Update For Epiosde #6768 December 19, 2008


The sort of boxers Paul probably should be wearing

The Old Rectory

The Old Rectory officially has new owners, Ty and Molly have heard from the solicitor and all the paperwork has gone through. Molly begins her new regime as ‘Vera Mark II’ by telling Jack that wearing his vest to the table will no longer be accepted, in the future a shirt and tie will required. Jack looks a bit taken aback, but Molly tells him that she is only joking. Jack mutters a warning. sotto voce, to Ty.

It appears that Paul is planning to move out soonish.

The Italian

Leanne is moaning about the stroppy staff, the state of the finances of the restaurant, and wondering how they will pay the VAT bill. Paul offers some unhelpful advice about ignoring the government and then offers her some olives stuffed with chili.

The Bookies

Dan stops Paul in the street and they have the same old conversation about the money that Paul owes. (what did he do with the money besides buy a watch?) For a bit of variety this time round, Dan forces Paul to strip off his watch and then all of his clothes, except his Superman boxers, and then makes Paul sneak home wearing nothing but the aforementioned boxers. When Paul comes in through the back way Molly and Ty have a good laugh but Jack is left looking a bit concerned.

The Cafe

Roy makes his return from Africa and is pleased to see that everything is ship shape in the cafe. Becky gives Ken a high five. Roy explains to Becky that his lack of a tan was due to the fact it was the rainy season in Mozambique. Becky and Roy sit and chat and she tells him how great it was having her own place for the time he was gone, but she has her bags packed, ready to move back into the hostel, with it’s loud music, fires, and other random mayhem.

The Paperboy

Norris is out delivering the morning papers and is none too pleased to be doing so. Ken tries to put a positive spin on things leaving Norris to wonder if Ken is on happy pills. Norris spots Kirk coming home and asks him where Chesney is. Kirk tells him that it is all his fault, he forgot to wake Ches up that morning. Claire offers the boys across the street a duck alarm clock that Josh has, it quacks loudly to wake you up. Norris wonders if having Cilla as a mother could actually be better than having no mother at all.

Kirk brings home breakfast, half price croissants that were past their best before date. Chesney comments on how ‘dead European’ they are, although the croissants would taste better if dipped in coffee. He asks Kirk if they have any coffee, which they don’t, but Kirk does find some Coke for them to dip into.

Kirk asks Ches why he isn’t dressed for school yet, and Ches tells him that his school clothes are covered in mud, and the only shirt he could find was sized ‘age seven’. Ches also tells Kirk about the letter he got from the school for his mom, addressing his tardiness, not having is homework done, that sort of thing. Kirk tells Ches that they have to up their game a bit.

The Baby

Gail and Tina have a chat in the cafe. Tina, showing great maturity, is wondering if she is making the right choice in having an abortion without first discussing it with David. Gail tells Tina that no one knows David as well as his mother does, (sure you do Gail) and having a baby at this point would be the worst possible thing for him. Gail gives Tina the hard sell on proceeding with the abortion, first telling Tina that David is a deeply sensitive boy, and when this fails to move Tina, Gail, in a stunning feat of alliteration, tells her that David is a deeply damaged boy, who is depressed and desperate. They talk about the time David drove into the canal, Tina thinking it was an accident, Gail thinking it was a suicide attempt, neither of them being correct of course.

David stops by at this moment, and Tina tells hime she has a surprise for him. Gail looks worried, but Tina only tells David that she was going to buy him lunch and bring it to the salon.

The Overextended Family

The James Brown of storylines continues apace.

Steve shows a bit of backbone by telling Alex to stop leaving certain magazines with violent content for Amy to see. Alex comes back at Steve saying that Ryan watched violent video games with Amy around. Steve says Ryan did, but stopped when asked to. The phone rings at this point, it is Nick looking for the phone number of Liam so he can talk to Ryan. Steve tells him sorry, but no, and hangs up. Michelle can’t believe the gall of Nick trying to contact Ryan, and Steve points out the hypocrisy of her postion, that of a parent wanting to get in touch with their child.

Ryan is unhappy at Liam’s, and when Liam asks him what is wrong Ryan tells him he is sick of talking about it. Steve, great timing as always, comes by at this point to tell Ryan about the call from Nick. Steve and Liam try to talk to Ryan about it, and he wonders if everyone round here has turned into a flaming social worker, before going upstairs. Steve, looking defeated, tells Liam all he wanted was a simple life, a nice wife, a decent motor and a bit of a lay in on Sunday morning.

Maria comes by the factory to get Liam, because Ryan is in a bad state at home. Carla of course makes some cutting comment at Maria’s expense. Liam goes home and talks to Ryan, who finally admits to the root of the issue. Michelle promised that nothing would change, which it has, and in the end Michelle chose Alex over Ryan. Liam does his best to console his nephew, before going across to Streetcars to update Steve on what is going on with Ryan.

Steve and Michelle discuss the matter at length. Michelle doesn’t want to be forced to choose betwen Alex and Ryan. Steve asks her if she was happy before all this kicked off, and Michelle of course agrees. Steve tells her that Alex living there is breaking Ryan’s heart, and Michelle eventually agrees to call Wendy.

When Wendy arrives at he pub she is less than polite with Michelle. While they are talking Alex comes in and calls Michelle ‘Mom’ while rebuffing Wendy’s attempt at a hug and a kiss. When Alex sees the teary eyed expression on Michelle’s face he figures out why Wendy is there and says to Michelle in an accusing tone – ‘you’re not sending me home – you promised me.’

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12 Responses to Update For Epiosde #6768 December 19, 2008

  1. elocin says:

    Alex going completely apes#@t in 3…2… I can’t wait!

  2. lovethestreet says:

    “in a stunning feat of alliteration…”

    That line is going to make me smile all day!

  3. jeanie says:

    We cracked up when Dan shouted “Superman UNDERCRACKERS!” Now we can’t stop sayinf it. LOL

  4. eila says:

    I might have known Gail’s compassion and caring– actually seeming to put Tina’s needs first– wouldn’t last very long.

    As for Michelle, if she gets any more clueless, she’s going to forget to breathe.



  5. haili says:

    Now I know why I watch: after Gail, Michelle and Vi’s antics, I feel like a genius! I guess our own families look terrific in comparison to those knuckleheads on the Street.

  6. tanzie says:

    does anyone else think that the waiter at Leannes restaurant looks a bit like Mr. Bean??

  7. lovethestreet says:

    Tanzie, you’re right!He DOES look like Mr. Bean.

  8. Piper says:

    I just finished watching the omnibus and am wondering what’s going on with all the construction workers. They’ve been in the background for a week or so now. Do you think they are just there for comedic relief (I do think cbc has cut a lot of their small scenes as the bit with Leanne yelling at one was a bit out of context). Is it just a small slice of life corrie is showing or are they building up to some type of construction accident or disaster?

  9. Glacia says:

    I thought the waiter was looking more like Leonard Rossiter(probably dating myself here)with his little side glances.


  10. eila says:

    Thanks, haili. I think you’ve explained why I keep watching, too– although, if I had my druthers, I’d be watching a lot more great character actors making insightful and witty remarks.


  11. haili says:

    I wonder how soon this stupid storyline with the 2 boys will end? It just seems to be more of the same every night. Maybe if I cared about Michelle it would be more interesting, but she’s just not likable. Wendy seems more interesting and from the remarks she’s dropped, it seems that Alex has been a handful.

  12. eila says:

    Yeah- by last night, I was thinking maybe Wendy should take up with Steve. They could keep Ryan, and Michelle could go live with you know who.

    Just a thought…


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