him to Violet and Jamie’s not so great escape. They go rushing toward the flat as the pair jump into the car and make a speedy get away.

Sean, Lauren and Violet go up to the flat, I guess to see if there are any clues as to where the pair have gone to. They only find two things that, in my mind, really sum up how Sean has been treated these past few months. The first is an envelope full of money. Then I remember that oh yes, not only did Sean father that child he actually lent the couple money to get a place of their own. He also finds a note, in which Violet does a piss poor job of explaining why they left. The note really just should have said, “We used you, we’re selfish, goodbye.”

Someone should be able to tell Violet that the reason people in the street will all think that Dylan is Sean’s son is that he IS.

Since Denial is a river that often flows through the Street, Sean begins to convince himself that they will be back with the baby while Lauren tells Sean that once Violet has made her mind up there is no changing it. Her opinion isn’t wanted but Lauren should know.

Fiz gets Sean’s phone and calls Marcus, or “G” for gorgeous, or “M” for marvelous, as I call him. He gets to the flat and convinces Sean that they should go after them.

Meanwhile Violet and Jamie are in the car discussing what a great person and friend Sean was to the both of them. This, however, doesn’t dissuade them and realizing that Sean will never stop calling, Violet tosses her phone out of the car. With that Violet, baby Dylan and the last remaining Baldwin leave the street forever.*

Sean and Marcus continue to chase them down and as they head for the motorway Marcus asks Sean if they should go north or south. It’s a good question. See, Weatherfield inhabitants often run off to Scotland should things go pear shaped. But, times have changed.

In years past I would have suggested that Marcus and Sean head north and use the following directions:

Head northwest on Beswick St toward Pollard St E

Turn left at Old Mill St

Turn left at A665/Great Ancoats St

Continue to follow A665

Slight right at A635/Pin Mill Brow

Continue to follow A635

Continue on A57(M)/Mancunian Way

Continue to follow A57(M)

Continue on A57/Egerton St

Continue to follow A57

Continue on M602

At junction 1, exit onto M60 toward Leeds/M62/M66/Ring Rd (N)/M61

At junction 15, exit onto M61 toward Wigan/Bolton/Preston

Merge onto M6

Continue on A74(M) (signs for Glasgow/Edinburgh)

At junction 13, exit toward A702/Lanark/A73/Edinburgh

At the roundabout, take the 4th exit onto B7078 heading to A702/Lanark/Abington/A73/A74(M)/Carlisle/Edinburgh/Biggar/Crawford

At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto A702

Go through 4 roundabouts

Turn right at A700/W Tollcross

Continue to follow A700

Continue on Lauriston Pl

Lauriston Pl turns slightly left and becomes Forrest Rd. You’ll see the post office momentarily.

That should get them from Central Manchester to central Edinburgh in about 4.5 hours. It is a post office a good place to start a mild manhunt.

However, since we know they are actually planning to go to London, Marcus and Sean should really head south with these directions:

Head northwest on Beswick St toward Pollard St E

Turn left at Old Mill St

Turn left at A665/Great Ancoats St

Continue to follow A665

Slight right at A635/Pin Mill Brow

Continue to follow A635

Continue on A57(M)/Mancunian Way

Continue to follow A57(M)

Continue on A57/Egerton St

Continue to follow A57

Continue on M602

Continue on M62

At junction 10, exit toward M56/Birmingham/Chester

Merge onto M6

Merge onto M1

Take the exit toward A40/M4/Wembley

At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto N Circular Rd

At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto the A5/Edgware Rd ramp

Slight right at A5/Edgware Rd

Continue to follow A5

Slight left at A5/Edgware Rd

Slight left to stay on A5/Edgware Rd

Continue to follow A5

Turn left at A40/Marble Arch

Turn right at Park Ln

At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Duke of Wellington Pl

Slight left at Constitution Hill

Entering toll zone

Turn left at The Mall

At King Charles I Island, take the 3rd exit onto A308/Northumberland Ave

Turn left at Embankment Pl

Continue on Villiers St to #47, just near Embankment Station

You’ll end up at a wine bar called Gordon’s. It is an 800 year old establishment and after a tipple they can start the search for Violet, Jamie and baby Dylan. Perhaps they should start on Albert Square in Waltford. That’s just a suggestion.

