Update for Thursday, Jan. 15th Which is Late Because My Computer Got Fried Like The Italian

Blackout. Nothingness. Frosty Rooms. Power Surge. Bye Bye Mac. Sigh. Okay, ’nuff about me. Here, better late than never, is our recap of Thursday’s events:


'Nuthin' says lovin' like torchin' the Italian!'

'Nuthin' says lovin' like torchin' the Italian!'

Come On Baby Light My Fire

Leanne awakens to find her twitchy, spurned dough-boy lover in the living room. He has a tanty that Leanne has slept in Janice’s room to avoid his pudgy clutches. Leanne manages to sweet-talk Paul yet again, who leans in for a kiss and is denied. The phone rings – it’s the police who are coming to see if Paul pushed Gail down the stairs chat about the fire.

Once Paul has left, Leanne (in a lovely black ostrich collar, left over from her geisha days) is in her flat on the phone, explaining to Dan that Paul and her didn’t make like cinnamon rolls. Outside the bookies, Harry approaches as Dan is finishing up the call…he is highly suspicious of the entire situation and wants Dan well out of it. Harry quickly makes the connection that Leanne was insured.

“I’m not going to ask you if there was anything dodgy about it, ’cause you wouldn’t tell me if there was.” he tells his son. 

“I’m not stupid,” Dan snorts, “Just cause some bird gives me the eye doesn’t mean I’m going to burn down her restaurant.” So glad to hear that.

Local Restaurant Inferno is the newspaper headline on Harry’s newspaper. Pet of the Year is also captioned on the front page (and that would be Liam strung up after his stag wearing his black Calvin Kleins…booyah!).

At her flat, the police ask Leanne the usual: did you have disgruntled staff, angry customers, her whereabouts, and if she pushed Gail down the stairs. Leanne says she left Paul in charge at about 10 past 2. And went to see her boyfriend, Dan Mason. The cops’ next stop is the bookies to question Dan.

Leanne comes into Dev’s shop and receives sympathies from Molly. Amber remarks that she was the last one to leave the day of the fire, with Paul. Leanne is galvanized by the information and goes to Paul’s to confirm that Amber-man was indeed there. Paul replies that she might have heard something. Leanne is uber-pissed. They try to get their stories straight for the cops and she stomps off into the rovers to meet Dan. Once there, she has to explain the sleeping arrangements. Again.

Later in the shop, Molly and Amber are goofing around. Dev wants to know from Amber how the fire started. “Do not take jobs in places that could be fire risks,” he admonishes his daughter, “and stay out of pubs.”

The cops have gotten as far as Paul’s and are asking what his lockup procedure is, and what may have caused the fire. Paul hasn’t got a clue. The cops ask if there was anyone else around…outside. Paul replies, not that he noticed. Once the police depart, Paul rings Leanne to say he’ll hurry over.

Dan is at Leanne’s flat, and won’t go. “Tell him,” he urges her, “better still, I’ll tell him!” They decide to hear what the police have said to Paul. Paul arrives and is quite shocked to see Dan there. This is more than his wee dough-head can process and he explodes on the couple like a cardboard crescent roll tube: “You must think I’m stupid!” He goes on to accuse Leanne of leading him on. Dan blurts out that they are an item. Leanne scrambles around for damage control. “We’re still friends like we always have been, aren’t we?” she fumbles. Paul storms off and Leanne is forced to go after him. After a few slaps and kicks at a brick wall he seethes, “I bet you two had a right laugh at me. Well I’m not doing your dirty work. Not any more!”

Come On Eileen

Eileen is in her living room, attempting to collect rent from her tenants. Sean tries to pay up, is short and Jason covers him. Jason pays his rent. Lauren mumbles something about paying her rent once her brain gets going. “That’ll be a long while,” Eileen sighs. 

Eileen then meets Tina wheeling Gail for an outing, while David is ironing. She asks to stop by later as it starts to rain. She then runs home and encounters Lauren sneaking out…supposedly to get rent. On her way home with Tina, Gail remembers something…she was going to get her hair done. Slowly, the bits and pieces are coming back.

Later, Gail and Eileen are having tea. Eileen wants a synapse update. She’s sorry to keep asking but anxious to clear her kid if possible….Gail’s says the conversation with Jayshun was definitely downstairs…and…blam! Gail remembers Jason leaving because he slammed the door and she wonders why everyone slams the door! Eureka!

Tina has gone outside and David follows. She can’t take it anymore. Gail’s memory returning has her totally rattled. She nearly told Gail it was her David that pushed her down the stairs. Tina can’t stand the lying, the worrying, the sham and says she’ll be relieved when the truth comes out. Join the club.

