The Episode In Which The Scales At Long Last Fell From Her Eyes


The Rovers

Nick is waiting at the bar to take Ryan out for some food. Some painful banter about steak and kidney pie thinly disguised as humour takes place between them. Michelle looks vaguely forlorn as usual.

The Back Room

Flush with renovation fever Vern wants to expand and elaborate on the menu of The Rovers. It seems that ‘people’ are getting tired of Betty’s hot pots, and Vern thinks that a few new offerings would be a good idea. He suggests smoked venison, glazed halibut, jerk chicken and lamb shanks as a few food options. Steve, upon hearing this plan, wonders if the chicken will be named after Vernon, and then tells him to never make mention of getting rid of the hot pot again, lest Betty mop the gents with Vern’s hair, whilst Steve watches in glee. Liz suggests that maybe Vernon should focus on getting the smoking shelter finished first.

The Pub

Darryl is shambling aimlessly down the street when he bumps into Tina and David and asks them if they have seen Lauren. One of the clever lads tries to be profound and misquotes Tennyson, which Tina points out should be ‘T’is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.’

Darryl makes his way to the pub to find Lauren flirting with Jason. When Liz tries to serve him Darryl asks if Lauren could serve him instead, much to the chagrin of Liz. He asks Lauren if ‘they are alright’, and she replies with an excuse about being busy and skint, so Darryl ends up lending/borrowing Lauren fifty pounds to tide her over. In a booth nearby Eileen and Marcus watch this exchange with bewilderment, and share their mutual feelings of dislike for Lauren.

At the bar Steve, Lloyd and Harry are talking about a fare that Steve had in his cab, who he claims was football great Dennis Law, travelling under the pseudonym of Derek Straw. After hearing the story Lloyd wonders why someone like Dennis Law would call a two bit cab firm like Streetcars for a ride from the traffic centre to the closed Odeon on Oxford Road. This segues into Harry telling a bit of his history, how his dad used to take him to movies at the Odeon, and how he was at the game where Dennis Law scored for Manchester City to send Manchester United down to the old second division. Harry then talks about how movie theatres have changed, and how these days you could be in a show in Dagenham, Detroit or St. Petersburg and not tell the difference. Vernon, of course, prefers the new and renovated theatre experience.

The Cafe

Paul is sitting glumly in the kitchen. Molly tries to put a good spin on things but Paul is not having it. Leanne comes by to talk about the insurance and asks how he is doing. Paul makes a comment about the multiple stab wounds in his back before they make their way to the cafe to talk more because Jack will be coming down soon.

At the cafe they have a bit of an argument about keeping their stories straight about the fire, before Paul tells Leanne that he is completely, stupidly head over hells in love with her. My brain exploded at the implausability of the story at this point so I have no recollection of what transpired there after.

The Platt Flat

Gail is sliding down the stairs on her backside. David sees her and wonders why she didn’t ask for help. A discussion ensues about physical and mental recovery, and Gail is sure the more she talks about what happened the day she fell down the stairs, the more she is going to remember. David looks pensive.

Tina and David see each other in the street and they have a bit of a scrap about her boss at work, how old he is and what his name is, that sort of thing. Tina asks a jealous David if he is going to throw her down the stairs as well.

At The Kabin Norris is going on about the difference between working in a shop and working in retail, before going on a tangent about how evil Americanisms are creeping into everyday parlance in England. A distracted Tina comes in and Rita and Emily ask her a few questions about Gail, which only serves to distract her further. Jason then comes in and asks Tina a few more questions which causes her to flee the premises.

Tina returns to the Platt household and an awkward conversation ensues betwen her and Gail. Gail is certain that she remembers Jason leaving before she fell, and that she has a memory, like a fog waiting to lift, of another argument taking place. Tina tells Gail that she doesn’t know anything about it. Gail thinks that David may have been home the day she fell down the stairs. Looking increasingly uncomfortable and guilty with what Gail is saying Tina rushes upstairs to pack her things, brushes by Gail and tells her ‘I’m sorry Gail’ as she leaves to return to her own home.

David stops by The Kabin and hears from Norris and Rita that Tina, had been in earlier and she had seemed quite fragile. David leaves in a bit of a huff. He then runs into Ken on the street, who of course asks how Gail is. Molly, across the street, shouts out ‘That wife of yours is highly strung, isn’t she?’ Ken takes umbrage at this, and defends Deirdre as a woman ‘who has reached a certain age’, but Molly is actually talking about Tina, who had earlier stood in the shop for twenty minutes staring into space.

