January 12, 2009 – Burning down…Valandro’s


Talking Heads – Burning Down the House

Paul asks Leanne what her idea to solve all their problems is. She plays coy and replies that she was being silly and that she isn’t brave enough. She tells him the they are broke and that their insurance for the restaurant is paid up. She continues: If this place was to burn down we’d be able to get all our money back out and maybe more.” (That was bold)

She tells him that it is a “crazy” idea and then he asks what they would do with the insurance money….. Leanne replies that she would get a new business with him. (This puts a twinkle in Paul’s eye) Paul tells Leanne to send Amber home, so they can continue their talk.

He exclaims that he would torch a dozen restaurants for her. He leans forward to kiss her, but she pulls back. She smiles and says, you are my hero.

Later in the evening, Leanne tells Dan of the latest news and Dan is really beginning to realize that she is serious about doing this and is thinking he has created a monster.

Devil Incarnate

David and Gail return from shopping and she gleams and says: “I never thought I’d see my David rushing round looking for little goodies for his mum.” When David enters the kitchen his smile disappears.

In the backyard, Audrey interrogates Tina. David opens the door and asks Tina if she is okay, she responds and Tina replies, “I thought you were going to be five minutes”. David asks Audrey, if they are arguing. Audrey replies they are just catching up. He doesn’t believe her. David asks Tina to come in and help her with the shopping. Tina goes in and leaves Audrey in the cold.

Gail senses something going on, and Audrey replies, “Nothing.” but David says that “Gran is upsetting Tina. Calling her a liar.” Audrey says she hadn’t called anyone a liar and was only chatting: “I thought that if she could remember something about that day…” but she is silenced as Gail told her: “Mum, that’s enough. I will not have Tina nagged and bullied.” (Will Gail every learn…?)

Audrey puts her coat on, David asked: “Why are you so keen on saying that I did this to Mum? It’s bad enough getting it from Jason but my own Gran?”. Gail tells her that was enough: “I’ve had enough, I’m tired and I just want to rest and David and Tina are doing a wonderful job of looking after me.” Audrey replies: “I take it I am still allowed to visit my own daughter?” Gail then replies: “Visit, yes. Interfere, No.”

Audrey confides Eileen in the pub the events of the evening. Eileen sighs: “Well you’re her mum. No-one listens to their mum, do they?” Audrey asks if she could have a word with her.

David asks Tina if she was sure she hadn’t let anything slip to Audrey. Tina responds that she hasn’t said anything, “I said what you told me to say”.

Eileen goes round to Gail’s with Jason. David along with Tina, tells them she is asleep and to come back in the morning. Eileen is not convinced.

Later on Tina is showing signs of cracking. She is on the sofa with David when she cries: “It’s not just them. It’s everyone. I can’t even go in the corner shop without people asking me questions. I don’t know how long I can keep this up for David, all these lies.”

Tweedle Dee and Dweedle Dum

Vernon goes to the back of the pub and serves tea and biscuits to the his friends when he realizes, no work has actually been done. The pair blustered that they were in the “ “preparation stage” and tells Vernon that they need more money as they have spent everything he has given them. “Yeah, the thing is we accidentally sort of spent it.”

Blanche goes into the back yard to put out the garbage. She lifts the lid of the big and drops the bag in. It hits the bottom and crash ensues. She jumps as at that same moment, Don and Vince demolish a wall in the Rover’s Return yard. Dust flies everywhere and she says to the pair, “Putting the rubbish out used to be a simple domestic task.” Don tells her she is a scary old bird. (Doesn’t he know the truth)

Liz comes from the back door and asks what is going on, when Blanche asks if she has planning permission. Liz doesn’t know how to respond and at that moment Vernon comes out to see if everything is okay. Liz replies: “Oh yeah. I’m just fine. The Rovers Return… twinned with Beirut!”

Liz and Vernon goes round to Ken and Deirdre and apologizes for the noise. Liz promises that everything will stop soon.

Blanche walks in and does what she does best, complain. “They haven’t got planning permission you know. Just two half witted labourers swinging sledgehammers. They’re insured are they, these demolition experts?” Blanche asks maybe in return for her silence they could fix their roof. Vernon agrees and says he’ll get the money to fix it.

When the pair leave, Ken and Deirdre are outraged at Blanche. Deirdre explains that it could look like a bribe as she works at the city planning department.

