Monday January 5th 2009 – the Gail Continues to be an Idiot Update

UK Time Friday March 21st 2008 – Episode II

Someone stop her from being a moron

Someone stop her from being a moron

The weird looking detective took David in for questioning. David is pretty determined to never take responsibility for his actions. The detective does a good job of listing all the messed up things David has done in the past year or so. Just to recap: constantly skipping school, sent the Richard Hillman cards, tried to sabotage his sister’s wedding, lied in court during Tracy Barlow’s trial, hid drugs in Bethany’s toys which she later over dosed on, drove his car into a canal, was generally a nasty piece of work.

During the interview the detective also makes it clear that if he asks Tina to lie for him the consequences for her are very serious. However, since the mind of a 17 year old is totally capable to outsmarting a trained detective David sticks to his story. After he is released, David stops by the hospital and confronts Audrey and Bill. David lies trying to make everyone think that the police don’t suspect him at all. Bill is still the only person who holds David in an accurate estimation. Gail, of course, is an idiot. You see, since David has been visiting her at the hospital, she has totally forgotten what a dangerous little psycho she raised.

In the mean time the police have made it over to the house to talk to Tina. When David calls her it is clear that she is telling him that the police are there. David gets immediately nervous and Gail is totally oblivious to the tension in the room. It must be the medication.

Once David gets home Tina confirms that she lied to the police for him. That is the first stupid thing Tina has done. It is like being in Gail’s presence is making her brain softy. So, now the brains of two 17 year olds will try to outsmart trained detectives. Also, who cares in Jason gets blamed for pushing Gail down the stairs. I understand that wouldn’t matter to David, but I am surprised that Tina hasn’t thought about that.

But what is going to happen when Gail gets her memory back. Will Gail lie to protect David or will she admit that David pushed her down the stairs?

Everything else that happened yesterday was basically window dressing for David’s story. But, I’ll give you a run down here.

Dad Mason happened upon Kelly Crabtree sitting at Roy’s all on her own. He took her to the Rovers where they happened on Son Mason and Leanne. They all share a drink together although, Kelly isn’t all that keen to share company with Leanne. They sit and talk for a while. I may have missed something, but Leanne up and vanishes for some reason and Son Mason goes running after her. I don’t know about the rest of you Canucksters, but I’ve sensed more chemistry between Jamie and his mom. Anyway, he asked her out for dinner and she agreed. Did anyone else notice what was going on with Leanne’s shoes/tights? I watched this episode with Glacia who, with the magic of PVR paused on the glory that was her outfit. She really did look like she was Mrs. Tumnis in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Fiz found Chezney and they were reunited on some woman’s settee. Chezney wants to go home and begs Fiz not to blame Kirk for what happened. I don’t blame Kirk and while I never have anything bad to say about Fiz, I will say this. I blame her. When Cilla moved out, she should have moved in. She may be young, but Kirk has about three brain cells and Chezney is 9 and wants to eat candy all day.

Roy is getting a new roommate. He asked Becky to move in and she really had a great time with that. So did those of us watching.

Vernon is going to ask his band mates to build the smoker’s shelter in the back. My question is what are they gonna do with all the buses that arrive once the punters light up?

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15 Responses to Monday January 5th 2009 – the Gail Continues to be an Idiot Update

  1. beanie says:

    As much as Gail’s stupidity is annoying,I’m not sure I want her to know the truth. Her miserable, whining, poor me persona is hard to watch also. I’m looking forward to more Roy and Becky time.

  2. Carol says:

    Every time Michelle is speaking she pushes her hair out of her face. Has anyone else noticed this? I wish she’d just cut her hair into a different style.

  3. pip says:

    While I love this story line with Becky moving into Roy’s it sure came out of the blue. There’s no indication he discussed it with Haley, is there? I get the feeling Haley’s been written out of the show (and I admit, I may be pretty slow on the uptake on this) and the writers are setting up this living arrangement before Haley’s non-return is announced, because it couldn’t properly be done after.

