Update February 4, 2009 – Hard on the Outside, Soft on the Inside


The Home for Wayward Boys

Gail’s at Juvvie Hall again, visiting David. She wants to know how David is and he cracks a few jokes but eventually tells her he’s sorry for what he’s done. When they part, David breaks down crying.

Later, Gail returns home to an empty house and throws down the crutches and dances a jig around the living room looks sad.

Later in the Rovers, Bill, Audrey and Rita are having drinks as Bill goes to get a round. As he does, he suddenly remembers that some guy named Ted Page called, looking for Audrey. She claims not to have heard of him. When Bill is out of earshot (1 meter, in Corrie distance), Rita asks what’s up, as it’s clear that Audrey knows who this Ted bloke is.

Audrey says it’s someone she knew, briefly, 50 years ago. Hey, who just had her 50th birthday? Turns out Ted is Gail’s dad but, while Gail knows who her father is, even if he’s been absent from her life since before she was born, Ted does not know Gail is his daughter.

Master Chef

Paul got a job working as a the fry guy at a hotel restaurant, not quite the head chef position he was angling for. Tyrone takes the piss out of him and he sulks some more, but tells Jack that he’ll soon be able to pay back the money he stole. Jack says they had a rocky start but now Paul’s more than made up for it.

Meanwhile, Roger tells Leanne there isn’t much that can be salvaged out of Leandro’s. She meets up with Paul, who sulks, then lies and tells her that he got a head chef job. Leanne lies and says her idea for a wine bar is full steam ahead. Then they bitch at each other about insurance money and him doing her dirty work but it appears this episode is behind them.

In Other News

Chesney is at Dev’s, buying candies for Kirk, who is due home from Cyprus today. Dev thinks if he were a candy, he would be a chocolate eclair because he’s hard on the outside, but soft inside. Amber thinks he’s a marshmallow, all fluffy with no substance. He later asks Betty what she thinks he is.

“Fruit and Nut,” she replies. (not sure if that scene made it to the CBC cut -it was in my Coles  Notes for the episode).

Anyway, coincidently, Fizz made the error of trusting Maria to do something new to her hair and had it straightened. Everyone in the shop thought that a) it was to do with Kirk coming home and b) it looked awful – so for both reasons, she went to change it back.

Bill plays Cupid to Becky and Jason, who hides in his zip-up hoodie like an 11 year old. They go for a pint together in their best clothes. It’s all very awkward but both say they’re not looking for a relationship. Well, that settles that then.

Tony is off to Beijing on business and later admits to Jason that he wishes it was Roy, and not the bats, that he smoked out. Gee, Tony, Roy didn’t get under your skin, did he?


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17 Responses to Update February 4, 2009 – Hard on the Outside, Soft on the Inside

  1. haili says:

    What’s up with Dev’s silly behaviour? He’s acting so weird these days and nothing like his former self. Is he supposed to be on drugs? Cracking up? Quite a sudden change in personality – from businessman to goof.

    For once someone came out of the salon looking different; not better, but different!

    Again, master criminal Paul shouts on the street that he did Leanne’s dirty work. How long can it be before they get charged with arson?

  2. Yanyan says:

    Dev’s behaviour was truly cringe-inducing. Yikes. WTF is up with that?

  3. TrudyC says:

    I agree that Dev is getting creepier by the day. Very strange.

    Why was David’s sweatshirt a different shade of red than the others?

    And I would love to just walk by Gail and kick that stupid contraption she’s walking with out from under her. What is up with that thing?

    I thinks that’s all my questions for the day.

  4. glacia says:

    Ha Trudy…I was the same way, ‘Why does David have a different shirt? In case we lose him in the crowd?’

  5. Yanyan says:

    I assumed David’s shirt was a different shade because it’s newer, and hasn’t been faded as much by repeated washings.
    Zero, my friends. Wash with Zero. Stacey London says.

  6. Gayle says:

    Trudy C, I completely agree with all of your comments.

    Does Gail visit David everyday? She is obviously off work.

    Fizz told Carla she was going to the dentist isn’t she going to be suspicious when she comes back with a new hairdo?

  7. missusmac says:

    Is this why Brits get such a bad rap about their teeth? Coz they never REALLY go to the dentist…?

    I see hard times coming for our David.

    And what has Paul done lately to restore Jack’s faith in him?

  8. Mrs. D says:

    Missus Mac

    RE: what has Paul done lately

    Likely nothing- in my experience grandparents are soft. My brother is an class A jerk- borrows money, takes money etc from my grandparents.. keep in mind this is not why he is an jerk; he is just an jerk because that is what he does best.. I digress… anyway, my grandparents still think that the sunshines out of his ass. Perhaps this is how it is with Jack and Paul.

  9. kunzie says:

    Well said above, regarding Paul & Jack…no matter what Tyrone & Molly do, seems like Paul will be the favourite..blood is thicker, I guess.

    And agreed – they are totally wasting / ruining Dev. When I think back to his story with Sunita..he doesn’t even seem like the same person now.

  10. debbie says:

    Audrey dropped that Ted Paige bomb while I was putting the finishing touch on my dinner. I knew I missed something good.

  11. glacia says:

    What did you eat for dinner?

  12. missusmac says:

    OMG, I forgot about Ted. Does anyone have any background on that? I thought Gail didn’t know who her dad was, or perhaps Audrey didn’t even know who the father was.

    I confess I am still in shock from witnessing Dev morph into one, two, or perhaps all of the Three Stooges in one scene… The HORROR!

    Mrs. D, you are right. Grandparents are not good judges of character.

  13. haili says:

    It’s a grandparent’s job to be non-judgmental IMO – unless criminal acts are involved. My son commented that he could do no wrong in my mother and dad’s eyes yet he was always in trouble for something at home. My youngest daughter was really close to my mom when she and I were having problems. I think it’s great that they have another fairly sensible adult to give them that unconditional love. Moms have to be the ones to discipline the kids (except for Gail that is). Anyway, at least none of my offspring are in jail, so I guess the spoiling didn’t hurt them.

    I think Gail was told who her father was but never knew him.

  14. pip says:

    Dev has turned into every teenager’s nightmare father. I don’t understand why the actor who plays Dev puts up with such horrible writing for his character, unless he’s got difficulties that make him fit for nothing else. Didn’t someone mention substance abuse once? Maybe they’re writing to his ‘strength’.

  15. corrierules says:

    Pip, you are right — Jimmy Harkishin had some substance abuse probelms a few years back. I agree Dev’s behaviour was bizarre and he looked like he was wearing blush!

  16. Gayle says:

    Corrierules, I agree with you regarding Dev. His reaction to Paul everytime he comes near Amber is ridiculous! Paul is a jerk but he has never had any designs on Amber, he always been rather kind to her. God help the boys Amber does start to date.

  17. eila says:

    My theory is that the writers (or directors) are trying to get Jimmy (Dev) to quit!


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