Update for Wednesday, January 28, 2009. Batman Returns

Batman, Robin, and Alfred

Roy is continuing his protest by sitting on the roll of insulation at the building site. Tony tells him that he has no idea where the bats went, and besides, Roy’s not allowed on the property. Roy bans Tony from the cafe but Tony counters that if he’s banned, then all the builders are banned. Roy accepts this and then, as Jason and Bill physically carry him off the site, he bans them as well.

Outside the cafe, Jason sort of hints that the bats were “encouraged” to leave, but then quickly backtracks as Roy figures out it was him what got rid of the bats. Later when they’re alone, Bill gets Jason to come clean and admit that he got rid of the bats as a favour to Tony. Bill wonders if that made him feel important but reminds him that when push comes to shove, it’s Jason who’ll take the fall, and not Tony.

At the café, Roy has deduced that Jason did indeed get rid of the bats, but only at Tony’s instruction, as his criminal mind is not yet complex enough to develop a plan for such a diabolical deed. Tony, like most of Batman’s foes, has made the fatal mistake of leaving his dirty work to a henchman of unswerving loyalty, but limited intelligence. Becky thinks she can get Jason to fess up but Roy wants to take it up first with Commissioner Gordon the proper authorities.

Just then, Bill pops in and is about to be headed off by Becky but he says he just wants to find the owner of a car that’s blocking the building site.

Later, Roy gets a call from the authorities who say now that the bats are gone, there’s not much they can do. Becky and Roy think it’s hopeless but Roy has a cunning plan involving Ken’s drivers license.

In the Rovers, Jason tells Tony that Roy is on the warpath. Tony wants nothing to do with, claiming that he has delegated that responsibility to Jason.

Batman, Robin, and Alfred Pennyworth Roy, Becky, and Ken walk up the back alley to the Batcave garage where Roy opens the doors to reveal the Batmobile Morris Minor.

“This,” he proclaims. “Is my secret weapon.”

Ken drives the Woody (it’s Hayley who has the license) toward the building site, where Roy parks it. Roy proudly notes that it is parked legally but in such a way as to prevent any trucks from coming in or out.

“This will show Tony Gordon that the good citizens of Gotham City that they will not stand idly by as he abuses the ecosystem all for a few pounds that we mean business!”


David writes a letter to Tina as Gail tries to get him to reconsider the whole “be accountable for my actions” plan. When he gets to Tina’s house, nobody is home.

Later, he meets up with Jason and explains to him that the day he went on a stick rampage, things had been bottling up and it all got to be too much. 

He later apologises to Ken. 

The Joker

Vern won £300 on the horses. Leanne tries the same but does not win, although Dan didn’t actually place her bet to teach her the lesson that a bookie leaves the gambling to the punters. Anyway, Leanne hates her life. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Liz admonishes him for betting, even after he presents her with a bouquet of flowers and offers to pay off the rest of the cost of the smoker’s shelter. 

Later, Sean asks Liz for time off for that holiday, which Liz grants (although he didn’t mention Lauren was going also). Lauren asks for the same which Liz also grants, provided she NEVER COME BACK. Lauren says she hated her job anyway and leaves. 

Liz asks Vern if she’s horrid but he denies it. 

The … Penguin?

Darryl and Jerry are at loggerheads and Mel is trying to mediate, Jeremy Kyle style. It doesn’t work.


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18 Responses to Update for Wednesday, January 28, 2009. Batman Returns

  1. Barbie says:

    Now that Liz is down 2 employees at the pub, I wonder who will step in? Maybe Michelle could actually work a shift or two for a change. Looks like Jerry will be needing someone too. At least there’s work on Coronation Street – if nowhere else.

  2. corriecrazy says:

    I wonder if Darryl will take up employment at the Rovers…

    With the whole Lauren situation, maybe the producers finally realized she’s a two-bit actress who doesn’t deserve a spot on the Corrie line-up and decided to get rid by sending her on vacation.

    Leanne used to be a character worth watching. Made entertaining quips alongside Janice and created drama left and right. In my opinion, I’d much rather be hearing a few quips from Dev and Amber rather than complaining from Leanne and Dan.

    I felt bad for Vern. I wasn’t sure why Liz was so upset with him. I mean, it’s not like he’s a former gambling-addict or something. It just seemed like such a silly thing to be in a mood about considering he won over 300 quid. If Liz can spend the money on smokes, I think Vern can place a bet or two!