At the Rovers Return, Vernon tells his friends that he has worked his magic and that he will get more money for them tomorrow. He boasts, “They don’t call me Mr. Fixit for nothing. Landlord, husband, rock god, is there no end to my talents?”

Ken and Deirdre come into the pub and tells Vernon not to bother with the planned ‘work’. He is disappointed. He asks them if he is going “Are you going to tell the Council about the building work?” They reply: “What building work is that? We haven’t heard anything.”

Don sighs and says, “I’m assuming that was our money.”, Vern replies, well I’ve done my bit… now it’s up to you.

Other News:

Tony is going to put in a good word for Bill in regard to the building contract.

Maria finds a flight for Kirk to go to Cyprus.


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27 Responses to January 12, 2009 – Burning down…Valandro’s

  1. Long time lurker says:

    This whole arson thing makes no sense! Are these 3 – Leanne, Dan and Paul – so stupid (or in Leanne’s case, so arrogant) as to think they can get away with it? And, apart from some serious jail time for all involved(I’m sure restaurant owners are the first ones the fire marshall investigates in restaurant fires), they’ll wind up with no money at all, and no assets. And I’m trying to remember who (apart from Leanne and Paul) still has money somehow tied up in that venture. Does Leanne still owe some money to Roger? Has the bank been repaid by Paul, or is there still a mortgage on Jack/Tyrone/Molly’s home as security for Paul’s restaurant money. Idiots! And Dan, so blithely going along with it – we’re talking a major crime here. That Leanne must be damn good in the sack. Sorry, just needed to vent about this.

  2. haili says:

    I thought Leanne was smarter than that too and don’t get why she told Dan. I know he mentioned it first as a joke but telling him was stupid. It’s also stupid to take a chance that someone might be hurt or killed; either firefighters or anyone nearby.

    Leanne paid Roger back when Paul bought a share (I think) but as far as I know, Paul still makes payments on the mortgage.

  3. eila says:

    Leanne’s plan is so wrong and dumb, even Kirkeh could see the flaws in it. (Doesn’t say much for our Paul.)

    Will Gail ever learn…? My guess is “no.”

    I’m loving Blanche more by the minute.


  4. beanie says:

    In the many years I’ve been watching, Audrey has done a lot of stupid selfish things. I was really proud of her confronting Tina. You go girl!

  5. Mrs. D says:

    Blanche = frail?

    Frail like a pit bull maybe… LOL

  6. lovethestreet says:

    Thanks for the update, Mayfairgirl. I’ve always liked the Talking Heads!

    One query though — I thought that Tony was just letting on that he had recommended Bill and Jason for work, and then he told Liam and Carla he was only trying to charm the locals…did I get that right?

    I enjoyed Blanche as usual, but I also find that I’m enjoying Eileen recently.

  7. missusmac says:

    Tony freely admitted he never recommended Bill, didn’t even recognize him I think. I was surprised Liam agreed that not recommending was good business practice.

    I thought Paul was a bit of a scammer himself. Surely he can see right through Leanne? Funny, Dan won’t burn the place down for her, and he’s slept with her. Paul’s desperately looking for kerosene, and hasn’t even kissed her yet for gawd’s sake!

    Eileen forced to look out for Gail — to protect Jason. Brings a smile to my face…

  8. pip says:

    In Canada the mortgage that Paul put on the house would have had to be paid out when Tyrone and Molly bought, because they had to get their own mortgage to finance the purchase. So, probably Jack paid out Paul’s mortgage with the money Molly and Tyrone paid him, and Paul is now simply indebted to Jack for that payout.

    If Paul beleives he and Leanne could make a go of another restaurant together, why don’t they just make a go of the one they have? Silly.

  9. haili says:

    Ah but Paul has more incentive – never having sampled the merchandise!

    Once upon a time, you could assume a mortgage but things may have changed and probably Paul owes the money to Jack. Leanne said they could buy another business but never said what kind.

    Eileen is one of my favorites and I wish we had more of her and the gang at the cab office.

  10. whitehorsefan says:

    I am puzzled about this arson plan. Don’t people commit arson when their business is not worth anything, but the building/land is? I would be surprised if Leanne and Paul owned the building the restaurant is in. It would seem more likely they would just own the business, and rent the building no? Esp. given that the buyer wanted to purchase the whole thing for 40,000? That would hardly include the price of a building?