However, all they do is head home. Sean feels that they should go back as he is convinced that Violet is just teaching him a lesson and chasing after them will just make things worse. Marcus begs him to reconsider and in the end they go back to Violet and Jamie’s flat where Sean waits in vain for them to return.

* As Jamie drives away one of the longest serving Coronation Street family lines ends. These are all the people who carried Baldwin as a last name either by birth or marriage: Mike, Danny, Carol, Frankie, Alma, Linda, Susan, Adam and Warren.

Kat Von D was probably NOT their tattoo artist

Kat Von D was probably NOT their tattoo artist

So, David and Darryl (I have to confess, I am beginning to like this guy) are walking home from the tattoo parlor and Darryl decided to get a tattoo as well. This one’s for England … er sort of. It was for some other country that begins with an “L.” David thinks that Darryl was screaming so hard because he got the whole word tattooed, but he could even stand to complete the first letter. Silly boy.

At home Darryl tries to get off work because he’s feeling poorly and it doesn’t work. Jerry makes him go in anyway. A bit later Darryl goes into the pub where he sees his dad and his sister. He maintains that he is feeling poorly and, in a joking manner, jerry grabs on to his sons pants. Darryl jumps back about 10 feet and his secret is revealed to everyone in the pub they give him a right ribbing.

David sees her and HIM walking in the rain

David sees her and HIM walking in the rain

Meanwhile David goes home where his mother is asking him about where Tina is that evening. David plays it cool but we all know that he is wound up because she is out with her ex-boyfriend.

Once she gets back to David’s place it is clear to her that David has been watching her from the window and she is mad – then she goes upstairs to take a shower. Am I missing something? Has she moved in?

Anyway, Tina comes downstairs and says that they need to talk. David stops her by saying the he got her a present. He shows her the tattoo and oh yes, a mixed cd he made with the following songs.

I’ll Be There, The Jackson 5

Everything I do, I do it For You, Brian Adams

I’ll Be Watching You, The Police

All by Myself, Greenday

One Way or Another, Blondie

Obsession, Animotion

Invisible, Clay Aiken

Run for you life, the Beatles

Possession, Sarah McLachlan

Shiver, Coldplay

You’re Beautiful, James Blunt

Private Eyes, Hall and Oats

The More You Ignore Me the Closer I get, Morrissey

Tina is not pleased with the tattoo, mainly because he may as well have just actually given her that mixed tape. Weirdo… She is unimpressed with David and leaves. It looks like she wants to be rid of him but doesn’t pull the trigger that night.

In Other News

Wiki tells Kelly that she has got to stop stealing from the factory. Wiki is a good friend

Bookie son gets another free meal at Leanne’s restaurant and Paul comes clean to her about the betting slip.

Fiz is going on holiday and gives Kirk her contact numbers for while she is away. Baby don’t leave!

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21 Responses to Monday December 15th 2008 – The Abandonment Update

  1. Modge says:

    So Tina comes in after spending a few hours with her ex, and the first thing she needs to do is take a shower?

  2. glacia says:

    Adam Baldwin

  3. TrudyC says:

    I’ll hang on to these directions – I’m going to Manchester in April and we may be going to Scotland as well.

  4. pip says:

    Yeah, the shower thing set off alarm bells for me, too.

    So is that really it for Violet, Jamie and babyDillon? Are they gone from the street forever? Denial must run through the TV as well because I’m still thinking they will come back.

