Update for Wednesday, January 7th. John Also Gets Thrown Down the Stairs by David Platt Update

Because I’m having trouble remembering what happened. Fortunately, there are others who help jog me memory, like.

Chesney Returns

Fizz is moving in with Chesney and Kirk, but admonishes Kirk not to get any ideas. They are not getting back together. It’s only because this is a far better arrangement than the World’s Greatest Foster Home. Because Kirk has special needs, he interprets this as “they are getting back together.”

Anyway, they clean up the house and Kirk manages to have the sense to throw out a month old pizza he found under his bed without a) eating it or b) speaking to it. Also, Fizz gets Cilla’s old room and Kirk is to bunk with Chesney.

The social worker arrives and Kirk and Fizz chat for a while and everything seems to go well. Afterward Blanche drops off some magazines for Ches because she says that “good paperboys are hard to find” and, as an elderly person, she sympathises with someone who could be thrown into care at a moment’s notice. Later Ches is dropped off by the social worker, who asks Fizz to look after “this pair.” Kirk thinks they’re all one happy family again but Fizz looks like she wonders if this was a mistake.

Gail Returns Soon

In the hospital, David is still sucking up to Gail and hoping she doesn’t remember what happened. Tina also lied to Gail when she said David found out about the abortion after her accident. Meanwhile, the doctors say Gail may be released soon and may recover her memory. Or not. Gail declares her treatment to be a real credit to the NHS. It was really the best hospital room I’ve ever seen. If it happened in Canada, she’d still be on a gurney in the hallway by now.

Leanne Burns Soon

Leanne is now plotting to get Paul to burn down the restaurant for her. So that would make 3 people who are aware of her attempt to commit insurance fraud. Anyway, she sleeps with Dan and Harry pops by and is once again far too involved in his son’s sex life. Suspicious of Leanne, he asks Blanche what she knows about her. She tells him to think of the movie “Pretty Woman” but without the horse teeth.

In Other News

Becky gets Roy to come to the pub to get bladdered to celebrate her moving in. He orders an orange juice, despite her argument that beer isn’t really alcohol. She then announces to the bar that they are co-habitating, just to watch him get embarassed.

Dev is still embarassing Amber at the restaurant.

Bill asks Tony’s glass eye if he and Jason could get work on the condos. Tony’s glass eye plans to buy a big house in Chesire for he and Carla to live in.

“What do you think I am?” Carla asks. “A footballer’s wife?”

Yes. Yes, you are.


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20 Responses to Update for Wednesday, January 7th. John Also Gets Thrown Down the Stairs by David Platt Update

  1. glacia says:

    I hate how dumb they’re making Kirk-eh. Seriously, he’s gone from being a bit daft to being special needs.

  2. Jody says:

    I have no idea why Leanne is telling her new ‘beau’ all about her plans to get Paul to burn down the restaurant. What happens when they break up and he might decide to go to the cops. It’s just stupid.

  3. corrierules says:

    Yes, but Kirkeh makes me laugh. What does not make me laugh:
    1)Everyone is mad at Claire. But — Fiz did not keep on top of her brother’s living arrangements or help with her brother’s upbrining. She was only to happy to go on vacation. None of the holier than thou neignbours bothered to check on how Chez was doing. But after the fact, everyone professed guilt. At least Claire tried to be helpful.

    2)Gail is an idiot (where have I heard that before?) Of course 17 -year-old David is a perfect Florence Nightingale who will see to Gail’s every need. Even forgetting that the young lad is creepy scary kid who avoids taking responsibility (Hillman cards, almost killing his niece with X to name a couple of instances), wouldn’t Gail be better off at Audrey’s?

    3) Dan Mason’s blithe acceptance of Leanne’s plans. Man, she must be really good in the sack….

  4. John says:

    The Leanne thing is dumb. If you’re going to commit major insurance fraud, isn’t that the type of thing you’d keep to yourself?

  5. beanie says:

    I think I am more appalled at Leanne’s confiding in Dan than the actual arson plan.

