Monday February 9th 2009 – The Oh No You Din’nit Update!

UK Time Friday April 25th 2008 – Episode II

L'Ambiance - And I Ain't Talkin' About the Drapes!

L'Ambiance - And I Ain't Talkin' About the Drapes!

Well Paul has certainly done it now. He actually did call the police to get his own back on Leanne. No, it didn’t make sense to me either. Paul actually, really and truly called the police to tell them about the arson. For real. He also told the police that two other people are involved. Well, Leanne is brickin’ it and Dan goes into police evasion mode.

Leanne is gob smacked, as am I.  As is Glacia.  As is our friend, Nandie, who never actually watched the show before.

Later, Paul runs into Leanne in the street and tells her that he has been interviewed by the police and sang like Jennifer Hudson at the Oscars. He also informed her that the police will be wanting a word with her and Bookie Son.

Now, by this point I did have about threee glasses of L’Ambiance but I totally missed Paul’s conversation with the coppers. So, I was still skeptical, but then he told Molly, Tyrone and Jack. At least I think he told them, because he started that conversation with a weird monologue about infatuation and I can’t hear that word without that Infatuation song by Rod Stewart playing in my head.

Anyway, after Paul drops the bomb, Jack tells Tyrone to take Molly to the pub.  This made me laugh as Molly is driving the bus in that relationship.  Once they leave Jack goes super nova.  He tells Paul that he is glad that Vera didn’t live to see this.  Actually, Glacia, Jack and I said it in unison.  Paul says that at least he told the truth.  Jack points out that he still burned down a building and he only told the truth to get one over on Leanne.  In the end, Jack tells Paul that he is his father’s son.  Ouch.

The whole situation drives Jack, Molly and Tyrone to the bottle.  I, too, top up my L’Ambiance.

Lays on a Black Background. Soon, to be in a Black Girl

Lays on a Black Background. Soon to be in a Black Girl

Well, its dinner time at the eyeball-botox flat.  Carla made food of some sort. As it turns out she isn’t a great cook.  Liam and Maria make it through the lasagna pie and Liam proceeds to get cronk.  He was like Amy Winehouse up in that piece.  Mind you, I could be projecting.

Anyway, Maria, fresh from a self esteem and relationship issues workshop left for the evening. Then the eyeball headed for Beijing. I wish Maria didn’t take that workshop, because Liam passed out on the botox couch. My bet is that he with either wake up looking “years younger” or in bed with his sister-in-law. As our friend Nandie said, “That girl had better come and collect her husband.”

Check Audrey out. She called Ted after some prodding by Maria and Rita. She doesn’t know how she is going to tell him that he fathered a 50 year-old ET living over the road. Still, Audrey decides to keep the story from her daughter and make a date with the old flame. I wonder what she is going to tell Bill. I believe that Audrey is what we would at one time call a bad mamma jamma!

Becky and Jason seem to be getting nice and cozy. I think they were talking about stuff, but Nandie and I basically yelled “tap that tap THAT!!!” at the TV for the duration of their scene. Becky has second thoughts as she’s been there before, and I don’t mean in a general sense. I mean specifically. She’s been to Grimshaw City and had to get he bus back to lonely town after.

Becky walks out the door and Jason is confused and a little sad. While I am amazed at Becky’s strength I am proud of her for leaving. It doesn’t mean that she will stop seeing Jason or that she hates him. In fact, it doesn’t mean that she will leave him for more than 30 seconds. Yes, she came back to Jason, yes please, Grinshaw. I can’t blame her.

In Other News

Julie is still being charmed by Kirk. I wonder how long this will last.

Liz clearly does not love Vern. He continues to talk up the cruise. She continues to not want to go. I’m finding this a little painful because I really like Vern.

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16 Responses to Monday February 9th 2009 – The Oh No You Din’nit Update!

  1. fondue123 says:

    Liz and Leanne should get together and whinge about how horrible their life paths are…honestly these are two grown women who made choices, some not so bad ones really, if looked at through a clear lens. Leanne had a business, her “dream” restaurant…too much work, burn it down. Liz married Vern, ok he’s no Paul Newman, but hey, she said she loved him, and is now trying to excuse her wandering eye by making Vern out to be some kind of boring accountant type. Sheesh.

