Point Form Corrie

Old Timey Corrie

Old Timey Corrie

I’ve really played fast and loose with my Corrie watching over the holiday break and decided to watch the omnibus on Sunday but was too hung over tired and slept right through the programming. Thankfully, Glacia came to the rescue with her suggestion – obvious to most – that I could watch the episodes online. Thanks be to Glacia.

I have to say that I have joined the chorus of Corrie fans who have been less than thrilled with the direction of the show, some of the performances *chough* Michelle *cough chough.* Story lines were dragging and things were getting a little ridiculous. However, over the past two weeks a couple of things happened to change my mind. First, I caught an episode of Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives. Then I saw what bad TV really was. Those characters make Carla Conner look like she’s ageing authentically. Second, Corrie is on the upswing. They have managed to phase out Michelle’s crying, bumped up the Dev and Amber and set up three highly dramatic turns that I have been loving. What follows is a point form catch up-on the street over the last couple weeks. I’ve tried to drill down to the finer points:

The best thing to do now is run!

The best thing to do now is run!

The Shit-Show that is the Plats:

Tina aborted the baby she and David made without David’s knowledge. Mind you, Gail and Audrey knew and Gail paid.

David found out and was clearly angry about it. He and Gail got into an argy bargy and it ended when David pushed his mother down the stairs.

His totally understandable reaction was to go Tina’s place and not tell a soul as his mother laid at the bottle of the stairs.

David asked Tina to lie to the police to give him an alibi and she said no. David is now in police custody. He will be questioned by the weirdest looking woman I have every seen. Gail has come to, but her memory is spotty at best.

Chezney dont leave!

Chezney don't leave!

The Shit-Show that is the Battersby-Browns:

I have to admit that Kirk was doing a miserable job taking care of our Chezney. Everyone saw it. He was having problems with school and looked a mess.

Clair Peacock, reminding everyone that she is a busy body called child services and they took Chezney away.

Kirk delayed telling Fiz until she came back from holiday and yes, she is now trying to get Chezney back.

The Shit-Show that is Valandro’s

Leanne is entertaining buyers for the restaurant and Paul doesn’t want to sell. However, when she is presented with a great offer he relents. It all falls apart when the buyer, upon closer inspection of the books, dropped his offer.

In related news, Leanne and Dan continue their flirting and she drops the “I was a prostitute” bomb. This doesn’t seem to really bother Dan. I’ve had boyfriends vanish on me because of my taste in music. But, whatever.

To my delight, Amber has started working at Valandro’s and Dev has decided to go there every night to embarrass her.

You WILL marry me!

You WILL marry me!

The Connor’s Redux

Michelle sent Alex home. He has since vanished and now Ryan is spending time with his newest best dad, Nick. They are going to either Cornwall or Corfu for Easter.

Tony the developer is officially nut bar. He proved it when he proposed to Carla. He popped the question during a surprise Monday night dinner party attended by Liam, Michelle, Steve and Maria.

On a semi-related note, Kelly almost lost her job as she was caught nicking the knickers. Wiki spoke up for her – even though Kelly almost dropped her in it – and got her job back.

There’s your primer for tonight. I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season!

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25 Responses to Point Form Corrie

  1. Gayle says:

    Debbie thanks for the update! I was fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to see all the shows. I can’t help but wonder where Gail got the money to pay for the abortion. I know David is a little shit, but he had every right to know about the pregnancy (was it David’s?) I certainly agree that the show is starting to pick up again. I like everyone else was getting really, really tired of Michelle.

  2. jeanie says:

    Thanks Debbie I needed a point form summary. I think I saw everything but out of order which messes up my old brain. I hope we’ve seen the last of Alex.

  3. Yanyan says:

    I have to wonder what kind of slags the bookie has dated (see: white stiletto weirdness) that he didn’t blink an eye at Leeanne’s professional status!

  4. Yanyan says:

    Question for the Corrie Canuck gurus….
    In another Corrie group, some friends were grousing about how they missed a key plot scene during the weekday airing, and only saw it on the Sunday omnibus. But I saw it on the weekday broadcast on CBC New Brunswick. Do different time zones get different broadcasts?

  5. debbie1975 says:

    Other corrie group…

  6. pip says:

    Thanks for the update! I taped the omnibus on Sunday and was merrily watching it until it segued into scenes from before Maria and Liam’s wedding (it’s true, I use the same tape over and over in a rather willy nilly fashion). So I missed David’s arrest. Will have to watch on-line. He is such a little sh*t.

    Dev is perfect as AnnoyingDad.

    Are we getting some hints that Audrey is going senile? She left the flowers on top of her car, and I think there’s been one or two other comments about her failing memory (which I don’t recall because of my failing memory). Is she going the way of Mike Baldwin?

  7. debbie1975 says:

    No, Audrey left the flowers in her car to get rid of David. They often make comments about her memory I think as reference to when Richard Hillman tried to make people thing that she was loosing her marbles.

  8. Piper says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought Ryan and Nick were going to Cornwall – I’m positive that’s what they said – or that’s what I understood anyway!

