Update – January 21, 2009 – Wild Boys Always Shine Update

In which Simon le Bon makes a convincing argument for my long-held position that he cannot sing.

Wild in the Streets

It’s another quiet day in the neighbourhood as David has taken that pole and has started smashing up Roger’s van, and then another car. As Kevin calls 999, Tyrone yells at him as he stomps across the street and sits in front of Ty and Molly’s house. Norris comes out and asks Kevin if he failed his M.O.T. (vehicle inspection).

The commotion has attracted the attention of Ken Barlow, who tries to talk to David about his feelings or summat but he knocks Ken back, causing him to sprain his ankle. David then smashes a window, bringing Molly and Paul outside. He then smashes Deirdre’s bay window, where Blanche lives, then Audrey’s salon window, the neon sign, a telephone booth, and finally, the window at Jerry’s kebab shop. The whole time, Gail is pleading with him to stop.

Finally, the police arrive and David is taken down, but not after assaulting one of them. He is taken into custody and it’s down to the cop shop for him.

“Just take ‘im aweh and throw aweh the keh,” Audrey adds.

Pretty much everyone is out in the street now. Gail shouts at them that the show is over but obviously this will be the talk of the street all week.

More scandalous is that, when David broke the salon window, it drew the customers outside, including Rita who was in the middle of getting her colour done.

“Now the world knows I’m not a natural redhead,” she cries.

Later, Ken is off to the medical centre and Becky thinks Bill and Jason will be happy for the extra work. And Rita and Blanche are going for a strong drink where there is much gossip to be had.

Over at Gail’s, Audrey is doing the “I told you so” thing. She reminds her that David left her for dead but eventually the conversation turns to Audrey’s parenting skills. Audrey left Gail with a few babysitters and was never there, so she tried to be everything to her kids but ended up making mistakes. Audrey says she ought to write a memoir of her awful childhood as those are quite popular these days.

Gail says she’s going down to the cop shop to see if David is ok. Audrey compares her to a battered wife who takes her husband back. Gail says she is going to find out why he did what he did. Audrey’s had enough and gets up to leave.

“I may have left you with a few sitters,” she says. “But I always came back.”

Meanwhile, David sits in his jail cell, alone.

In Other News -or- Don’t You Remember You Told Me You Love Me, Baby

This is probably not the Karen Carpenter tribute Marcus wants to see. Still cool, though

Lauren gets an advance on her wages (£60) from Steve then goes off shopping, instead of paying Eileen her rent. Anyone know what rights boarders have in relation to not paying rent? I always assumed it was lless set in stone than an apartment tennant. Anyway, if I were Eileen, I’d toss her out poste haste.

Marcus has tickets to a Karen Carpenter tribute act that evening but Sean has to cover for Lauren, who has told him that she’s sick. Marcus sets him straight as he saw her shopping. He asks Darryl and Mel what’s up but Darryl says they broke up as Lauren had no more use for him, being skint and all.

Later, Eileen tells Sean because he’s being a big mug, Marcus is taken Lauren, whom he hates, to the Karen Carpenter thing. Marcus wasn’t aware but goes along with it.

Roy has found bat droppings at the condo building site. Bats are a protected species in the UK so this may stop the project from continuing so Roy plans to take the issue up with the authorities. Becky begs Roy not to go through with it as the builders bring in lots of business. But you just know Roy’s on a mission.

This happened to the missus’ grandfather, who had to stop any future work on his house Scotland when bats were found in the attic. It became incredibly complicated to get rid of them. We also have a cotton shopping bag from Scotland that says “Bats Need Friends”.

Between the value of the condos dropping dramatically thanks to the Economic Crisis (not to mention being built on top of a neighbourhood where teens go on violent rampages) and the bats issue, these flats don’t seem like such a hot property anymore.

Leanne’s gonna work for Dan now. Michelle and Alex are hanging out again but in a somewhat more appropriate way than before as Alex is less of a jerk this time.


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16 Responses to Update – January 21, 2009 – Wild Boys Always Shine Update

  1. glacia says:

    I loved the ‘Karen ‘eat your dinner’ Carpenter’ line.

    Also, the way Jack still says ‘Gayle Tisley’…not Platt.

  2. Yanyan says:

    Audrey to Gail during the pity party:
    “Ah, yeh’re drunk.”

