Monday January 26th – The Update

UK Time – Friday April 11th 2008 – Episode II

The show opens with Gail shouting like a deranged harpy at the judge during David’s trial things. God forbid he takes responsibility for his actions. Those actions being his David’s-got-a-stick rampage* which followed the time he pushed his mother down the stairs and then left her for dead.

The judge successfully shuts Gail up and then postpones sentencing to April 18th. Strangely, David is allowed to go home and live with one of the victims of his various crimes as he waits for his sentencing date. David seems as surprised about this is I am.

David’s short lived freedom also surprises Janice who also plays the deranged harpy in the street when David comes home. She’s picking up for her man who is just thankful for being involved in a story line.

The show is also being viewed by the Morton’s who are split on the issue. Mel thinks David is a masterpiece, Jerry feels sorry for Gail (because she is an idiot or because of David, I am unsure), and Darryl obviously feels for his mate.

Later Darryl and David are sitting on the Platt chesterfield watching Top of the Pops while Gail and Audrey sit in the kitchen disagreeing about David’s actions. The Chesterfield set discuss impending prison and David admits to being scared and dumped. The two aren’t so far apart as Darryl was also dumped. Is it better to be dumped by someone of quality (Tina) or by someone who is dog rough (Lauren)? You decide. Meanwhile the two old birds still don’t see eye to eye in the kitchen. Gail maintains that David is making a mistake and Audrey wants to let David face the music.

Later David and Gayle have a talk. It looks kind of like an adult explaining something complex to a five-year-old. David assures her that he is doing what’s best and that she will have to trust him.

*Coronations street history of rampages to my memory:

David Platt’s post quasi-attempted matricide rampage

Roy Croppers lack of local egg rampage

Janice Battersby’s in pup freak out rampage

Richard Hillman murderous rampage

Dev Allahan’s sexual rampage

Peter Barlow’s wedding rampage

Do you remember a Coronation Street rampage? Add it to the comments section.

Yes Please!

Yes Please!

Looks like things aren’t totally sorted out between Becky and Roy no matter what Roy tells Ken. Roy will always be up tight and Becky will always be … Becky. In the café Becky is flirting with her new builder boyfriend much to the annoyance of Roy who, rightly, would like her to be working. Becky tries to make a ‘date’ with the builder and Ken steps in to arrange for Roy to be out at the pub when the builder comes over. Roy will join Ken and Deirdre in the pub for an orange juice and a lecture on the appearance of bats in 18th century English romantic literature.

Predictably, Becky and the Builder spend the evening in Roy’s flat playing Becky and the builder. Now, I don’t mind saying that at first glance, this dude is on the rough side. However, combine my love for skilled men with my love for unabashed manliness– as evidenced by his beard – and you have to believe that in this obviously short-lived character you can see my dream man.

Things go pear shaped when he discovers Roy’s rather unusual record collection on actual records. The builder puts on train sounds and he and Becky move to the train sounds around the room while the builder dons one of Roy’s train caps. Of course, this is when Roy walks in. It could be worse, they could be making out while he wears the train hat and Becky wears one of Hailey’s dresses. But, Roy doesn’t consider the alternative, he just leaves.

Only cute animals deserve protection

Only cute animals deserve protection

In Other News

After listening to Roy, Bill and Tony in the pub Jason takes matters into his own hands and goes to smoke out the bats. Tony has taken care of everything. Jason should have really told Tony to do the dirty work himself.

Darryl, Mel and her 35 year old police woman friend go to the pub where Darryl drinks his sorrows away. The police woman friend makes his day when she plants a kiss on him in an effort to make Lauren Jealous, which inexplicably, she is. Daryl gets hammered and then goes to see his dad so he can quit his job. He successfully quits, but then unsuccessfully tries to leave the kabbab shop. Poor Darryl.

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29 Responses to Monday January 26th – The Update

  1. John says:

    Wicked awesome update.

    I never noticed until she was flanked by Darryl and her 35 year old friend just how tiny Mel Morton is. For some reason I thought she was taller. Also, I think I’d be a little grossed out if my friend started making out with my sibling, even if it was for a good cause.

    Rule #1 for living with Roy Cropper – don’t mess with Roy’s shit or it will be AWN! Well, no. Roy will just feel smaller than he usually does and slink out the door. Becky should have known better.

  2. glacia says:

    Mad Maya ‘Combustiable Convienance Store’ rampage.

    I’m loving David’s character. I like how even he’s fed up with Gayle’s softness and takes matters into his own hand. I’m probably in the minority but I don’t think he’s a psycho. I think he’s manipulative and can think of damn creative and horrible ways to respond to mom’s craziness. But last night when he comforted his mom after telling her that he needed to face the consequences of his actions, he’s being sincere.

    To me, he’ll either end up in jail or become a social worker.

  3. Yanyan says:

    Does Sarah Platt’s teenage pregnancy rampage count as a rampage?
    I share your love for burly builders.
    I would have enjoyed the alternate Becky/Builder scenario you described.

