Update For Epiosde #6803 February 6, 2009


Kirk and Fiz in happier times


Deirdre and Gail have a heart to heart chat in the kitchen and compare notes about having children who are doing time.

Audrey and Gail go to visit David at the detention center and another stilted conversation ensues. When they are told that visitng time is up, David (in a rare moment of sincerity) tells his mom that the other kids in here really had no chance, considering where and how they grew up. David, on the other hand, had it all and there is really no excuse for his past actions.

Gail tells her son ‘I forgive you.’

Turf Accountant

Vern and Lloyd are whiling away the afternoon in the bookies. They have an insightful debate over the merits of betting on dogs or horses. Vern manages to win big on a dog race, and instead of taking his money and going home he decides to wager it all on a nag named ‘Crazy Bongos’ that is coming in at 50 to 1. Dan tries to dissuade him from this course of action but to no avail. Lloyd gets caught up in the excitement and wagers a tenner as well. Turns out that Dan was right, as Lloyd sadly points out that grass grows faster than Crazy Bongos can run. Vern begs the others not to let on to Liz, lest she find a new home for his drumsticks.


Kirk and Ches are going over lines for an audition Ches has for a school musical. Kirk recounts his acting days in school, and how he didn’t have to audition for their production The Wizard of Oz, they just gave him the role of The Scarecrow. I wonder why… Fiz tells Ches to ‘break a leg’ when he leaves for school. Kirk points out that he might have to dance in the musical, which would be difficult in a cast.

Kirk asks Fiz if bringing his new girl to The Rovers would be alright.

Kirk sees Ches on the street later and finds out that he didn’t get the lead role, but a secondary part instead. Always the optimist, Kirk points out that Ches might still get to snog someone. Ches tells Kirk that he is playing the role of the priest so there likely won’t be a lot of snogging to be had.

Kirk pops in the salon to see Maria for a haircut, which is a bit of a surprise, and to tell her that he has a new girlfriend that he met in Cyprus, which is an even bigger surprise.

Dev is sitting in The Rovers having a quiet drink when a new and somewhat obnoxious blonde fourty something looking woman comes in and sits next to him. (Fiz comes in sometime around then as well) She engages a reluctant Dev in a conversation about the travails of the divorced life, having quickly pegged him as a divorcee, based on the clothes and aftershave he is wearing. She then goes on about her new boyfriend, how he is the antithesis of her former husband, her new man is kind, deep, thoughtful, and has a dry sense of humour. Dev and Fiz are both profoundly shocked when it turns out that the new boyfriend is none other than Kirk. ‘Hello sausage’ says Julie. ‘Hello snugglebum’ says Kirk. Jokes are made about how they hope that their holiday relationship lasts longer than their tans before Kirk and his new love find a table on their own.


Molly and Tyrone are talking to Jack about doing some renovations to the kitchen. Jack assures them that any change they make would be great, and besides the kitchen was always Vera’s domain. Jokes are made about Vera overcooking the food and how the brown sauce was too terrified to come out of the bottle. Paul comes in and tells them that he might be leaving soon, since the insurance cheque might be bigger that he had thought it would be originally. (I assume he thinks Leanne will actually give him all of the insurance money)

Paul stops in at the corner shop to thank Amber for her support during the fire, and hints that she might get a job at his new place, whenever that might happen. Dev comes in and does his best to get Paul out of the store, and out of Amber’s life as well.

In the bookies Dan and Leanne debate whether or not Paul is bluffing about calling the police. Dan figures it is all talk, pointing out that someone who would fleece his own grandparents out of their savings probably lacks moral fibre.

Jan comes by with the insurance cheque, and is somewhat surprised by Leanne’s somewhat muted reaction. Leanne tells Jan she has mixed feelings about the whole affair is all.

Paul comes by the bookies and tries to collect on all of the insurance money. (does he expect them to have that much cash on hand?) Leanne tells Dan that she can handle Paul, but Dan keeps butting in. Leanne tells Paul that he can do better than her, all the usual blather, but Paul just gets more upset. Dan asks Paul if he is going to cry, and then offers him the use of the phone to call the police. When Paul doesn’t call, Dan mocks him saying that Paul hasn’t got the bottle, he’s just bluffing.

Paul has had enough by this point and leaves the bookies while pulling out his mobile phone. Leanne follows him into the street begging him not to do anything foolish, but Paul persists and tells the police that he would like to confess to a recent arson in the Weatherfield area.

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7 Responses to Update For Epiosde #6803 February 6, 2009

  1. corrierules says:

    I got a little ferklempt at the Gail-David goodbye scene (yes I know, suckah!) It was touching/

    I thought Kirkeh’s girlfriend was hilarious and likeable. She’s starting out as a good addition to the cast.

    Paul, Paul, Paul. Stop stamping your feet and throwing tantys. It’s really not attractive. And how do you make your eyes go all whirly and buggy at the same time?And now you’ve thrown the biggest hissy fit ever and cut off your nose to spite your face. Silly boy.

  2. Corrielady says:

    Did anyone hear that Ken Roache’s wife in real life passed away? SOOOO sad…i read it in the Daily Mail. feb 8th…

  3. haili says:

    It must have been a shock for Bill Roache. They said he could take as much time off as he needs. I have an old tape made in their home and she really looked after him, was his manager and checked his clothes before he made public appearances, etc. I doubt if he reads these sites, but if so he has my sympathy.

    Paul really is an idiot if he called police and deserves to go to jail. All Leanne has to do is deny, deny, deny. I feel sorry for Jack, who will be out a lot of money.

    Julie looks like an interesting character but also looks old enough to be Kirk’s mom. Nice to see him with a girlfriend.

  4. eila says:

    Bookie Boy isn’t much help when it comes to dealing with Paul. Leanne should try to sink the both of ’em.

  5. debbie says:

    I liked the girlfriend a lot. She was kinda fun.

    I wonder why Paul didn’t negotiate and go for 75% rather than all or nothing. I actually agree with him. He should get more. He took all the risk.

  6. haili says:

    He took all the risk but will also take the fall if he tells. He should just shut up, settle for half and move on. I agree that bookie boy does more harm than good when dealing with Paul.

  7. pip says:

    Hell hath no fury like a doughboy scorned.

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