  11. corrierules says:

    Just when you think the whole Michelle-Ryan-Alex storyline is beyond believing, Corrie presents us with this half-a**ed arson story (with the emphasis on the “ars”) While an arson plotline could be believable, the dialogue and the characters are not.

    Which reminds me of an old joke:
    Three men are sitting on a bench at the beach.
    The first says: “I used to run a successful business, but it burned down. When I collected the insurance money I was too tired start up again, so I took the money and retired. ”

    The second guys nods in recognition and says: “Same thing happened to me. But in my case it wasn’t a fire, it was a flood.”

    The third guy exclaims, “Boy do I know what you’re talking about! I had a great business and one day a hurricane just destroyed my place. I just didn’t have the energy to start again. I took the insurance money and here I am”

    The first two guys look at each other and then turn to the third guy. “Very interesting. But tell us, just exactly how do you make a hurricane?”

  12. Pauline says:

    Pip, I think Leanne was just leading Paul into believing they would open up another business, just so he would torch this one. She has no intention of opening up another restaurant once this one is torched, I’m sure of that. She’s just telling him what he wants to hear in order to get him to do her dirty work, then when it’s torched she’s going to tell him she’s taking her money and going.

  13. kunzie says:

    According to the paperwork, it won’t be Paul designated to burn down the restaurant…it’s Jack Duckworth ;-).

  14. antik says:

    I don’t know how the Rover’s’ construction project works out, I haven’t seen any spoilers, but I’ve seen enough of the hunky Mr Holmes’ shows to wonder if knocking through that wall mightn’t seriously weaken the structure (wouldn’t an outside wall be ‘load-bearing’?)

    As for Gail, don’t mothers usually have a 6th sense about how their kids are feeling? Wouldn’t she have picked up on David’s nervousness ? and all this attentiveness is sooo out of character.

  15. Gayle says:

    I find the constant hovering over Gail completely nauseating. Don’t Tina and David ever work?

    I suffered a bad fall a couple of years ago, 5 cracked ribs and although I was in some discomfort my husband and son had jobs to go to and helped me whenever they could.

  16. Joy says:

    Did I miss something? How was doing free work for Ken & Deirdre going to provide cash to buy materials for the work at the Rovers?

  17. papasmurf1964 says:

    The labour by Don and Vince for fixing the roof would be free, but they would pay for the materials for the job.

    It’s about time they had a fire on the street, the Maya episodes were so much fun

  18. the pink lady says:

    If there’s gonna be a fire, let’s at least be sure to put Gail in the building before the match is lit. Put us all out of our misery!

  19. mayfairgirl says:

    i remember leanne buying the business from someone who was leaving the country? did she buy the actual physical building or just the business. does anyone remember the details.

    also, it is disappointing that leanne wanted to be a business woman and on the straight and narrow. it has come down to this. too bad. i actually thought she meant it.

  20. missusmac says:

    I just always thought buying the business meant lock, stock, barrel, building and tablecloths. So I’m assuming the building is hers too…

    Didn’t Jack give Paul his most recent winnings, to get the whole Molly/Tyrone mortgage thing worked off? And werent’ those winnings the cash Dan originally wasn’t going to pay out, then gave to Paul, then demanded the money back — oh what a tangled web we weave!

    I’m still sure Amber is going to be put in danger — run Amber run! — especially since we see her conspiciously in the background folding napkins while Paul and Leanne earnestly discuss flaming food places.

  21. beanie says:

    I sense that someone is leaving the show. This is not a spoiler just a hunch. It’s the only explanation for such a lame plot. Hmmmm.

  22. pip says:

    Either Amber is going to be put in danger, or she is going to be questioned by the police after the fire, and will have to decide whether to tell them how oddly Paul was behaving just before the fire, or whether to protect him (though I do think the writers could have done a better work-up of her crush on him). Does this plotline sound familiar?

    Buying business does not necessarily mean owning the property where the business is operated. It can mean assuming the leasehold interest.

  23. mayfairgirl says:

    i hope paul isn’t the one to go. he has grown on me.

  24. lovethestreet says:

    It was the boxer shorts, wasn’t it?

  25. Long time lurker says:

    Yes, I also have this sinking feeling that it may be the cause of Paul’s exit from the show and he has grown on me as well (even before the boxer shorts. I hope I’m wrong on this theory.

  26. antik says:

    I’m just glad poor Vera didn’t live to see THIS.. it would have killed her..

  27. Yanyan says:


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