Update: Thursday 22 January, 2009 – David….


We start with the jailbird David in his cell looking miserable. A constable comes to the door and leads him into a discussion room. He listens to all of the charges against him and wants to talk to the Scottish Helen Mirren. (Who’s name is actually Weller).

She arrives and David wants to confess to what he did to Gail, how he pushed her down the stairs. She smirks, “well you have changed your tune”

David says that he didn’t try to kill her and “might as well have tried to. And I lied about it.” She asks to tape the conversation and he agrees.

Gail and Audrey arrive at the police station. Weller tells Gail what David had admitted to: “And if you’re willing to testify I think we could have a very strong case. Well, it’s something for you to think about. In the meantime he will be charged with the offences committed yesterday. There’s no shortage of witnesses to them.” That is for sure!

David is released and is back on the street only to find half of Weatherfield in front of the garage. Lloyd calls out, “Ey-up. Here he is. The bad lad himself!” (More like psycho…)

In the house, David meets Gail downstairs on the couch and says: “Shall I just go out there now and let them lynch me?” (Can I be first in line?)

She asks, “why he turned on people they’d known all their lives”. He told her: “It’s like, one minute I was in here talking to you, the next someone was going mad out on the street and I’m watching him thinking this guy’s crazy… but it’s me. It ‘can’t’ be me but it is!” She asked him, Do you think you need psychiatric help?” He replies: “Probably.”

Strangeways here we come….

David starts telling Gail everything. Like how didn’t try to kill himself and that he tried to fix the scaffolding to Jason would fall. He admits to ruining Sarah’s wedding and her relationship with Jason.

Gail is stunned: “I can’t believe you could hate your sister that much.” He cries: “Why? It wasn’t that hard! It was like… a project I had. It was like the only thing I had going for me, the only thing I had worth living for. I never tried to kill myself.”

She asks if throwing her down the stairs was another “project” – he replies that it had to do with Tina and nothing else.

Gail asks why David why he confessed to Weller. He thinks a new start is in order…

Then says, “Just let them lock me up, whatever.”

She tells him softly: “They won’t though. I won’t testify. Not against you, my own son. I’ll say it was an accident. I’ll say I remember what happened and that it was an accident.” He cried: “In court? No, you can’t.” but she told him: “I can and I will. This is something we have to sort out between us, nobody else.”

In Other News:

Becky and her builder bloke are caught in the apartment and Roy thinks it is “inappropriate”.

Tony is getting worried about Roy’s allegations of bats and tells Bill he must be stopped!

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5 Responses to Update: Thursday 22 January, 2009 – David….

  1. pip says:

    OMG I almost feel sorry for David, now! Gail’s problem is that she sees every misdeed of David’s as a personal affront to her parenting abilities that gives her right to get inside his mind and poke at his psyche until she has a minute understanding of his every motivation. David needs to get far, far away from her, even if it is to jail (hopefully for minors where he will get the psychiatric help he needs without his mother being privy to his every thought.)

  2. kunzie says:

    What a wonderful example Gail is providing to her kid – lying under oath and shielding him from deserved consequences. Audrey was not far off – Gail is behaving exactly like an enabling, battered wife with regard to David. Kudos to Helen Worth for being so fekkin’ infuriating 😉

  3. missusmac says:

    I just wanted to scream at the TV “are you an IDIOT?” but unfortunately my own children were in the room. Mustn’t be seen yelling at a completely fictional character who is also a Mom…and who somehow believes she can ‘fix’ this kid with eye blinking and hard swallowing.

    Kudos to the actor who plays David, who did a bang up job of a stumbling teen.

    Loved also how Gail told David to completely ignore everyone out on the street, the ones who had a right to be ticked: Lloyd, Kevin, Gerry, et al.

    Really enjoyed Gail coming to apologize to Ken and Deirdre about her kid’s actions. “Yeah, sorry about my screwed up teen, forgot about your kid’s murderous tendancies…”

  4. haili says:

    Looks like David and Gail will get a well-earned break from each other and maybe it will do them both good.

    Now on to the batty building site! And the freeloading lodger. I was looking forward to the confrontation with Eileen, but it didn’t come.

  5. fondue123 says:

    Single best line of the week? Gail to David: Do you think you need psychiatric help?

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