Monday February 2nd 2009 – The Lorry Load of Disappointment Update

UK Time – Friday April 18th 2008 Episode II

Becky, Girl. Mamma Knows.

As it turns out that hot bad boy builder is a jerk. The episode opens with him on the phone to his “ball and chain” who has the nerve to ask him to pick up their kid. How dare she? Anyway, Jason and Bill hear that he has a wife and Jason asks about it. Picking up that Jason is a bit shocked by this, the builder is clearly annoyed with Jason. Maybe Jason doesn’t understand the emotional complexities of the poly-amerous.

Jason, who to my mind just gets lovlier, tells Becky about the builder’s cheating heart. The tough girl in Becky lashes out at Jason for telling her, but is obviously upset. It was probably extra upsetting to get that news from Jason, considering he kind of bailed on her too. Just when you think you’ve met a nice bloke, eh.

Later the builder saunters into the café to get a little tea and apples. Roy will not serve him, but Becky does. BAM! Welcome to Roy’s Rolls! After Roy breaks up the fight, the builder leaves. Later Roy and Becky have a talk and while Becky says that she doesn’t care about the builder, Roy notes that Becky does care about relationships. She just wants someone to care for her. Mamma knows!


Bad Boys

David is in the Big House. What’s more, his cell mate is a WHACK JOB! The guy, Graham, come sauntering down the hall singing and once he gets into the cell tells the guard all about his art project. He drew trees. His friend drew Jordan. Interesting.

Later David uses his one phone call to try to talk to Tina (please see mention of David’s one phone call below). Tina doesn’t accept calls when “Strangeways” pops up on the display.

Later, it’s lights out and David’s cell make sings him to sleep with the dulcet tones of The Streets. Yes, dry your eyes mate, I know it’s hard to take, but her mind is made up. There’s plenty more fish in the sea with low enough standards willing to date a 17 year-old who has just been released from juvie.

I guess jail is actually worse than he imagined. David cries himself to sleep.


Worst Party Ever

Gail and Audrey get home after David’s sentencing and Gail is understandably upset. I mean, why can the court see through David’s threatening cards, poisoning of Bethany, infliction of serious injuries on Jason, lying in court during Tracey Barlow’s murder trial, constant skipping school, fake suicide attempt, slandering of the neighbour’s daughter, vandalism of the builder’s yard, pushing his mother down the stairs, street rampage and assault on a cop and find the good boy that we all know he is deep DEEP down inside.

Well, the guests start arriving at the party and Sarah calls to wish her mom a happy birthday. For a change, Gail passes on the booze, well except for a half glass of Pinot Gerigio. Thank goodness Audrey got plastered and decided that she was the only person fit enough to take care of Gail. That was touching.

The torture that was this party continued as everyone searched for something to say. They failed miserably but did manage to rub her face in her age and her jail-bird son at any and every moment. It was pretty awesome. For Gail, fifty isn’t so fabulous.

Things got low when Audrey decides to make a speech. It was like my drunk mother at my cousin’s wedding. Except my mother didn’t insult my cousin, she didn’t remind her of her failures and she knew when she was to stop talking.

Things got really low when Dev, who must have been drunk tells Gail that all her guests think David is a “toe rag.” He did say that if he, at Gail’s LANDMARK age of 50 had to deal with a “toe rag” like David he would like to do so with her grace (or stupidity or foolishness or whatever).

But, things got to its lowest when Gail decided not to go to the pub because David gets his one phone call, and maybe, on her birthday, he will call her. Well, we know how that goes.

In Other News

Carla and Tony talk about Roy and the Bats. Tony wants to ignore Roy, but Carla reminds him that Roy in Haley’s husband. Tony had better make amends. Tony decides to give in to Roy’s demands. Roy gets results.

Ryan is not going to Ireland with Michelle and her flavour-of-the-month-son. Thankfully, Michelle and Alex take off. We ALL need a break.

For some ridiculous reason Leanne thinks that Paul would want to go into business with her again. She asks him if he would open up an after hours club with him. He says no. He stumbles over his words, but I think he did a pretty good job of telling her where to go.

Darryl gets his job back at the kebab shop after a grueling interview. Darryl will once again be the best looking guy Weatherfield has ever seen with a kebab, depending on the kebab shop.

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18 Responses to Monday February 2nd 2009 – The Lorry Load of Disappointment Update

  1. Barbie says:

    Thanks Debbie, really enjoyed your update and I really enjoyed this episode as well.
    I think I fell in love with Dev when he told Gail she conducted herself with grace and dignity, which she didn’t, but it was a lovely thing to say. I thought Audrey was hilarious. Watching one of the grand dams of the street get plastered is always a highlight for me. That roommate of David’s is one scary dude – ha ha on you David.

  2. haili says:

    Poor David. I kind of felt sorry for him. Sure, he’s done a lot of rotten things, but a singing roommate is torture.

    Dev was very nice – as they all were. That Corrie group is a very forgiving bunch. Audrey was funny but she means well and never gives up on her sourpuss daughter.

  3. missusmac says:

    I was cracking up with Dev: there isn’t a person in the room who hasn’t called your son a toe rag at some time… Yowzah! But then I grimaced at the sumo wrestler stance he wriggled into to giver Gail a hug. Weird.