  4. missusmac says:

    Pip, I thought someone from this group said Haley does return, that the actress only took some time to be with her family? Did I get that right, anyone?

    Gotta say I’m very, very surprised that Tina supported David’s story. But Debbie’s right, they’re 17, they can outfox anybody.

    I got the feeling we missed a line or two before Dan’s return from the gents and Leanne’s quick dash out of the Rovers. I expect Kelly or Gross Daddy made a comment about Leanne’s previous line of work. The two were snickering when Dan returned.

    Gotta say the last time I actually saw Kelly as a real ‘person’ was when she lived with Lloyd. Now she’s just a caricature of a yobby factory girl.

  5. debbie says:

    Pip, I wouldn’t say that Becky’s move into Roy’s place is out of the blue. She lived there when Roy was visiting Hailey and has been talking about how much nicer it was than the hostel she is living in.

    Missusmac, I totally agree. Kelly was best when she had a personality beyond yobby factory girl.

  6. Modge says:

    Did I hear right? Is Leanne’s restaurant only open three hours a day? I can imagine what Gordon Ramsay would say about that. I don’t know how she expects to make any money being open only from noon to three.

  7. Gayle says:

    Pip, don’t worry Hayley comes back. I assumed the hours Dan was referring to were the lunch time hours, then they close and re-open for dinner. No restaurant could be open for only three hours a day. When my son was a co-op student and had aspirations to be a chef, he worked at a fine dining establishment that was open at noon for a couple of hours then closed and that’s when the chef and the assistants did the prep work for the dinner hours.

  8. Yanyan says:

    There’s a fab restaurant in my town that is open 11-2 for lunch, then 4-8 for supper.

  9. whitehorsefan says:

    I am pretty annoyed that Tina is lying for David, as it really does not jive with her character.

    On the other hand, I do love Roy and Becky together, and living together will be great fodder for them.

  10. kunzie says:

    It’s been cool watching Becky develop from her fleabitten first appearance to saucy, hardworking gal she is now.

    I also think they’ve done a great job of phasing the development builders into the scenes.

    I am behind Vernon actually trying for some results around the pub…I always give characters another chance.

    …Except for Gail and her creepy, oedipal, myopic fixation with her pockmarked cheezy-whatsit of a son.

  11. Modge says:

    Thank you – reopening for dinner makes sense – I was pretty sure we’d seen a dinnertime/evening crowd at times.
    I guess it’s all in what you’re used to – the drive-up window is almost always open.

  12. Modge says:

    Oops – make that the drive-thru…..

  13. John says:

    Random thoughts:

    Does the detective remind anyone of DS Jackie Reid from Taggart?

    I liked the acknowledgement that there still continues to be bad blood between Becky and Kelly. It’s nice when writers remember who hates whom.

    I do have to agree that I like the condo building going up. A lot of these older, working class urban neighbourhoods have them now so I think it’s a natural for Weatherfield. Plus now, they can stop pretending there are more than two bedrooms upstairs in these tiny row houses where about 8 characters seem to live. They have another place to live now.

    Of course, if it was a real condo development, there would be sign announcing the condos, then it would come down, replaced by another sign from another developer. Then there would be public consultations on the environmental impact and number of affordable housing units. Then the groundbreaking would begin and there would be a delay as the pipefitter’s union negotiates their collective agreement.

    When the units do open and people start moving in, there is mold.

  14. Barbie says:

    I like the idea of the condo’s too. Now finally that big burned spot where Don Brennan smashed the car into the wall will disappear. It’s been there for many years now.

  15. Mark Daye says:

    I agree with Carol. Michelle’s hair needs to be hacked off with a dull machete.
    Am LOVING my girl Becky moving in with Roy.
    Am LOVING my girl Fiona moving in with Kirk and Chesney.
    Gail is still a complete and total idiot.
    I love this site. You guys rock and/or roll!!!

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