  6. Barbie says:

    I was surprised how Dan reacted to Leanne’s plans. It wasn’t that long ago that he and Paul ripped off Jack’s winnings, and now he’s so worried about Leanne doing something illegal. And whoever it was who said that Leanne and Dan have absolutely no chemistry is right. They kissed the other day and all I could think was Eewww

  7. debbie says:

    Carla uses more botox and has thinner eyebrows than most footballer’s wives.

  8. missusmac says:

    I think Dan and Leanne do have chemistry, and it could have been good pairing. But this is just too weird.

    Apparently nothing bothers or surprises Dan, who has known Leanne all of 2 minutes. Prostitute? No biggie. Burn down your restaurant. Not surprised. But hey, if you get caught, it’s big trouble… Who in their right mind wouldn’t be trying to date Kelly right now???

    As for Claire, I agree she’s getting a bum rap right now. She knew Kirk wouldn’t buckle down — and he didn’t — so she wanted to draw some attention to Chesney’s plight — which involved an arm burnt with the iron, no clean clothes, tons of letters from school about behavior and lack of attendance attendance, no food, missing his wakeups for paper route, Kirk without a job and a pigsty house.

    But other than that, it was the best freakin’ arrangement EVAH!

    Carla can’t go swimming in the pool Tony wants to buy her. Her face will dissolve…

  9. lovethestreet says:

    On the other hand, if she does get hit in the face with a football, she won’t even be able to furrow her brow…

  10. Gayle says:

    Glacia, I agree with you completely regarding the “dumbing down” of Kirk (who I love). As far as Leeanne and Bookieboy, zero chemistry, nothing… He doesn’t bat an eye when he finds out that she was a hooker(and the whole street knows).

  11. Pauline says:

    It occurred to me that after Gail had her fall down the stairs, wouldn’t the police have combed the “crime scene” and noticed David’s packed bag on his bed? Wasn’t he packing his bags when Gail came into his bedroom to talk to him? I know he didn’t take the bag with him after he pushed Gail down the stairs and ran to Tina’s house.

  12. Pauline says:

    I checked YouTube and David was definately packing a bag when Gail came in …

  13. pip says:

    “as an elderly person, she sympathises with someone who could be thrown into care at a moment’s notice.” LOL, pure gold, John!

    Good sleuthing, Pauline, I’d forgotten about that. Of course, none of the cops on Corrie have ever seemed terrifically competent.

    I’m confused about Tina. She’s 17 but seems much more mature than that, she doesn’t seem to be in school or to have a job, and her parents are never, ever around.

    I agree, the Leanne/Dan storyline makes no sense. They act as if they’ve been going out for months.

  14. tanzie says:

    Tina has mentioned working at a “dollar” store…pound shop i guess? She’s been there a few times, I’m guessing she took a few days off as “sick” time after her abortion.

  15. haili says:

    Tina works at the pound store, which I assume is like our dollar stores.

    Leanne never used to be so stupid and neither did Kirk. She’s a chip off the old block in this storyline and bragging to Dan about her arson plan – something like Les would do.

    Surely no-one is as stupid as Kirk. I don’t blame Fizz for neglecting Chesney as much as Kirk. She was recovering from a broken heart over John and working, etc. Anyway, at 13 I would have been able to wash out my own school clothes; have kids got dumber? My kids could do that and get themselves something to eat too, if I had to work.

    I did notice that Liz is back and looking much better. She must have had a makeover.

  16. beanie says:

    I agree about Liz. Last night she looked better than I’ve ever seen her. Remember all those years with that AWFUL perm?

  17. corrierules says:

    Re Liz: Her hair is now one colour as opposed to blonde with brown tips. It also fell softly around her face, as opposed to be flat-ironed and edgy.I agree this new look is much more attractive.

  18. Gayle says:

    Haili I agree with you regarding Chesney should have been able to take better care of himself. When my son was 12 he got himself up and ready for school as my husband and I had to leave earlier for work. He was never late.

  19. haili says:

    I guess we should remember that Chesney had Les and Cilla as role models and lots of teen boys use any excuse to take time off school. I washed and ironed my own clothes when I was that age and don’t remember any burns with the iron. Chesney always seems a lot smarter than Kirk – but that wouldn’t be hard!

  20. TrudyC says:

    I don’t mind Leanne and Dan together – what bugs me is how much she is telling him after a 2 day get together (not even a relationship yet)

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