Update – The Soup Nazi Edition


The episode starts with Becky continuing with her apology to Roy about the ‘Train’ incident and explains that they weren’t making fun of him. She tells Roy that Rick will never come upstairs again and why doesn’t he give us a smile then? Roy continues to look glum but agrees that it’s best that the young man wait for her in the café.

Beck goes out for a smoke and to commiserate with Ken, who joins her in forming Weatherfield’s downtrodden working masses.

Okay, I’m just going to on record to say that I am 100% behind on Roy on this one. It’s actually really getting my goat how everyone (especially Bill) is being so dismissive of the bat situation. Conservation laws are there for a reason people! And note to Bill, when you complain about how you got rid of all your other jobs so that you could work on the building site, remember, ‘sayings’ are there for a reason too – ‘Don’t put your eggs in one basket.’

Anyway, back to our show.

First, Roy needs to hire the Soup Nazi. Why? Because Bill comes into the café to order 2 coffees to go and to give Roy grief about the bat building inspection. He leaves saying, ‘I’m going outside before I say something I regret.’  Then why the HELL did you come in there in the first place?

If I were Roy, I’d be all ‘No bacon butty for you. Come back, one year!’

The inspector does come and while she doesn’t find any bats, she finds evidence of bats which doesn’t add up. Tony tells her that they probably just decided to go away to a nicer, less in the way location. She tells him it’s surprising how many bat colonies do that and that she’s filing her report and it won’t be the last he hears of it.

Meanwhile, Bill and Jason wait out the inspection in the café where Bill says something about bashing in the wee heads of bats. NO FULL ENGLISH FOR YOU! COME BACK TWO YEARS!.

When Roy hears of the inspector’s results (although just that she didn’t find bats, not that she’s suspicious of the bat droppings), he becomes enraged.  Becky and Ken convince him to calm down until Ken can get to the bottom of all this. Ken has a word with Tony and comes back with the same info….at which point Roy storms out of the café, in full warrior apron as Glacia sloshes her chocolatini screaming at her t.v., ‘You go Roy, you go and tell Mr. Tony that he does not rule the world!’

Roy confronts Tony at the site and tells him that he’s breaking the law and that Roy has evidence that bats were here.  Tony is, well, dismissive and condescending.  Roy, livid, says to Tony G. that he massacred the bats and adds, ‘I am not a tiny defenseless little bat. I’m BATMAN, DAMMIT!’*.  Roy then sits down on a bundle of insulation and begins a sit-in.

*Okay so he didn’t add the Batman part, I just wish he had.

Jason Grimshaw, Criminal Mastermind
Jason spends most of the episode cleverly covering his ass by checking to see if Roy said anything to Beck about him being out front of the construction site the evening before. Cleverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Later he says to Roy, ‘Roy, you know when you saw me last night, I was walking that’s it.’ Superstah!

L is for Leanne Who Died of Ennui

Leanne is working at the bookies and guess what? She’s unhappy with her lot in life and complains about how booooooooooooooring it all is.

What is the point of this character?

In other Bookie news, the smoking shelter is up (and looing quite nice I might add) thanks to the help of Harry getting some peeps to finish the job. Harry is cock of the walk now and on one hand does some inconspicuous winding up of Vern about the job and on the other hand goes into the Rovers with some inconspicuous flirting with Miss Liz.

The Day After Darryl
Darryl doesn’t remember quitting the kebab shop the next morning and while Jerry does remember his resignation, he carries on like nothing happened. Darryl does decided to go into the shop and is okay until Lauren comes in and starts making fun of Darryl and his loser life behind the counter of a kebab shop.


That is enough for Darryl and he storms out of the shop throwing his apron to the side and swearing never to return. Jerry, who seems to know that his eldest son is incapable of you know…going out and getting a job….tells him he’ll regret it.

In Other News
The weird ‘act like I’m cheating on my son with my bio son’ story rears it’s ugly head once again as Alex calls Michelle for a meet up. When Liz suggests to Michelle that it might be wise to let Ryan know about the ‘date’, Michelle agrees and goes one better by inviting Ryan to join them. No surprise here when Ryan says, ‘Aaaaaaaaaaaah, no.’

Sean wants Marcus to come on vacation with him and Lauren. Marcus can’t get away until August but he tells Sean the other reason it won’t work is that he finds Lauren shallow, stupid and not such a nice person. Sean is gobsmacked…. ‘What’s wrong with her?’ he asks. ‘How much time have you got?’ replies Marcus.

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11 Responses to Update – The Soup Nazi Edition

  1. Gayle says:

    Glacia LOVED the soup nazi reference! I also wondered about Leeanne (loved the drawing) what is the purpose of her character? Standing behind the counter at the bookies with an extremely bitchy attitude! My husband said she would be enough to turn customers off, no wonder her restaurant went up in flames. I don’t think Leeanne wants to “work” for a living.

  2. debbie says:

    Does Sean need a new friend that badly?

  3. missusmac says:

    Ah, but Lauren is supposed to be an old friend. She’s Violet sister, and there were a few references when she showed up about ‘remember mom and dad’s house’ and ‘remember when we all did WHATEVAH’; so maybe Sean feels she’s a good friend simply because of longevity? I can’t see any other reason, for the life of me.

    Bill was a jerk. Jason was an idiot. Ken was a super spy! Harry seems remarkably accepting of Leanne.

    So is this Roy’s Red Rec? Remember when Emily sat up a tree in the Red Rec? How long will Roy be able to sit on the street?

    Excellent update! Thank you.

  4. lovethestreet says:

    Re: Sean and Lauren. In real life lots of nice people have friends who are complete jerks. It happens.

    However, even if I wasn’t already a big fan of Marcus, I’d still be on his side.

    I’m also on Team Roy.

  5. Yanyan says:

    Snicker. Soup Nazi. Snicker.

  6. papasmurf1964 says:

    That Edward Gorey picture seems familiar…

  7. Gayle says:

    I just adore Marcus. He is gorgeous, kind and in a pinch can deliver your baby!

  8. haili says:

    The bat story hits too close to home. If they nested or hung or whatever they do in my attic, I’d get rid! To hell with the greenies! I’m with the bad guys this time. If they can’t get back into the attic, they’ll just go hang someplace else. My neighbours have had them and I don’t want them. They look just like mice with wings, and we trap and poison mice. What’s the difference?

    I realize I’m being politically incorrect and usually I sympathize with Roy but all these builder guys need the work. I Just hope Jason will smarten up and keep his mouth shut.

    On a lighter note, I had to laugh when I saw Daryl with his hangover; a perfect portrayal.

  9. lovethestreet says:

    In defense of the bats — they eat many horrible insects, including mosquitoes. Go bats!

  10. kunzie says:

    Smashing update.

    “L is for Leanne Who Died of Ennui” and pic are feckin’ brilliant!!

    As far as the bats go, I guess I’m a bat badguy, too. My solution would be that the developer in question has to pay the cost for Natural England to safely and correctly relocate the bats. If the animals are in a natural habitat, like a cave, they should be left alone. If they are in a man-made structure, they should be safely moved. If it was skunks, I’m sure they’d be shown a new home. I am not cool with people not being able to feed themselves because no one will offer the bats alternate digs.

  11. haili says:

    How sensible – but how unlike a soap solution!

    Bats carry rabies too; another reason to get rid.

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