David, realizing that something is foul in the state of Denmark, returns home to confront Gail. The kind, caring son persona has disappeared and the familiar, nasty David has returned. He asks Gail what she has done to upset Tina. Gail tells her son that she thinks he may have been home at the time she fell down the stairs. David denies this, and tells his mom that he was at Tina’s the afternoon of the accident, he told everyone that he was at Tina’s, he told the police that he was at Tina’s when Gail fell down the stairs.

Looking him straight in the eye Gail asks ‘Did you push me David?’

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23 Responses to The Episode In Which The Scales At Long Last Fell From Her Eyes

  1. S. Poole says:


  2. corriecrazy says:

    Although she provided David with an alibi, I do love Tina.

    I don’t know if this has been said, the actress looks/acts a lot like the lady who played Karen MacDonald. Just younger, I suppose.

  3. haili says:

    Dr. Jekel (sp?) and Mr. Hyde came to mind watching David’s complete change of demeanor. What a turnaround – though when he’s being nice you just know it’s phony.

    I’m looking forward to Eileen dealing with Lauren this week and can’t wait to see the smoking section outside the Rovers.

  4. TrudyC says:

    Was it just me or did I her Lloyd say “Simon claims he had David Law…..” instead of Steve?

  5. Yanyan says:

    I reckon I heard Simon rather than Steve, too. On a side note, holy crap I love that frickin pink bike!!!!

  6. antik says:

    You’re right Trudy! I heard it too.. They’re getting sloppy.. it’s the.. ‘whatever’ generation taking over.. harrumph..

  7. missusmac says:

    I love that bad David, or psycho David as I and my friends call him, looks up at people from under his eyelids. You can always tell bad David is back from that look…

    I didn’t hear the Simon comment, but then I dozed off after a bit of that conversation. I didn’t know who they were talking about, or why.

  8. eila says:

    I hope your head feels better, papasmurf.

    Excellent update!


  9. debbie says:

    I too heard him say Simon!

    Sometimes it is hard for me to hear what Gail is saying due to the noise kicked up by her fluttering eyelashes.

  10. pip says:

    I think Gail should have been at the top of the stairs in her wheelchair when she confronted David and then he could have pushed her down again. After that, all we’d ever see of her would be her silhouette in her bedroom window at night. I’d have liked that.

    I wonder how Roy’s scrabble game with Becky is going?

  11. mayfairgirl says:

    pip – i couldn’t agree more.

    like she is surprised or something that it is david. pleeeaazze.

  12. haili says:

    Pip: LOL. Thanks for that! She really is stupid enough. At least Audrey brought Bill along when she confronted David.

  13. kunzie says:


    Yeah, I love that little Edward Norton-esque thing David does with his eyes, too.

    And sorry, but GO VERN. He has survived a cheating spouse, looks clean (if tacky) most of the time and is actually putting pen to paper. I know, a shepherd’s pie would make more sense than venison, but he’s into the pub, man! Honky little cowboy man.

    I forgot to say this a long time ago…about three weeks ago, Steve & Michelle had a scene in their bedroom early in the morning. She looked good without all that Boy George guck on her eyes.

    And finally, I am taking a cue from Liz and Deirdre. If you are starting to get a paunch, wear a massive, flappy metallic belt.

  14. haili says:

    OMG! Corrie is not the place for fashion tips.

  15. whitehorsefan says:


  16. whitehorsefan says:

    Sorry for the above, that was a big old mistake I made. I was going to write something funny-like, but my momentum is gone.

  17. missusmac says:

    Haili, whatever do you mean? I have taken to wearing saucer-sized hooped earrings to my place of employment. Hey, it works for Becky and Tina…

  18. haili says:

    I must admit that Liz is looking much better these days since she got rid of that disgusting hairdo – inspired by a skunk. She’s even covered up the “girls.” I like her new look – so far – but she could have a relapse any day.

    However, as I sit here in sweat shirt and pants, I have a lot of nerve giving anyone fashion advice.

  19. Joy says:

    I’m glad that Tina is out of the picture at the moment. It hurts me to look at her earrings. Poor earlobes!

  20. pip says:

    I agree, Joy. And remember how Charlie ripped the earrings out of Shelley’s ears? I picture PsychoDavid doing the same thing to Tina, they’re such a huge and taunting target.

  21. Gayle says:

    I think the young lady who plays Tina is a very good actress but those huge earrings are a terrible distraction for the viewer.

  22. eila says:

    I think the costuming department must have gotten a major discount on a shipping crate’s worth of giant hoop earrings. Remember the ones Tracey and Karen used to wear?


  23. rw_too says:

    The Steve/Simon cab fare was from The Trafford Centre a shopping mall in the Manchester suburb of Trafford.


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