  3. haili says:

    Liz should never have married Vernon. She knew that but did it anyway. I suppose she thinks she’s not getting any younger and there was no-one else around at the time – other than Jim – and she knew that wouldn’t work. Now Vernon’s starting to get on her nerves and she seems to be lusting after the bookie dad. I can’t see that marriage lasting much longer.

    I’m loving the Batman stuff. It’s like the good old days of Spider and the protests at the red rec.

    Leanne was a good character but both she and Janice need better storylines. I’d rather see them, Dev. and Amber and the gang at the cab office than Michelle and her baggage.

  4. tanzie says:

    I’m actually surprised no one has commented on Liz’s dress. Guess I’m the only one blinded by it. It actually reminded me the first second I saw it, of a halloween costume my son had when he was young. It was like a black hooded dress (to go over the snowsuit) with a glowing white skeleton on it (ok, so i’m not creative). I still find it very distracting. And i’m also not a fan of her new hair, looks like party streamers, however i will agree its a vast improvement over the cruella de-ville look.

  5. beanie says:

    Liz’s hair is the best I’ve seen it. Much better than long shaggy poodle. I like Liz with Bookie Daddy.
    It’s about time for someone to get the net, the really big net and take Gail away.

  6. Yanyan says:

    Is it just me, or is Liz’s obsession with white eyeliner becoming more pronounced?

  7. haili says:

    I think Liz has been looking much better lately and I like the hair; however, I agree about the zebra dress – don’t like it! Liz and bookie daddy seem like they’d make a good couple, though they both have volumes of history it seems.

    It seems that wild polyester prints are back in style, judging by some of the stuff I see in stores – also tops that look more like bathing suits. Maybe it’s the same in England but I’m from the old school and think long sleeves are better in winter.

  8. kunzie says:

    Maybe the fashion choices which make us cringe, are also what make Corrie characters more believable than North American soaps.
    Liz has never really looked right to me, but she’s like so many people in real life…they think they look good…even if horribly misguided!

    My best dressed: MARCUS, CARLA
    My worst dressed: KELLY, DOZ

  9. Yanyan says:

    Best Dressed: Marcus, Carla, Mel, Maria
    Worst dressed: Fizz (sorry), Janice, Kelly, Rosie Webster.

  10. glacia says:

    The Queen of Worst Dressed: Deidre.

  11. kunzie says:

    Maybe I’m as old as dust…but I could never get jiggy with a guy wearing those extendo-crotch, underwear-exposing gangsta jeans. I know…old,old,old.

  12. missusmac says:

    Rita is a lovely dresser. Dresses age appropriate, always looks smashing. Ditto Doreen, although she likes to dress up the mutton a leeeeetle too close to lamb sometime.

    Darryl dresses like he has two choices in the morning: pick something up off the floor and wear it, or just keep wearing the same thing he slept in.

  13. haili says:

    I’m kind of enjoying Darryl lately. He looks like an unmade bed but very natural for the character.

    Sally usually looks nice, especially when she works in an office. Tony is a snappy dresser. I agree that there’s nothing attractive about the baggy jeans with the underwear showing. I think that’s going out of style as my grandson has started wearing jeans that cover the undies. I wish Fizz would get a makeover. She’s a really pretty girl but a frumpy dresser.

    I suppose they all dress to portray the unique personalities of the characters.

  14. corrierules says:

    Brilliant update, thanks!

    I agree Rita looks lovely, but Audreh is is my fave in the fashion dept. Always tasteful, stylish and classeh. Funny, because she’s always been a bit of a go-er, r’Audreh.

    Emily’s outfits are spot on … a true reflection of the character. Same can be said for Hayley. Not that I like their clothes, mind you, it’s just that their clothes suit their personalities and habits.

  15. corriecrazy says:

    I think Maria often dresses nicely. I agree about Rosie… Whenever she’s on camera she’s usually buried underneath her cleavage/push-up bra.

  16. beanie says:

    Tony might be spiffy but I’ll take Jim MacD in his Toronto Blue Jays shirt.

  17. bean says:

    Did anyone else notice that Liz’s dress matched Rita’s purse???

  18. Barbee says:

    Such great updates from you all. Kudos! I wish I was as erudite. However, as regards fashion, so many of the character’s clothing fit their characters(eg. Fiz, Roy, Emily, Liz, Ken, Lloyd, Eileen, Betty, even Deirdre totally fit their characters. We really shouldn’t complain.
    I am currently loving Becky, Roy, even Gail & David for the somewhat closure to a real situation. I’ve actually been watching the dreaded EE lately and if Corrie doesn’t keep up up the
    great comedic story lines, I may become a two timer!

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