Update for Friday, Jan. 23rd: EmBATtlement!



Cafe ComBAT

Outside the Cafe, Roy is sweeping the sidewalk when Eyeball Gordon nearly backs over him before driving off, ignoring him. Roy is disturbed that work continues on the building site, and says as much to Ken. Becky and Roy spend the day sniping at each other about the big, shaggy man-bear in Becky’s room the previous evening…“Get over yourself,” Becky tells him, “I get less mithering at the hostel.” Roy wants assurances that the incident won’t be repeated. Becky is insulted, incensed and loudly tells him that he will get nothing of the kind.

Bat-Roy flies off to the factory, for a face-off with his arch-nemesis, Eyeball Gordon. Tony patiently explains to Roy the magnitude of shutting down the building site while Rosie smirks in the background. Carla can’t believe her ears and thinks it’s a wind-up. Her comment on bats – “horrible, smelly things full of fleas.”

“They may feel similarly about us,” our hero replies before stalking off to call the authorities. As he leaves, the factory girls chorus the Batman Theme in the background.

Becky and Roy’s bickering match escalates. Ken tries to negotiate a truce, pointing out it’s not outlandish to bring a boyfriend back to one’s flat. Bill and Jason come in and ask for bat & tomato sandwiches. They let on that they are none-too-pleased to be losing work over the bats. “Cheers Roy,” says Jason, “no need to worry about us, mate.” At the building site, Tony’s contractor has been contacted by the Bat Brigade, who are coming the following day to do an inspection. They discuss smoking the bats out. 

Roy pauses to sit with Becky for a few moments. He wants to stop rowing. Roy tells her he doesn’t understand casual liaisons. He wants Becky to stay and says he was unreasonable to expect that she not invite friends into the flat. He wants to be kept informed. Overnight is okay…as long as it’s a “proper boyfriend”. Becky is more than happy with the terms. She is very relieved, saying they both want exactly the same thing.

As Roy leaves to go shopping, Eyeball Gordon pulls up. Roy confirms he has spoken to the authorities and walks on. In his rear-view Tony sees Jason approaching. Jason tells him the workers will maybe have to down tools because of the bats. Tony says Jason is a smart guy, and should be able to figure out how to get rid of a few bats…after all, people run the world and bats don’t. He leaves the challenge of bat-removal pinging around the inside of Jason’s head, like a lonely marble.

Assault and BATtery

Gail praises David’s choice of tie as he prepares for court. She wants David to include the hapless upbringing which leads up to his berserker rage, in his testamony . Gail has spoken to DC Poosh Weller and won’t be giving evidence. David explains to Gail that she is NOT doing right by him. I am finding myself amazed by how astute this kid is. 

Audrey, Gail and Bill wait for David to get into the car for the drive to court. Bill points out that David is taking responsibility. Audrey notes that Gail continues to apologize and make allowances for him. [Sorry, but I just can’t stand this…Gail’s actions are showing her son that getting the outcome one wants should be achieved by any means necessary. Toxic parenting run wild.]

At court, Gail continues insisting that David must pepper his story with extenuating circumstances, such as Tina, etc. David wants to plead his own case, without his solicitor’s aid, plain and simple. Audrey wants to let David man-up and take responsibility. Gail twists, whines and blinks, fearing she will actually not be able to control of the outcome. They enter court. The magistrate is reluctant to proceed with David’s case without him having representation. David refuses. In an unusual move, the magistrate adjourns the court for one hour so David can meet with his solicitor and consult with his family. 

biffGail’s sole objective seems to be ensuring that David goes unpunished. She says she will tell the magistrate what led him to all this. She thinks she is responsible. David continues to speak for himself. Gail is aghast. As the proceedings continue, Gail begins to grouse and mutter more and more loudly, while Audrey tries to gag her.The courts officer finishes listing all of David’s various charges. He pleads guilty to them all, including assaulting a police constable. “There were reasons,” insists Gail. Audrey tries for the millionth time to shut her up. But Gail explodes in the courtroom, declaring that she is his mother and wants to be heard.

