Triple Word Threat Update


Over at the café we see that Roy is being a bit crusty with Becky.  Ken steps in and suggests to Becky that she make an effort to do something with Roy that interests her.   She approaches Roy and says they should do something together like darts, quarters or Twister.   Roy’s face lights up as he suggests his all time favorite triple word score game,  ‘Scrabble’.  

Becky’s face drops and seriously I feel for her.   I was born without the Scrabble gene that EVERYONE else in my family has.   Kind of like how George Clooney is the only one in his family who can’t sing, I too have to be satisfied with freakishly good looks, an Italian villa on Lake Como and a platonic friendship with Julia Roberts.

FYI – I LOVED the tea joke.    ‘Fortnight Tea’ means it’s 2 week.

Paul Burns

Dan and Leanne still plot and fret about the plan to have Paul burn down the restaurant for her.   Harry, suspecting something is up, warns Dan that Leanne is sharper than scissors.

Back at the restaurant, Paul is super super creepy when he tries to caress Leanne’s should and asks, ‘Can I come to you, you know, afterwards.’   Why does this remind me of that movie with Nicole Kidman where she gets the teenager to kill her husband so she can become a weather girl?

Anyway, Leanne brushes him off just as Amber comes into to work.  Even though they tell her that they don’t need her, she stays anyway.  When Leanne goes home for the day, Amber stays in order to ogle at Paul and tell him how amazing he is.

When the restaurant closes, Amber leaves while Paul is busy in the back leaving a litre of olive oil on the stove with a great honking flame going.  Yeah, that wont’ look suspicious.  Neither will you failing restaurant performance or any criminal records you or Leanne might have.  This plan is FOOLPROOF.

Just as he’s about to leave, Amber comes back in for her phone.  When she collects it from the bar she hears a noise in the back,  but Paul tells her it’s just a busted boiler then he get’s her ass out the door.



Gayle Learns

Gayle is being cared for by David and Tina and is in dopey smile mode (as opposed to screaming harpy mode…there’s no normal human being mode, is there?)

Anyway, Jason drops by to see her and to talk about  the incident.  As they talk Gayle remembers that she slapped him which he admits.   Then it comes back to Gayle that they were in the living room and that it makes no sense that they were upstairs.  This is what I’ve been saying,  why would they be upstairs together unless they were having ….an….affair.   (Glacia shudders uncontrollably.)  Um, excuse me, I need to go bleach my brain.

I’m back.   Anyway,  David and Tina are well pissed at the situation and  David’s plan is to tell the police that Jason led her on.


FYI – I LOVED Tina’s t-shirt, ‘C’est mon rock, C’est Ma Vie’.  

A Lorry Turns

Liz is in the road with Amy but let’s go of the child’s hand while she and Harry have a chat about the jerks who their kids date.    It doesn’t take long for Amy to walk out into the middle of the road where she’s almost hit by a truck.   Luckily, Harry swoops her up before she is struck down.  Everyone is pissed at the lorry driver for going to fast.  True, I’ll give them that…but am I the only one who thinks Liz shouldn’t have let go of her hand while standing in the freaking street?

Other Concerns

Deidre gets splashed by water while lighting a cigarette and Dev makes a quip.  Not sure what the point of that scene was, either to make a non-smoking statement, to inject the episode with the always HI-larious slapstick stylings of Deidre, or to give Dev his contractual 15 line per episode minimum. 

Steve buys Michelle a new necklace as a late Easter gift and suggests that they (he, Michelle, Ryan and Amy) all go together on this week’s holiday.  Ryan doesn’t want to go with them because it would be boring.   Too right, my lad.

Tony and Liam banter about words and it would seem the townsfolk are fed up with the construction going on.

Wait, where the HELL  is Finley?

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11 Responses to Triple Word Threat Update

  1. Gayle says:

    Excellent update! I must confess I have never, ever played Scrabble in my life! Tons of other board games, hours of trivial pursuit but never scrabble!

    I couldn’t understand why Liz let go of Amy’s hand. As we know Amy’s isn’t the brightest child in the world (perhaps her pigtails are too tight) but why would she walk into the middle of the road, and Ken and Diedre say nothing.

  2. pip says:

    Yeah, Liz letting go of Amy made no sense. If you’re a mom (or a grandma) you ususally have a death grip on a child’s hand (or in my younger child’s case, wrist, because she would not hold on) when you are anywhere in the street. Harry looked like he was ready to have a heart attack when it was all over. Now I kinda like him, creepy son or no.

    I seem to recall many, many years ago, when Todd and Sarah were together, and Jason was working for Charlie, that Charlie tried to teach him how to bed all the women the builders did work for. Jason then promptly made a pass at Gail. It was tres icky.

    I love Scrabble. Best. Game. Ever.

  3. eila says:

    I love Scrabble.

    Also loved the analysis re: Gail. Yep, she’s pretty much a two-speed.

    Am I being extra whiney, or is this the worst period ever for character inconsistency and widespread, terminal-level stupidity? I’m getting exasperated.


  4. glacia says:

    I actually dig Harry and I think for my money he’s the most eligible bachelor on the street.

    I TOTALLY forgot about the Jason/Gail pass! TY Pip!

  5. missusmac says:

    I remember that Jason/Gail squirmfest! “Hey Missus, can I build you a cupboard?” Eeessshh!

    Liz let go of Amy’s hand because there was a live male in front of her. Habit.

    I too feel icky/squirmy about Paul’s ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ regarding Leanne.

    I hate Scrabble. I have two degrees, worked as a journalist/writer for 20+ years, have a pretty extensive vocabulary — and ALWAYS get my ass kicked. I hope Becky wins — by one point.

  6. glacia says:

    Missusmac – we are soulmates. Let’s get together and not play scrabble.

  7. missusmac says:

    Glacia, absolutely! Darts, quarters, bowling…drinking Absolut while playing darts, quarters or bowling…you’re on!

  8. whitehorsefan says:

    Once while playing Scrabble I was allowed to keep the word “clit” on the board, although it is a short form of a word, because I was able to use it in a sentence.

  9. papasmurf1964 says:

    Darts and Absolut – great combination…

  10. missusmac says:

    One that gets better as the evening wears on…

  11. Diane/tvor says:

    Harry… yes he is one of the better lookers and clearly Liz thinks so. I liked him in Bad Girls too and he was a right sod in that. If Harry wasn’t such a womanizer i’d say he and Liz would make a good couple but he probably couldn’t be faithful. (but then, could she?)

    Paul… oh my god. He’s gone into eye rolling chin stroking overdrive. Who told that boy he could act? I seem to recall this is his first acting job and he’s making it into a panto role.

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