Update For Epiosde #6783 January 9, 2009


Burning Love

Dan is upset with Leanne for slapping him in the pub and emasculating him in front of everyone. Mind you, he should be used to it the way Harry treats him. Anyway…a little flutter of the eyes by Leanne and some discussion about arson makes everything OK between them. When Leanne and Dan see Paul coming out his door she tells Dan to follow her lead and remember the ‘long term plan’, whatever that is. Paul ‘rescues’ Leanne from the evil clutches of the bookie, and falls further into her wicked web. Later at the restaurant Leanne tells her chef about the crazy idea she had late last night that will solve all their problems, but is interrupted before she can outline the plan fully.

A Little Less Conversation

Ryan leaves early to go to town, mostly to avoid having the ‘catch up’ conversation with Michelle. (we’ve all been there lads) When he returns Steve tries to get some information out of him about the trip to Cornwall, unless of course Ryan signed the Official Secrets Act or something. Steve encourages Ryan to talk to Michelle, because ‘women love yakking’, as Steve so adroitly puts it. (we’ve all been there lads) Later while playing some video footie Steve, Ryan and Michelle have a nice bit of family bonding, even if Ryan wants to see Nick on the weekend.

The moral of the story – football brings people together.

In The Ghetto

Fiz continues to be frustrated with the new living arrangements and the astounding lack of maturity exhibited by Kirk. A postcard from Cilla tells them that she has had some Botox done, her teeth whitened, and is dating an Elvis impersonator.

Maria and Fiz run into each other and have a bit of a scrap about what happened in the past between Kirk and Fiz, the romantic confusions, the taking care of Chesney, that sort of thing. Maria pops round the factory later to visit and sees Fiz sitting alone at her machine, in need of some peace and quiet. The two friends make up, and Maria gets the bright idea of sending Kirk to Cyprus for a few weeks to give him and Fiz a bit of a break. She even manages to persuade Liam to pay for the flight. However, when Maria tells Kirk that a few weeks in the sun would be good for his pasty white skin, and would be nice for their mom on her birthday, and it is all paid for, Kirk turns her offer down, because he can’t leave Chesney in his time of need.

Devil In Disguise

Vincenzo (Vince) and Donatello (Don) the two ‘builders’ show up, and Vern introduces them to Liz, his trouble and strife.* Some banter ensues about how Liz resembles Suzie Quatro and how great she looks in leather. Liz tells them that she doesn’t want the smokers to get too comfy in the shelter, because if they are outside smoking they won’t be inside spending money on drinks. Then, in a scene not shown on Friday, they decide on a change of plan. Instead of having the smokers walk from the front door all the way arund to the back yard, Don and Vince think that knocking a hole in the wall and putting in a door to make it easier for the smokers is the way to go. Liz expresses her concern about how the bog standard shelter has now become a walk through gazebo style concept.

No doubt this will all end badly.

*Cockney slang for wife.

Suspicious Minds

Audrey is suspicious about how David and Tina will manage when Gail returns home, but they insist they will be fine without any help.

David and Tina argue a bit about Gail regaining her memory.

When Gail is brought home by ambulance Audrey again tries to persuade her daughter to stay with her but Gail insists that she will be well taken care of by David and Tina.

Eileen stops by with a small gift and to intercede on behalf of Jason. Gail admits that it is highly unlikey that Jason would have left her in a heap at the bottom of the stairs, but the last thing she remembers before the fall is her and Jason having an argument.

Audrey comes by for a visit later, and when Gail is asleep on the sofa, Audrey corners Tina in the back yard. Audrey is supicious of the alibi that Tina has given for David and does her best to get Tina to tell the truth but Tina doesn’t waver from her story. Audrey rues the pussy footing that the family has been doing around David the past few years, because it has helped make him into a nasty, angry young man.

Jason and David run into each other on the street and have some words. David suggests to Jason that he should leave the country while he still can – ‘I hear Milan is nice.’

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6 Responses to Update For Epiosde #6783 January 9, 2009

  1. haili says:

    It’s pretty common for people to forget what happened during an accident. My SIL still doesn’t remember what happened last fall when he was hit by a tree in the bush. I doubt if most people ever remember; but this being a soap, there’s probably a dramatic moment coming up for Gail when it all comes flooding back. Of course, there’s lots of room in her empty little head for repressed memories to return.

    Are the writers getting worse, or am I too picky? Kirky is getting dumber and so is Leanne. Why would she tell bookie boy about her nefarious scheme to burn down the restaurant?

  2. Mandy says:

    I for one think this plan of Leanne’s MIGHT work, but only if she is smart about it. She needs to earn Paul’s trust a little bit more before diving in and telling him all about the arson scheme. That was moving WAY too fast, it’s a good thing they got interrupted.

    Leanne just grosses me out now… she used to be pretty but she is looking so haggard.

  3. eila says:


    I’m sure the writers are getting worse. There’s too much stupidity and, in my opinion, not enough attention paid to keeping characters in character. (Think Tina.)

    It’s sad to watch an entire week’s episodes and find the scene where Ken offers to help in the cafe near the top of one’s list. (At least that scene was warm and believable.)

    I agree about Gail’s memory loss. In real life, it’s what happens when you hit your head too hard. In soap world, it’s a set up for delayed, dramatic recall.


  4. Mandy says:

    Eila, about the Tina thing… did you also think its been weird how the writers made her so abraisive and harsh in the first few episodes and now she’s pretty much just a normal girl in a tough situation? I found they flip flopped with her personality a bit.

  5. pip says:

    I was knocked out when I crashed off my bike in a triathlon many years ago (thank goodness for helmets or I think I’d be dead). I never regained any memory of the crash, the last thing I’ve ever remembered is reaching for my water bottle, and I remembered that within a few minutes of coming to.

    I also don’t understand why Tina is willing to lie for David. It doesn’t seem to be because she feels guilty over not telling him about the pregnancy. In fact his behavior thus far has just reinforced what a good decision she made. And how she can stand his hypocritical behavior to Gail is beyond me.

  6. eila says:


    I’ve seen Tina (until recently) as a basically good kid with a bit of a tough and mouthy persona. I liked her for her intelligence, independence and outspokenness, which is why I don’t like the way she’s suddenly fallen in line with David’s wishes.


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