In other news….

It’s Darryl’s birthday! The family, and Abbey, are assembled outside Doz’ shack with birthday gifts and cards. He wants none of it, telling them to go away so he can pine over Lauren. “Come on son,” Gerry urges, “she were dog-rough anyway, even for you.”  Testify, Gerry.

The factory girls are going drinking, except for Jan who is meeting Roger and Fizz who is parenting.


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8 Responses to Update for Friday, Jan. 23rd: EmBATtlement!

  1. Gayle says:

    Excellent update! Gail was unbelievable did she actually think she could sway the court to let David off scot-free! I was impressed with David’s behaviour he is suddenly showing immense maturity (about time).

    I quite like Darryl, Mel and Jerry. They seem to be a loving supportive family.

  2. John says:

    Kunzie, I bow to your mad Photoshop skillz.

    So, it was Darryl and Mel’s birthday but Darryl’s the only who gets presents? Wassup with that?

  3. haili says:

    I wondered that too. Aren’t Darryl and Mel twins?

    I’m loving the bat story but tend to side with Tony and Carla on this one for a change. Can’t the bats just find homes someplace else? We had bats in some of the attics in these town houses and people got Mr. Bug in to get rid of them. I really don’t fancy having them in my attic; they belong in belfries!

  4. corrierules says:

    John, I had the same thought. Aren’t Darryl and Mel twins?

    As for Gail, she feels tremendous guilt as far as David is concerned for a variety of reasons: one, she divorced his father and David blames her for the breakup. (Martin was sleeping with another woman but it’s Gail’s fault for not being prettier, nicer, younger…) Two, she focused a great deal of time and energy on the child in crisis — ie unwed teen mom Sarah Platt and there’s a part of Gail that feels she ignored David’s needs as a result. And three, (most importantly) she brought a homicidal maniac (Richard Hillman)into the family who almost killed them all. So Gail bends over backwards to make allowances for David.

    I’m not saying she’s right, I’m only describing the family dynamic as I see it.

  5. eps says:

    When Gerry brought in the large present for Greasyboy Mel said something relative to inequity and Gerry responded that they cost the same. I inferred from that that she had received something from Gerry that was considerably smaller in size but of similar monetary value.

    I am not sold on the idea that the slender sociopath has matured and/or is actually taking responsibility for his behavior. He reverted back to type quickly enough when Gail had the chat with him before his rampage. I think that he feels like he has nothing to lose, having lost Tina, and this is just another aspect of his narcissistic dramatic flair. Also, he will be able to avoid Gail if he is incarcerated and it gives him yet more guilt-arrows to shoot at her in the future. He is just filling his quiver.

    And where in the heck is Martin??? No one has contacted him? I can’t believe that all of this drama has transpired and he has not been offered the opportunity to dad-up.

  6. haili says:

    It was really out of character for Martin to abandon his son IMO and he should at least be mentioned or reasons given for why he isn’t around. I know it happens all the time to many families but Martin seemed to really care about people and at least would have kept in contact with David. Quite awhile ago they showed David trying to contact his dad, but Martin was busy or on holiday or something and hasn’t been heard from since.

  7. eila says:

    I really like how David’s turned it around, and is willing to tell the truth, plead guilty, and pay his dues. I’m not sold (either) on the idea that he’s overcome his mental health issues– I think it’s more that he’ll do anything to avoid having to talk (read: listen) to Gail– but, whatever. At least he’s made a change!

    I completely agree re: Martin. (One of the flaws of having actors move on. They should have more guest reappearances.)


  8. missusmac says:

    eps – You’re right. Mel said something like “and he pulled my present out of his pocket” when Gerry came in with the big box for Greasy boy. Gerry assured her the presents cost the same.

    That said, what did the kid get in the big box? Couldn’t tell.

    I’m not sure about David either. I kept hoping SOMEONE would say he needs help. Accepting responsibility is great, getting help would be better. And is Tina seriously gone? I really liked her.

    Cant’ wait to see Jason, criminal mastermind, at work removing the bats…

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