You Know You’re Scottish When….

as Beanie says, ‘I totally freakin’ KNOW this song…’

Since John posted the clip of the wee Ton-nay, this has been spinning around in my head because YES, it was sung by many of my relatives too.

I think it kind of captures Scottish nationalism and humour in well fell swoop and could probably give ‘Scotland the Brave’ a run for it’s money as an anthem for Scots anywhere.

So without further ado, I give you ‘Donald Where’s Ye Troosers’, sung by those cherished Heberdian sons, ‘The Irish Rovers’.

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10 Responses to You Know You’re Scottish When….

  1. missusmac says:

    OMG, remember the Irish Rovers’ TV show? I was maybe 6, and I thought it was BRILLIANT!~ I was also a huge fan of the Pig and Whistle show that aired around the same time.

    Perhaps that explains the frequency of my appearance at the small pubs that feature sing-alongs on the Halifax waterfront…

  2. haili says:

    I had uncles in the Black Watch and my mother had their insignia framed. One of my uncles had a book “Ladies from Hell” about the Black Watch in WWI, I think. I thought they looked kind of dashing in those dress uniforms. Some wore the kilt and others the tartan pants. They were very lucky to come home alive as a couple of them were in both wars, having lied about their ages.

  3. glacia says:

    OMFG!!! OMFG!!!!

    Missusmac! The Pig and Whistle!!!!!

    ‘Come in, to the Pig and Whistle, come in…’

    Yes I totoally remember it too…I too was a tender one of 6.

    Remember on the Irish Rovers when they did the skit with the leprachaun? BRILL!!

  4. haili says:

    I loved the Irish Rovers and the Pig and Whistle. Now we get dreary amateur shows like American Idol.

  5. missusmac says:

    Glacia, Yes! Yes! “Come in (toot toot) to the Pig and Whistle/Come in (toot toot)/Join the Fun…

    (Was there really a toot toot from an instrument or person, or was I just hearing voices in my head???)

    Although I have to say, when I got married, I did ban the Irish Rovers song “Wasn’t That a Party?” from my reception play list. All the DJs were playing it in decorated NB halls during the summer of ’83, but NOT at my wedding.

  6. Frank says:

    The Irish Rovers and The Carlton Showband !!!

    Gotta love this site because in addition to the Corrie updates and comments it frequently jogs many fond memories.

  7. Barbee says:

    I remember this song as well, but I must be older than all of you. We had an ancient record of a British vaudeville type performer singing it – can’t remember his name right now – and we used to roll around laughing in the living room when we played it. Great memories.
    (I saw the Irish Rovers a couple of years ago – my God we’re all getting old. I think we were the youngest people in the audience!)

  8. TrudyC says:

    My father watched the Pig & Whistler every week – sometimes the Irish Rovers, but definately Pig & Whistle.

    I’m getting nostalgic in my old age, and in May it will be my *** birthday. One I do not like to admit to. Anyways, I am leaving town for it and going to England, Ireland and France. Maybe I’ll find a Pig & Whistle during my visit.

  9. TMB says:

    It’s time gentlemen please – it’s time you’re no longer here
    It’s time gentlemen please – it’s time to drink up your beer!

    Closing song (or something like it) to the Pig n Whistle:)

  10. I loved The pig an whistle!!! Would like to hear “Time Gentlemen please”, is there a link to it?

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