  4. kunzie says:

    Deb, wiiiiicked update. I nearly fell off my chesterfield laughing.

    Rampages: Karen MacDonald chasing Tracy Barlow through underworld rampage….

    Agree, Glacia – our warty wee boy is “all there” upstairs. It’s Gail I’m not sure about.

    I betcha David would have burned down Leandro’s AND smoked out the bats…he needs a business card…

  5. missusmac says:

    Blanche on a funeral-going rampage.
    Michelle on a crying rampage.
    Tracy on a tapes-listening rampage. (“Oh, Tracy’s in her room, listening to cassettes.” — classic dialogue from the early years.)
    Gail on an eye-blinking rampage.
    Cilla on a tanning rampage.
    Eccles on an “I hate Ken” rampage.

  6. missusmac says:

    Bethany — silent rampage.

  7. Yanyan says:

    Amy – unibrow rampage

  8. Gayle says:

    John, I was disappointed in Becky’s behaviour last night (not making out with the builder)but laughing at Roy’s taste in music.

    Glacia, I agree with you regarding David, the kid has some problems but I think the best thing for him would be to get the hell away from his crazy, clinging mother. Audrey is the voice of reason that’s for sure.

    My husband couldnt’ get over how she was mouthing off in court. We have both been to court (jury duty) and know that you don’t speak unless you are spoken to.

  9. debbie says:

    All great rampages!

  10. lovethestreet says:

    “unibrow rampage” — hahahahahahahahahahaaha
    (Amy reminds me of the evil, unibrow baby on the Simpsons…)

    Going back into the archives for one of my favourite rampages: Des burning his boat rampage


  11. Bea says:

    I agree that Gail is the real psycho, not David, and David has finally realized that jail is preferable to living with her. I think I agree with him.

    I really love the eye thing that David does when bad David is coming out.

    ps. Didn’t Sally Webster go on a rampage in the car and run off the road or something?

  12. kunzie says:

    Claire in a taxi with baby Freddy rampage.

    For that matter, Casey kidnapping Freddy rampage.

    Kevin Webster kill-Stape rampage

    Paul Conner Leanne-in-the-trunk rampage

  13. Barbie says:

    Don Brennan on his “Mike Baldwin ruined my life” rampage

  14. haili says:

    Great update and comments!

    Catfights on the cobbles rampages – too many to mention. Gail/Eileen; Tracy/Karen; Cilla/Janice, etc. Woman abuse rampage: Les’s son and Sally.

  15. glacia says:

    Good one Barbie!

  16. whitehorsefan says:

    Following up your: only cute animals deserve protection, PETA has started a campaign against fishing in which they call fish “sea kittens”.

    Pretty funny.

  17. corriecrazy says:

    Fred Elliot proposal rampage.

    I think only a handful of them lead to marriage…

  18. debbie says:

    That sea kitten this is ridiculous. Peta’s effect on me really is opposite of what their intention is.

  19. missusmac says:

    Corriecrazy: hahahahaha! Love Fred’s proposal rampage.

  20. Barbie says:

    I like sea kitten and chips

  21. pip says:

    My daughter thinks if fish are called ‘seakittens’ then we should call cats ‘landfish’.

    Other rampages I can think of: Mad Maya on a rampage in Dev’s apartment, destroying everything including (I think) a glass table top.

    Liz on a rampage with Vern, throwing his drum kit out the upstairs window into the street.

    Karen on a sexual rampage with Steve to get preganant so he will forget about Amy.

    Craig’s mom and sister (forget their names now) on a rampage of guilt, recrimination and coverup after the father’s murder (forget his name now, too).

    Becky on a rampage with Haley’s son after he assaulted Haley.

    Danny Baldwin on a rampage with Jamie, almost drowning him.

    Rampage I would like to see: all the occupants of Coronation Street outside Gail’s house, brandishing torches, and equipped with tar and feathers, demanding that she give up her son (though I do agree that Gail has bigger issues than David).

  22. Barbie says:

    Craig’s father was named Tommy (I can’t remember his last name either) and he’s the head cop on Murdoch Mysteries now.

  23. glacia says:

    Katie was the daughter and Angela was the mom.

  24. debbie says:

    Katie, Craig, Tommy and Angela Harris

  25. missusmac says:

    There is a page where you can put lipstick, floaties, a mustache and cat ears on your ‘seakitten’.

    Now THAT’s cruel!

  26. Yanyan says:

    I’m going to name my seakitten Filet.

  27. joyceb says:

    Jim Macdonald on Jez Quigley rampage!

    And I’ll never forget the untimely death of poor Samir Rashid.

  28. whitehorsefan says:

    I have been hoping that the sea kitten thing is a bit of joke, just to get us to think about why we choose to support the cause of one animal over another.

    I agree, Debbie, that PETA is a bit crazy generally.

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