Update For Epiosde #6798 January 30, 2009


The Connors

After months of prevaricating Michelle finally tells her mom about the situation with Ryan and Alex. Steve suggest that she take the two boys to Ireland to visit with their grandparents. (that very night, which seemed a bit odd to me) Liz tries to put a stop to the plan because of the staffing situation in the pub, but Steve tells her that if Vernon were to pull his finger out for a few days everything will be fine.

The Other Connors

Maria tells Liam that they (meaning him) need to get the second bedroom converted into a nursery before Ryan or Kirk move back in.

Mister Duckworth

Jack, flush with cash, is going to spring for some lovely new birds – the feathered kind that is. Jack promises Maria that he will be moving the pigeon loft out of their yard and back into his.

The Mortons

Darryl has a brilliant plan to start a new career as a firefighter, since it mostly involves holding a hose, saving cats, and flexing his pecs for the annual calender. When Mel (who I think is a great character) points out his dearth of pectorals Dazzer comes up with a cunning strategy to get his old job back. Mel calls up the Kebab Shop on behalf of ‘Daniel Newton’ to arrange a job interview later that day, but Jerry isn’t fooled by the ruse.

Dev and Jerry have a heart to heart chat about parenting and running a small business, while Dev smothers his kebab in a variety of different sauces.

When Darryl shows up to plead for his old job back, his dad wonders why he would want to hire somone who: a) lied to get an interview and: b) has no reference from his last job. Both good points Jerry. Around about then a lovely young bird comes in for a real interview, leaving Darryl out in the cold.

Mister Cropper

The Morris Traveller has returned to it’s legal parking spot on the street, once again obstructing traffic to the building site. The foreman is (understandably) upset at the work stoppage, and when he gets a bit confrontational Ashley, Jerry, and Becky back Roy up. Roy tells the foreman that only Tony will be able to resolve the current situation. When the foreman stops by The Rovers to tell Tony what Roy is up to, Tony tells him he will be round to take care of it – after he has finished his drink.

In the cafe Roy recounts a bit of history of how effective passive resistance (Ahimsa) can be. Dev points out that Gandhi got shot in the end.

Tony and Roy have a chat. Tony tells Roy that everyone thinks Roy is mad, but Tony isn’t so sure. Tony asks Roy what his ‘price’ is. Roy, man of principle, insists it is not about money, what he wants is an admission from Tony that he arranged to have the bats removed from the work site. Tony says could never admit to a criminal act, so Roy offers him another solution. If Tony makes a suitable donation a suitable charity, which he can obviously afford, then Roy will make arrangements for the car to be moved and to no longer be a problem for the builders.

The Platts

David is looking at flowers for his mother on her birthday, and Dev points out that if he is trying to make amends with the people of the street he had better buy a lot flowers. Janice walks by, and in her caring fashion, mentions that it is sentencing day today, and that David will likely be someone’s girlfriend by this time tomorrow. Nice.

David gives some flowers to Gail (not sure if he paid for them though) so she would at least have something nice to remember from the day.

Audrey and Gail chat about the outcomes the day might hold.

In the courtroom the judge remembers David and wonders if he has given more thought to legal counsel. Gail sticks her oar in again asking the judge ‘Can I talk to him for one more minute?’ The judge thinks she has had ample opportunity for that already.

David insists on representing himself, the judge asks him if he has any else to say, which David replies he does not. The judge retires to determine the sentence, but not before Audrey gets her two cents worth in by blurting out that ‘This is nonsense’.

As the Platts wait in the hall Gail and Audrey blather on about how they are not a family of scratchers from some run down estate, and besides, David is not some hoodie or junkie. David points out that’s not what they were thinking last Christmas time.

They return to the courtroom for the sentencing, and when David goes to sit down with Gail and Audrey the clerk of the court tells David that he has to be in the dock when the sentence is read out. Gail asks ‘Is that necessary?’

I threw the cat at the TV at this point, having had enough of Gail and her bleatings. Sorry Sharky.

The judge summarizes what their findings are: they looked for remorse and saw none, the situation was made worse by striking a police officer, so they have decided on a detention and training order for four months. It would have been six months, except that David had the good sense to plead guilty.

Gail shouts ‘No!’ Audrey blurts out ‘That’s ridiculous!’

David says ‘I’m sorry Mom’

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8 Responses to Update For Epiosde #6798 January 30, 2009

  1. pip says:

    Great update, PapaSmurf.

    I really thought, with Darryl being out of a job, and Liz being short of bartenders, that the penny would have dropped for someone, and Darryl would become the new Lauren, so to speak. Darryl is kind of growing on me. Gerry certainly isn’t the best of dads, how any of his kids have any self-esteem is beyond me. But Darryl seems to be a fairly innocuous teenager coping pretty well with having no mother, a sister who is more successful than he is, a dad who thinks he shouldn’t ever be more than ‘kebab-boy’, and a shed for bedroom.

  2. Yanyan says:

    I used to like the Gail character. Now I just want Hillman to come back and finish what he started. Leaving the children out of it, of course. Won’t somebody think of the children?

  3. kunzie says:

    Doz believes that Jerry thinks he should never aspire beyond kebab boy. I don’t think that’s what Jerry thinks at all…I believe he wants all his kids to succeed to the best of their ability. Conversely, I think Doz was quite nasty to Jerry…saying he never wanted to end up like Jerry…all the while lying on Jerry’s couch and eating Jerry’s cereal.

    From what I understand, their mother is a child-abandoning head-case.

  4. corrierules says:

    I like the Mortons, well at least Darryl, Gerry and Mel. They have been fun to watch lately.

    As for Janice’s comments to David: Mrs. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle. The Battersbys are hardly paragons of virtue.

  5. pip says:

    Kunzie, I agree that Darryl has a mouth on him and doesn’t show much respect for his dad, but the same can be said of his dad. Darryl has a mouth because Jerry has a mouth. It would seem that Jerry underpays Darryl, I suppose as an automatic deduction for room and board so Darryl sometimes is entitled to eat cereal and relax on the couch. I really can’t think of a single instance where Jerry has encouraged Darryl to do anything but work for him.

    Jerry’s one of those people who gets away with outrageous behavior by pretending to be an affable teddy bear. Remember how he treated Gail when she was in an uproar over the shed going into his back garden? I don’t think he is ever intentionally mean, but he’s just so self-centered that he doesn’t understand how his behavior affects others. Even his eldest daughter ‘abandoning ship’ didn’t teach him anything.

  6. haili says:

    Jerry never learns, but to be fair, he wanted a family business and thinks about the future; maybe an empire like Dev’s. He probably thinks the kids will profit later on when business booms but I agree; he is self-centered and just doesn’t listen to others.

    I hope Steve helps out in the Rovers; with dwindling staff, he’ll need to!

    It turns out that David was right: pleading guilty got him 2 months less time. Maybe we’ll get a rest from Gail for awhile. We all need a break.

  7. Gayle says:

    I think the best thing in the world would be for David to get away from Gail. She has really shown her true colours lately…what a smothering mother! My 14 year old niece who has been a fan of the show for quite a while said she wanted to push Gail down the stairs too! I am looking forward to seeing David “do his time”.

  8. Piper says:

    How old is David? No one has mentioned doing juvenile time (don’t know if they have that in the UK). I recall a scene where he and Tina got kicked out of the pub for not being old enough. I believe David’s birthday is Boxing Day – did he turn 18 then? ps I’m afraid to look it up anywhere as I seem to be a magnet for unintentionally finding spoilers!

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