  3. lovethestreet says:

    Wasn’t it fun to see so many characters in one episode again? I swear it’s the trivial banter that the Corrie writers do best.

    I loved Rita on the street with the foil still in her hair, the gossip and bitching in the Rovers (more Marcus, please!) and Roy with the bat droppings.

    Re: the bats…Roy is going to be right on this issue. He is also going to make some enemies BIG TIME.

  4. Jody says:

    I couldn’t believe that any of the guys couldn’t stop pipsqueak David from smashing all those glass windows. What a bunch of wooseys!

  5. beanie says:

    The best episode in a long time! Action packed. I loved Rita in the foil thingys. LOL I agree that all those guys should have been able to stop Davids rampage. Becky is getting funnier all the time. I loved her poop talk!

  6. blueheadlights says:

    I love Blanche’s “she’s never happy unless she’s got someones hands around her neck” PERFECT!

    Also if anyone rewatches on Sunday. During this episode when Michelle is talking to Steve about having a talk with Alex there are some chips hanging on the wall behind Steve. As the end of their conversation approaches to the left of Steve and down I swear I saw a topless lady type poster on the wall beneath the chips. I had my husband watch it and he thinks I’m right. Watch it and let me know what you all think!!

  7. haili says:

    I wouldn’t go near David with that metal pole; look what happened to Ken! I got a vicarious joy out of those smashing windows for some reason; the salon window with the neon sign was particularly satisfying. Not that I’d ever vandalize – but it was fun to watch.

    No matter what goes wrong – blame the mother! That seems to be Gail’s motto. What a whiner! Audrey’s been nothing but kind to that family, even hiring those useless kids at the salon. But does she listen to her mother? No… it’s much better to believe a murderer like Richard. I did empathize with her trying to figure out what makes David do these things but Audrey comparing her to a battered wife made sense to me.

  8. blueheadlights says:

    Oh and I think (and really hope) that this is Coronation Street taking on serious mental illness. The way that David behaves it’s clear that he’s trying to self destruct, he can’t cope with any stress, he would rather add lie upon lie then dealing with something painful. Gail is a fool for not trying to get him treatment.

  9. pip says:

    I agree it would have been far too dangerous to approach David while he was swinging that metal bar. He could have killed someone with a swing to the head. He could have killed someone if they’d been in the kebab shop when he lobbed it through the window. I did think it was a bit ridiculous that the police pulled up, handcuffed David and carted him away in about 60 seconds, without taking statements from the witnesses or gathering evidence.

    Loved when Becky said ‘I hate bats, me’, and then amended it ‘that’s not really truly, I’m just not keen on them.’

  10. Carol says:

    It was a great epsiode!
    I wonder though who actually finished Rita’s hair? Audrey was with gail and Maria was stood outside watching the comings and goings!
    I thought it was funny how Rita apppeared fully dry and combed out!
    Funn too, how the police didn’t stay and take statements! they drove away and came back later!

  11. missusmac says:

    I wonder if Gail thought simply because she worked in a medical centre, she was capable of diagnosing and helping David??? Why else keep all this in the family, so to speak. And Gail is a pompous know-it-all when it comes to pampering. she thought she could handle this.

    The pompous know it all bit probably comes from being parented by Audrey, who according to Gail did everything wrong. So, it IS Audrey’s fault Gail’s an idiot. 🙂

    Note that Greasy Boy absolutely refused to steal from his dad for Lauren. David would have sold Gail’s house for her. Totally different parenting styles involved here, but somehow Gerry’s kids have a bit of honor and honesty. (However, I do not advocate ‘donors’ for breakfast.)

  12. missusmac says:

    Sorry, not pampering, parenting… Must have had a spa moment…

  13. haili says:

    Gail’s always in deep denial when it comes to her kids. She probably thinks these are just boyish pranks and she can change him with enough love and pampering – since she didn’t get enough love as a kid. Maybe David scared himself when he finally let loose; sounds like he’s finally hit bottom and woke up to how crazy he was acting. Let’s hope that he’s shaken up enough to change

  14. TrudyC says:

    How the heck can Roy tell the difference between bat droppings and bird droppings in a split second?

  15. haili says:

    I guess that’s why he took them home, put them on the table and consulted books. Yuk!

  16. eila says:

    “It’s always the Mom’s fault.” Hmmm.

    Why don’t you give that an extra moment’s thought, Gail?


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