    I see myself, 20 years from now: old, retired, eating my evening gruel and still watching Corrie, when Son-of-Sean returns to the Street, hating his mom and so-called ‘dad’ and looking for his real dad. Will Sean still be there? Will he have died of a broken heart and left Marcus behind to await the return of Dylan? Do I really have to wait that long for a reunion/resolution? *sigh*

  5. tanzie says:

    my heart broke for Sean when he said they didn’t even leave him his little hat…

  6. missusmac says:

    Wow, I totally missed the shower alarm bells. (I have teenage girls. They seem to shower at all hours of the day, several times a day…)

    I was absolutely gobsmacked by Michelle standing at the bar with Steve and Dial M for Marcus/Marvellous, having a right laugh about Darryl’s tattoo. Hellllooooo! Wouldn’t she have been upset knowing one of her BFFs (Vi) had just done the dirty on one of her other BFFs (Sean) and snatched away his son? Just seemed..odd. Almost as odd as the bookmakers.

  7. Emily says:

    I must have missed Darryl getting his tattoo… I assumed he got the “L” for Lauren? (Which I found hilarious.)

  8. glacia says:

    Give it 5 years, Sean’s son will show up as a surly 13 year old.

  9. Mandy says:

    That really is just heartbreaking. Regardless of what they agreed on at the start, the baby is SEAN’s son. It’s not fair. He has every right to track them down and demand joint custody or something.

    I thought I’d be sad to see Violet go, but not anymore. I used to like her but now she just is a heartless beast! And Jamie used to be cool but ever since the Frankie thing I’ve gone off him!

    Poor Sean… he is so sweet. Maybe a bit over-the-top but very sweet.

  10. debbie1975 says:

    “Give it 5 years, Sean’s son will show up as a surly 13 year old.” Actually, Corrie doesn’t rapidly age the characters. It has happened only twice and in both cases the difference was only one year and in one case, Sophie Webster, the word is that it was an honest mistake.

  11. missusmac says:

    Debbie, what do you mean ‘honest mistake’. Was the young girl that originally played Sophie let go by mistake? Enquiring minds want to know…

  12. glacia says:

    I think the kids they sometimes do age them a bit faster. Although Ken’s brat from Denise was dead on ‘age’ wise.

    And wait…Sean’s baby just went from newborn to 3 month old overnight!

  13. papasmurf1964 says:

    Take the train TrudyC, you’ll be happier

  14. debbie1975 says:

    They rapidly aged her by mistake. She went to high school one year early making her turn 13 when she should have turned 12.

  15. pip says:

    Time for Sean to hire a private detective, I think. That fellow that Haley hired was pretty good. I’m sure Sean could get an order for access (and have to pay child support).

    You know, it’s weird that Jamie grew up with a mom and a stepmom and yet he never referenced that fact in his attitude towards Dylan and Sean. Didn’t his dad keep him from Carol when he was growing up and didn’t he hate that?

    And didn’t Sean grow up without a dad? Shouldn’t that have played a part in his attitude towards Dylan having two fathers (i.e. way better than having none).

    Sometimes the shallowness of the writing really irks me. It’s not that much more work to write something thoughtful and decent rather than something trite and lame (if I hear Michelle tell Ryan, Alex, Steve or anyone else that the situation is ‘complicated’ I will heave a shoe at my TV set, which, unlike President Bush, is unable to duck).

  16. lovethestreet says:

    tanzie: the line about the “little hat” got me choked up too. In fact, the whole scene made my heart ache.

    And don’t you love that Marcus is under “G” for gorgeous? Sean can be so sweet…

  17. haili says:

    Wasn’t Jamie kept from Carol because she was an alcoholic and not reliable enough to look after him? He tried to get to know her better but I don’t think he’s that fond of her now.

    Corrie’s much better than American soaps for keeping the kids the right age, but surprise offspring show up every so often. Warren was my least favorite Baldwin with Jamie now a close second. I want Danny back!

  18. elocin says:

    here here pip!

  19. eila says:

    I’m so angry with Jamie and Violet that it’s just ridiculous. I think Jamie’s the worst.


  20. pip says:

    I would love to see Danny return. He would run circles around some of the new characters.

  21. haili says:

    I was suspicious too, when Tina headed straight for the shower after meeting with the old boyfriend.

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