My Thanks


Ha! Papa, you are AMAZING at remembering this stuff.

Thanks to everyone for their thanks!

Now let me give me my thanks..

Trust me, 4 years ago I thought I’ll just put this site up so I can have a place other than my regular blog to moan on about Corrie.

Never, never, never in my wildest dreams did I think it would become THIS. Right from the get-go I had readers and with readers came contributors and with contributors came more readers…WOW!!!

I just want to say, thank ALL of you for making this such an amazing site. I’m always a bit in awe of the quality of writing and discussion that each of your bring. I’m am truly, truly proud of Corrie Canuck.

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2 Responses to My Thanks

  1. Margaret says:

    … as well you should be most proud, Glacia!

  2. antik says:

    just the number of hits the site has received is a testament to its quality.. and the place it occupies in our collective corrie-obsessed psyche ..
    thanks for being there..
    viva !

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