    I did love that whole party scene. It was hilarious. Audrey to Bill that she better stay in case Gail got too drunk was priceless, as was Ken’s reaction when Audrey forgot Gail’s name — but only briefly. 🙂

    Can someone please explain any reason or motive as to why we had Vernon’s story about Carla paging her husband etc. etc. Did I miss something because I was still too busy clapping for Becky’s revenge?

  4. pip says:

    Loved Dev bending his knees down to Gail’s height and then shuffling in for a hug. That was cute.

    Either the slammer is going to make a man out of David or send him completely around the bend. Shall we start making bets on whether he assaults/kills his roommate before the four months are up?

    Poor Becky. What on earth she saw in that bloke I’ll never know.

    Darryl having to apply for his old job was hilarious. Maybe if he gets regular hours and decent wages he’ll be able to go to night school or summat to train up for a real job.

  5. Gayle says:

    Debbie awesome update! The birthday party was pretty sad. On the weekend we attended a 50th birthday party for a dear friend (who looks much younger and cooler than Gail) needless to say everyone had a terrific time, but then again the guest of honour’s two lovely sons were in attendance at the party not locked up in the slammer.

    Regarding Dev at the party, my son who hates the show but was lying on the couch sick with a wicked cold, commented that guy seems nice. He also loves the song that David’s roommate sang at the end “Cry your eyes out” by the Street.

    Also glad to see the end of Michelle for a bit.

  6. beanie says:

    LMAO at ‘toe rag’ a family favorite but we usually say flamin’ toe rag.

  7. romeozulu says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. The creepiest, most inappropriate birthday party ever.
    I’ve enjoyed the Mortons since they’ve been on the Street – they’re not one dimensionally good or bad, but have both positive and negative attributes. Kinda like real people. Kudos to the writers and producers for their recent additions (i.e. Becky, Tony, Vern, the Mortons, the Bookies – terrific characters who have many, many storylines between them).
    On the other hand , the guy that plays Paul couldn’t act his way out of a wet paper bag, and the idiot sister of The Saddest Girl In The World should just cut bait, head to Soho, and get off of the Street.
    And by the way, the actor playing David is doing a magnificent job. A talented teenager showing his acting chops.

  8. corrierules says:

    Loved Gail’s party, despite the weird awkwardness. But it was great to see all the Street regulars all together. But where was Sally? She is Gail’s best friend.

    But didn’t Rita look fab?

  9. Barbee says:

    I’m actually amazed at how much I am liking the story lines lately. I’ve been tempted to give up. The Mortons are finally growing on me (probably because of my love for Gerry from The Royal). Daryl and David together were great. Mel is a treasure. Thank god for the departure of Michelle and genetic offspring. Ryan is remarkably cool. Great comedic stuff (Corrie’s historic claim to fame) with Roy and bats(although with sinister undertones), Becky & the builder, Rita and hair (last week). Lauren is awful and Marcus is a gem. And Liz and Harry – when will her libido get the better of her loyalty (oh heavens, it can’t be long).

  10. Pauline Hunt says:

    I’m not sure how to send an email to the writers of Corrie Canuck, but the news is in…..drum roll please….

    The Coronation Street Guest Star that will be visiting the British Isles Show Canada this year is Michael Le Vell “Kevin Webster”.

    It’s been quite a while since Michael was last here. If you recall, I sent in a pic of him which he autographed for me (somebody commented he looked like a ’70’s pornstar in the pic lol).

    Maybe I should take the pic with me to the BIS and show him. lol


  11. Pauline says:

    My previous post here hasn’t appeared. Not sure if it worked or not. Sorry for the repeat if it should happen to appear later …

    The Coronation Street Guest Star that will be visiting the British Isles Show Canada this year is Michael Le Vell “Kevin Webster”.

    The British Isles Show will be April 3, 4, & 5th at the Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place, Toronto.

  12. Joy says:

    Romeozulu, I agree that the actor that plays David has done an excellent job these past few weeks showing a wide range of emotions. A very talented young man.

  13. blueheadlights says:

    I am SO jealous of all of you that can attend the British Isles Show. Now I know Kevin will be there I’m dying inside a little. Go and feel him up in my honor!!

  14. papasmurf1964 says:

    The story Vernon told about Carla paging Paul Connor at Maine Road (the old Manchester City ground) has no bearing on anything as far as I could tell – other than reminding people that the Connors are City supporters. I assume one of the writers of the show is a fan as well and tries to weave somme footie into the story lines once in a while.

  15. missusmac says:

    Kevin will be in Halifax first, and he’ll be mine first! (Insert Evil Laugh here.)

    I’ve bought my tickets, and am counting the days. He is supposedly bringing his whole family, wife and kids over, for the trip.

    25 years on the street, he’s got a lot of stories to tell.

  16. Yanyan says:

    Halifax? When is this?

  17. glacia says:

    March 31, 7 pm at the Halifax Marriott Waterfront.

    Check out the website here:

  18. missusmac says:

    Yep, Yanyan. I am very much looking forward to this. I’ve seen Sunita, Les and Eileen previous to this, and always enjoyed it.

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