What a Wonderful World…

It’s a busy day at the Rovers. Sean is filling in Marcus on his connection to Leanne. Lauren flounces in and shows off her shopping. For some reason, she’s not planning to pay her rent. Whatever.

Carla and Tony stop in to the Rovers with a pink Connie doll by way of apology, for Amy. Liz is touched. Steve is sorta touched. Tony has had a word with the site foreman to reroute the traffic. Liam comes in, commenting to Steve that Tony is a slick willy for producing the doll.

Carla and Tony then join Dev and Liam at the bar. Dev says he envies the three of them because they work together and are best of friends outside of work…how won-der-ful. Tony says it’s a bit awkward if deep down you don’t like each other. Liam says he’ll be honest…it was not the best of starts, but Tony is clever, making Carla happy and making money for them all. Tony is truly touched. Dev applauds. WON-DER-FUL.

In other news:

Liz tells Steve that the builders’ dinner break is too long. Steve tells her to take it up with Vern.

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10 Responses to Update for Thursday, Jan. 15th Which is Late Because My Computer Got Fried Like The Italian

  1. jacqui583 says:

    This was the FUNNIEST update I’ve read in awhile! The descriptions of Paul are hilarious; and so true! lol “he explodes on the couple like a cardboard crescent roll tube”; priceless!

  2. glacia says:

    Kudos to Kunzie.

    I love Dev’s advice to Amber about not working in places that can burn down.

    What like an Alahan conveniance store? Did we forget about Mad Maya’s Mission?

  3. romeozulu says:

    Lauren. Horrible. Get rid.

    Although I think Jamie is a strong, interesting character I have to say that I don’t miss the Saddest Girl In The World at all. At all.

    Furthermore, I’m glad that the handwringing, teeth-gnashing, whining, yelling Michelle and her brood (natural and otherwise)are on the backburner these days.

    What happened to Mel? Is she at Police College UK?

  4. lovethestreet says:

    Wow! Paul took expressing himself with his eyes to a whole new level in that episode. I have never before seen a human being make their eyes bulge out like that.

    His scenes with Leanne are incredily icky.

  5. haili says:

    Dev’s updated speech patterns are icky! Why are they making him sound so phony?

    So Amy runs out on the road – into traffic – and now will be rewarded by gifts. How will Steve explain that to her? I can see Tracy II in the making. I love to judge the parenting skills of others since my offspring have grown up.

    I have a feeling that Lauren’s days on the Street are numbered since she owes so much to Eileen and Daryl. Who else can she tap?

    Kudos to Kunzie for this update and making it through that horrible blackout.

  6. corrierules says:

    I agree. Kunzie has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

    And Glacia, snap! I had the exact same thought…Alahan Convenience stores have a nasty habit of blowing up and burning down.

    Howver, I am enjoying Dev at the moment. he makes me laugh.

    Oh and when Paul screamed “Do you think I’m stupid?”… he pronounced it the Deirdre-way “Schtupid.” Made me laugh.

    I fully expected him to hold his breath and throw a “tanty” on the floor.

  7. kunzie says:

    Schtupid blackout. Schtupid mac. Debbie is so right though…there are people that have to exist like that all the time.

    I agree with all who have said, here and elsewhere that they have cartooned both Dev and Kirk and it’s such a shame. Two characters that can be so great.

    Leanne hasn’t evolved or learned a damn thing. She wants a free ride. If your business is failing, declare bankruptcy, suck it up and get a job. Living pay-to-pay is a reality for alot of us.

  8. Joy says:

    Dev’s delivery was so horrible that I wondered whether the actor was back on drugs or is upset that he isn’t getting good story lines so is intentionally acting poorly.

    I did get a lot of enjoyment of peripheral scenes. I noticed the big Cleopatra picture in the backroom at the Rover’s. That explains a lot about Michelle’s style of eye makeup.

    I believe this is the episode that left me with an image of Liz “in mirrored sunglasses with a bullwhip”.

    Also loved Blanche comparing Norris unfavourably to a speed bump as they’re both unattractive but at least the speed bump serves a purpose.

  9. haili says:

    Norris sort of serves a purpose: telephone, telegraph or tell Norris!

    I think Liz brought the Cleopatra picture so maybe that’s her inspiration too. Amy has interesting role models.

  10. missusmac says:

    Kunzie rocks! Excellent update under trying circumstances…and I’m not just referring to having to watch Paul’s bulging eyes or doughboy body.

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