  2. fondue123 says:

    Sorry if I have offended any accountant types, truly. I’m sure accountancy really is as exciting as lion-taming…

  3. missusmac says:

    “She’s been to Grimshaw City and had to get the bus back to lonely town after.”

    hahahahaha! Yeah, couldn’t believe she walked away. (Tickled that she took the beer first.) You knew she had to come back.

    Paul. Is. Shtupid.

    Maria. Is. Shtupid.

    Rita. Looked. Fab.

  4. haili says:

    I don’t think Liz ever loved Vern; he was just the only guy around that wasn’t married – other than Jim. She really loves Jim but can’t stand all the drama and wanted someone less challenging. Vernon is shaping up to be another Jack Duckworth, lazing around the cellar, idling around the bar, losing money at the bookies.

    Paul stupid; Maria stupid. Audrey was talking to Ted like a flirty little teenager.

    I didn’t really blame Becky; Jason is so cute – but it will probably end in tears again.

  5. glacia says:

    I liked when our friend Nandie called Mr. Yes Please ‘Jason Rickshaw’.

    I ate the Lay’s crumbs today washed down by the 1/4 inch of L’ambiance that was left over, btw.

  6. debbie1975 says:

    You’re all class Glacia.

  7. Tracy Emm says:

    Off Topic –
    “Ken Barlow’s” real life wife passed away on Sunday….
    FYI – if the keepers of this website want to dig in further and provide message or comment to the fans….

  8. CD says:

    Thanks for that update!! 🙂

    I missed yesterday…

  9. Barbee says:

    Good update – I actually watched last night’s episode. (I usually do them all on Sunday.) I hate CBC ads! Too many, too long. On Sunday I can flip back & forth to BBC Canada and dream about Fantasy Homes by the Sea and Bargain Hunt.
    Poor Vernon – he really has been growing on me, plus I’ve never been a big Liz fan (including the horse).
    Leanne is the whiniest person – I’ve run a restaurant and yes it’s hard work, but if I’d had one like Valandro’s, it’d be my life. And if she thinks a bar might be better, she’s as dumb as she acts. Bookie boy has no point IMHO. His dad’s better looking and thank heaven’s not the monster from Bad Girls – just bad enough.
    Paul’s acting keeps getting worse. Jack’s continues to be stellar.
    Liam, Liam – why do you do that? Carla’s just waiting to pounce. Is Maria’s memory that short, or perhaps Carla’s pretty convincing with eyeball Tony (I’d never noticed that until it was brought up here, and now it’s where my own eyes fixate when he’s on).
    All of you keep up the excellent writing – although it’s tough to control the snorting at work when you come up with the most amazing expressions.

  10. pip says:

    Excellent update!

    Yes, I’m feeling sorry for Vern, too. He has been well and truly used by Liz, who thought he was hot stuff to have in bed when there was no one else around, but now that BookieDad is being all suave with her she wants to dump him. And he tries so hard in a rather pathetic way (and he knows everyone thinks he’s useless, and that they’re probably right, but he doesn’t give up trying to be better – usually in a misguided manner). Funny how a character can grow on you.

    Hopefully Paul has gone off to drown himself in the canal and does a better job than David did.

  11. glacia says:

    “You’re all class Glacia.” – Oh like you wouldn’t, Debs.

  12. Cumber-Buns says:

    Just discovered this blog this morning and am loving it! Keep up the hilarity!

  13. Barbie says:

    I like Maria, always have. She may not be the brightest bulb, but after all she is Kirkeh’s sister and she’s miles ahead of him in the brains department. Speaking of Kirkeh, I think the new girlfriend is delightfully loud and obnoxious. I wonder how long she will be around.

  14. debbie says:

    Cumber-Buns, we at Corrie Canuck always welcome new readers and those who read us daily. Thanks for reading and I hope you become a regular. We love the comments, so please participate if you feel so inclined.

    Barbie, I have always liked Maria. But, I don’t think she is dumb at all. I think she can be insecure and too trusting with some people (Charlie Stubbs). But, I don’t think she is particularly dumb.

  15. Yanyan says:

    Glacia, you would have to fight me for those Lays crumbs & L’Ambiance. But then again, I’m from the Maritimes, so what do I know from class?

  16. glacia says:

    Anytime Yanyan…just bring it.

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