  9. Piper says:

    I was also wondering if the development of the new flats on Victoria street are a way to introduce more characters to the street as there will be more opportunities for people to live ‘on the street’ or close to it anyway. Although with Tony involved in the development I can see something bad happening…

  10. kunzie says:

    …..something bad happening to a mulit-million dollar development…that only Danny Baldwin can fix!! Yes! Yes!


    Back at work today – had to wear clothes.
    Gee, kinda like Leanne. I loved her telling Dan. It’s so refreshing when the characters make something purposely easy for one another…makes ya notice.
    Y’know, I’m still in..Really? Really? mode that Liam and Maria are married.

  11. missusmac says:

    Here’s a way for Gail to make a little cash, and keep David in line: take in Becky as a boarder. The little sh*t would never pull a stunt again. In fact, he’d be bringing them cups of tea and doing their laundry…

    Wouldn’t it be great if the Victoria Street development brought in some new story lines? I’m afraid I actually did hear the line “Did you see the size of Dev’s razor? Looks like something you would use on a car.” from Steve. What was that???

  12. missusmac says:

    Oh, and thank you Debbie. I really did miss the Corrie Canuck updates over the holidays. I was actually at a party on Thursday night and someone turned on the TV during the Corrie one-hour episode.

  13. pip says:

    Ah, thanks for clearing that up, Debbie.

    Ew, speaking of Tony, is he going to be an upscale version of Charlie Stubbs – all manipulation and lies, but cleaner and with a nicer accent?

    I can’t believe how quickly Sean has adjusted to the theft of his baby and the betrayal of his two BFFs.

  14. missusmac says:

    Pip, I thought the same thing about Tony and domination. Same plot, different room…

    Shelley and Carla have nothing in common, but this plot line.

  15. Jody says:

    I thought that Scottish police detective was rather creepy.
    Gail’s ‘ospital stay would have appeared more authentic if she wasn’t wearing mascara and lipstick!

  16. beanie says:

    I heard that weird razor remark too.I don’t get it.ANYONE? I finally figured out why Flamin’ Nora calls Tony ‘The Eyeball’.CREEPY.

  17. eps says:

    Oh, it is so good to have you all back.
    When I was a kid I used to watch “Another World” (now defunct) with my grandmother. I got hooked on C St 13+ years ago because it was so much more like the mundacity of real life than American soaps and I got such a kick out of Bett Lynch. The Am. soaps are so over the top and devoid of real life.
    Unfortunately, due to a severe deficit in mechanical skills I missed a number of episodes last week. I did see Aud-ra putting together her suspicion re: David the Dangerous Doofus. How did he come to be arrested?
    The scot woman detective was also an actress on EastEnders, I believe. I recently saw her in an episode of Hamish MacBeth. Regardless of the character she plays she is always the same.
    Tony and the Victoria St flats brought to mind Richard Hillman and ol’ Dougie – remember how their little building project turned out. Perhaps it will be different since theirs was a renovation project, as I recall.
    Whew, glad to get back to regular life.

  18. debbie1975 says:

    Well, David wasn’t arrested. He was just taken in for questioning.

    Regarding Tony, I fully expect the writers to essentially recycle the Richard Hillman storyline.

  19. Bea says:

    I think that Dev’s razor is a golf club. They were comparing it to the size of a car window scraper. I dunno, would people in London even need scrapers? How cold does it get there?

  20. antik says:

    It’s so lovely to have you back!

    Re: The Dev’s razor remark: it was Steve’s very cute way of interrupting Vernon just as he was about to burst into his favourite.. “getting ready to go out on the town” song .. he’d already asked the others around the bar about theirs.. I can’t remember most of them now.. but Creepy Tony’s was “anything by U2”.. which was deemed.. “cautious but acceptable” by Liam who thought Carla was being pretentious for saying she liked to listen to something.. “dead dramatic” .. like Madam Butterfly..while getting ready. Really enjoying Steve as comic relief lately.. (along with Vern and Sean..)

    Ditto Jeannie’s comment about.. hoping we’ve seen the last of that horrid Alex..

  21. pip says:

    You had to feel a bit sorry for Vern in that ‘favourite song scene’, he just slunk away when Steve interrupted him, after he listened so appreciatively to what everyone’s else’s song was.

    I’m beginning to like Tina more and more, she’s a bit of a younger version of Becky.

    So where is Sarah (okay, I know where she is) but you’d think they’d make some excuse for her failure to fly home when Gail was taken to hospital. Uncle what’s-his-name surely wouldn ‘t have objected to that.

  22. romeozulu says:

    I’m enjoying Tina’s backbone, in spite of the fact that she’s with the slimiest, most psychopathic c

  23. romeozulu says:

    Misfire above. Again, I like Tina, in spite of the fact that the writers have paired her up with the slimiest, most amoral character on the Street. I’ve always enjoyed Tony – I hope they don’t demonize him the way they did with Richard. Personally, I’d much rather have Tony in the Street than the Botox Boss.

  24. Corrie Quebec says:

    I’m with Glacia, I’ve begun watching all of the episodes online. They’re commercial-free!

  25. eila says:

    I’ve liked Tina from the get go. I hope the writers don’t spoil things by having her fall in line with David’s way of doing things. (I missed last night’s episode, so don’t know if she’s decided to alibi him or not.)

    Madame Butterfly goes a long way toward explaining Carla’s style with makeup.


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