Sexual Tension Scotch Eggs Recipe

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11 Responses to Sexual Tension Scotch Eggs Recipe

  1. elocin says:

    do. not. want.

  2. lovethestreet says:

    Thanks for posting that Glacia. You’re the best.

    Now to the other readers: have any of you ever eaten this delicacy?

  3. haili says:

    I never have. There must be a week’s worth of cholesterol in each one! Do they have deep fried Mars bars for dessert?

  4. corrierules says:

    I agree… not so appealing. Also Chef Kevin never seemed to wash his hands. But here is baked version of this recipe that uses ground turkey… maybe a bit more healthy?

    But honestleh, does not strike me as a culinary delight, either baked or fried…

    However, thank you Glacia for providing that video. It’s one of those special features, like “obscure historical reference of the day” that makes corrie canuck such a treat.

  5. Glacia says:

    Well, I’ve eaten scotch eggs on many occassions and while not the healthiest thing – they are really delicious.

    But then I eat haggis….so…

  6. haili says:

    Oh well! Anyone who can eat haggis must have a cast iron stomach! And I say that as the offspring of a Scottish mother and Irish dad. I wouldn’t mind tasting them though – as long as someone else makes them.

  7. tea says:

    I`ve actually had a Scotch egg years ago in England. I`m hoping it didn`t have hagis ingredients though!
    It tasted quite good. Now whether it was because I was away, I don`t know. I`ve intended to try and make some at some point and see.


  8. Barbie says:

    Scotch Eggs? Yum
    A friend of mine makes them and cuts them in 4 so about half an egg will do ya, but they are really good.

  9. Glacia says:

    Scottish cuisine is far from healthy (save porridge) – but it’s awfully fun.

    One time I told my Swiss friend that I was making shortbread cookies. She responded, ‘But isn’t that just butter with some flour thrown in.’ What could I respond other than, ‘Your point being?’.

  10. TrudyC says:

    My husband (french from Quebec) loves haggis. It’s not bad actually. I also make hot pot – one of our favs.

  11. nwtrunner says:

    I love haggis and have eaten a few scotch eggs in my time. One thing wrong with the display in this though – whut’s wi’ the bleemin’ A1 sauce and nae HP sauce? Aye.

    You want to run about 15 km before a big feed of haggis & chips washed down with Tenents. Even then you’ll not break even!

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