Update February 11, 2009 – The Really Sad Edition

The Sad Storyline 

At the hospital Maria and Marcus are sitting quietly after the news was given to her that her baby has died. Now, this is a fear all expectant parents deal with and would be devasting to hear such news but … wouldn’t such news come from a doctor and not a sonographer and a midwife? 

Anyhow, Maria is met by the nurse and they tell her that she needs to go home so that she can return in the morning. She is to have labour induced so that the baby can be delivered. Marcus tells her she needs to go home so she can tell Liam. 

Liam, who was in the shower and didn’t hear Maria’s frequent calls, is on his way to work when he is met by Lloyd. He tells Liam that Claire ratted him out over the news that he stayed the night at Carla’s. Claire has decided that it’s her business to tell a man’s pregnant wife if he is staying the night at the home of a woman to whom he is not married. If Ashley can tell her who is having chops for dinner, she can tell Maria that. She would, however, draw the line at Gail telling everyone who has hemroids.

Liam then goes to Underworld to confront Carla about causing problems between him and his wife, which she denies. 

Marcus and Maria arrive at her house where Marcus offers to come in with her. She says no, Liam is probably asleep. But Liam is not home and Maria finds his mobile where 5 missed calls from Carla are showing on the screen.

Maria goes to find Liam at Underworld but only finds Carla who tells her that Liam only crashed on the couch, which is why she cancelled the cab. She then blames Maria for whatever problems she’s having in her marriage. Maria leaves, telling Fizz that she’s looking for Liam as Janice shouts, “‘E’s int’ pub!” 

So she finds Liam with Lloyd in the Rovers as she tries to tell him they need to talk. However he won’t let her and goes on about how he’s going to never screw up again. This continues in this mode as they go home and Liam, completely unaware of the tragedy that has happened, tells Maria that all he wants is to be a good father and husband. He then offers to make her come cocoa and asks her belly if it’s ok for her to eat squirty cream (I assume this means the stuff in a can). He goes off to the kitchen where Maria stands looking at her belly, crying, and unable to tell her husband that his unborn child has died.

The Not As Sad Storyline

In a nice cafe in the city, Audrey is approached by a well-dressed older gentleman. “Either Audrey Potter has a younger sister,” he begins. “Or I was involved with a minor.” He continues to flatter her by asking about paintings in her attic and stuff.  They greet each other and Ted tells her that he only has an hour to catch up.  

They agree to skip the boring years, and the years they’d rather forget and Ted says that he’s had a bad year this year as he just lost his “partner”. 

Audrey expresses her sympathy and then lays it on him: he has a fifty year old daughter named Gail. Oh, and grandchildren. And a great-grandchild. It’s all too much for him to bear, as he pulls a giant silk hankerchief out of his pocket. All he wanted, he says, was to reconnect with some old friends after losing his non-gender specified “partner”. And when he meets his long lost relations, he realised that some secrets are better left unrevealed.

Audrey returns to the street where she fills in Rita on her date with Ted and mentions that he lost his wife this year.

“Oh no,” she corrects herself. “He said ‘partner’ so I don’t if they were married or not.”

“That’s very modern of him,” Rita observes. Yeah, modern. 

This sets off a flurry of emails from Debbie and Glacia who start with the speculation that he is gay.

As gay as, in our words:

  •  a pinwheel at a state fair.
  •  Christmas.
  • a handbag full of rainbows
  • the movie ‘Top Gun’
  • a best of Gloria Estephan and the Miami Sound Machine album.
  •  the Dinah Shore Weekend
  •  football
  • the Republican Party
  • Sarah Palin’s husband.
  • HGTV
  •  Greece
  • 8 guys doing it with 9 guys

The Annoying Storyline

Janice the Screecher is back, pounding on Paul’s door and giving him hell about getting Leanne arrested but then she learns that she got off on bail. But she eventually gets the picture that Leanne probably isn’t innocent in this.

The Cute Storyline

Becky has taken to smuggling food out of Roy’s to bring to Jason.

There’s so much gossip going on the street that Norris can barely keep up. 

Claire, or rather Julia Haworth who plays her, looks pregnant, which continues the tradition of actors who aren’t pregnant pretending to be pregnant and actors who are pregnant pretending to not be pregnant.


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11 Responses to Update February 11, 2009 – The Really Sad Edition

  1. haili says:

    Note to Corrie residents: If your spouse is missing he’s probably in the Rovers! Or maybe the bookies. But try the Rovers first.

    I kept wishing Maria would scream “Shut up” at Liam. He did keep babbling on. Too bad Maria couldn’t be happy for awhile. Cruella was her usual self and I wanted Maria to deck her.

    Clare will be the next Norris.

  2. missusmac says:

    OK, usually I like Claire, because she tends to have everyone’s best interest at heart even when she is ratting someone out.

    But, as in the case of Chesney, it isn’t always the kindest thing to do. There is a little bit of Roy in her — the always telling the truth bit — with sometimes a little too much holier than thou that pisses people off…

    The actress is pregnant in real life, and I gather Carla is is a well. (I thought that was the reason for the John Stape nightgown, which was a great line!) So is Kirkeh’s girlfriend/wife in real life, as is David’s girlfriend in real life. I was at a Corrie fest in N.S. recently where this was revealed.

    I don’t know Ted’s preference for partners, but the Corrie fest folk said he sticks around for a bit.

  3. Yanyan says:

    I, too, immediately felt my gay-dar go off when Ted said he had lost his “partner.”

  4. debbie says:

    “Claire, or rather Julia Haworth who plays her, looks pregnant, which continues the tradition of actors who aren’t pregnant pretending to be pregnant and actors who are pregnant pretending to not be pregnant.”

    Alison King (Carla)looks pregnant to me too.

  5. S. Poole says:

    Marcus rules. That is all.

  6. kunzie says:

    Well, this is a wealth of information!

    Was going to post but haili said it all for me… 😉

  7. haili says:

    Thanks kunzie. Coming from you I take it as a compliment.

    I kind of understand where Claire’s coming from with this one though, being the last to know about her own cheating husband.

    I just read on another site that the actress who plays Michelle just lost a baby.

  8. Gayle says:

    I thought Carla treated Maria horribly last night. If I had of been in her shoes (actually I have but much earlier in the pregancy) I would have never held it together. Maria needs to tell Liam immediately!

    As far as Janice is concerned…why is she still in the show? All she does is make a complete arse of herself continuously in front of the whole street. I would not be sad to see the back of her.

  9. haili says:

    Characters worth saving but need rehabilitation – or rewrites:

    Janice, Leanne, Dev., Kirkie.

  10. Tracy Emm says:

    Wednesday nights episode left me feeling angry at the writers! I have never been so disappointed in Corrie, as I was last night. The storyline with Maria was ridiculous! As if she would be functioning so well, to keep her cool with Carla, and not to blurt out about what is happening to Liam!!!!! It is just so unrealistic! yes, I know it’s a soap, but all the same, it was a hard pill to swallow last night. UNFORTUNATELY, it was only to continue tonight! VERY DISAPPOINTED! I have been watching Corrie for nearly 30 years (since I was a kid) and never have I felt so annoyed! I suppose we are meant to believe that she is scared to death of losing Liam – well I would say the divorce papers are well and truly on the way now Lady!!!!!!!

  11. pip says:

    Tracy Emm, I absolutely agree, this is completely ridiculous.

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