Giving a Bat’s Ass


So I started thinking about the ‘bat charity’ that Tony gave so generously to, wondering, how many bat charities would there be in the UK.   (Although turns out a fine for distrubing a bat next can run about 5,000 – so that’s pretty hefty too.).

Turns out there seems to be one major bat charity, the ‘Bat Conservation Trust’.  The bat population of the UK has dramatically fallen in the last century, which is why laws have been put into place to protect them.  

The site is pretty cool and there are some nifty facts about bats that you can read about.   I’m actually thinking of making a small donation, but if anyone wants to join me we can make a Corrie Canuck donation.

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3 Responses to Giving a Bat’s Ass

  1. TrudyC says:

    One thing in this storyline that I don’t understand is – bats are nocturnal – so how do you smoke them out at night? They wouldn’t be there.

    Sorry, I can’t contribute to the fund because I’m saving to get rid of the ones on my street that terrorize me every morning in September when I walk the dog.

  2. radiomantor says:

    So if it’s only a £5000 fine for disturbing a Bat’s nest – Tony would have been better off admitting to it, and he would have saved 5000!

  3. nwtrunner says:

    Glacia – put me down for a contribution. I’d be glad to put $50 towards this.

    Bats are awesome. I’m just sad we don’t have any where I live (too far north).

    I love that the story writers have put this in!

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