Update For Episode #6808 February 13, 2009


The Love Boat

Vern is bustling around getting ready to depart on the dream cruise ship vacation with Liz. She eventually works up the nerve to tell Vern, ‘Oh by the way, I’m not going with you on the cruise, there is too much going on with the pub right now.’ They argue about it a bit and Liz eventually manages to persuade Vern that it is for the best that he go on his own.

Deirdre comes by with some books for Liz to read on the boat, and when she hears that Liz is staying behind, the two have a good chat about love and marriage. Liz eventually confesses to Deirdre that she couldn’t bear to be cooped up with Vernon 24/7.

When the cab arrives and it is time for Vern to go to the airport, he and Liz say a less than passionate or sincere farewell.

The Italian/Bookies

Dan and Leanne have both received letters from the police. Dan reads his letter and tells Leanne that he is off the hook, there will be ‘no further action’ to be taken against him. Leanne, in quite an agitated state, asks him to read her letter to her. Dan winds her up a bit as usual, and tells her that she is guilty – of criminal nail biting that is. It turns out that Leanne has been cleared as well.

Of course this being a soap opera and all, Paul shows up at this exact moment to see if his accomplices in arson have heard from the police yet. Dan and Leanne take great delight in informing him that they have been cleared, and that Paul will be facing the consequences on his own. Paul can’t understand why, since he told the police every detail of what happened. Dan points out that there was no actual proof against them, and that’s what mattered in the end. Paul tells Leanne that if him going to prison will have ruined her plastic little life, then it was well worth it.

The Bank

Claire is at work at the Streetcars office and tries to order a new buggy over the phone using her bank card, which gets declined. She tells Lloyd that she is going to go home to call the bank to find out what is going on with the account she and Ashley share. Lloyd wonders why she can’t just call the bank from work, doesn’t she trust him? Claire tells Lloyd that she trusts him with her life…(but not her money it would seem)

Claire comes back a short while later to tell Lloyd that their account appears to have been emptied. Lloyd points out the deleterious effect that might have on their credit rating.

The Hospital/Salon/Pub/Yard/Street

Liam finds Maria is still gone in the morning and tries to reach her in every spot that he can think of. At work Carla of course gives him a hard time about his current dilema.

At the hospital the midwife/nurse checks in on Maria, and apologizes for the noise of babies in the background. She wonders if Maria has anyone that she could get to help her with decisions about the funeral, about what to tell people has happened, what to name the baby, that sort of thing. Maria, still in a state of shock or denial, insists that she is alright on her own. Marcus comes by and tries to counsel Maria, and offers to take some time off work to bring her home and help in any way he can, but she refuses his offer.

Maria takes a cab home but when they are on Coronation Street she sees Liam at their front door so she tells the cab driver to just keep driving.

Meanwhile Audrey is getting run off her feet at the salon on her own. When Liam stops in to see if Audrey has heard from Maria she tells him no, and if Maria doesn’t call in the next ten minutes, she can start looking for a job elsewhere.

During the dinner break Audrey is sweeping up when Ted phones, so Audrey locks the door and has a good chat with him. When Audrey finally pops into The Rovers to meet Bill for lunch, he tells her that the ice has melted in her drink already, he has been waiting so long. She gives him an excuse, downs the drink, and heads back to work again.

Back at the salon Audrey is working faster than a one-armed paper hanger when the phone rings yet again. It is Maria this time, and she is in a right state it would seem. Audrey apologizes to her customers as she chucks them out, promising a cut on the house another day. Audrey drives off to find Maria crying her eyes out on the walk outside of Audrey’s house. (I think) Audrey helps Maria up and brings her inside so they can have a bit of tea and a chat.

A distraught Maria tells Audrey that she has lost everyone. (the first reference to losing the baby) Audrey, thinking that Maria is referring to Liam, assures her that everything is fine, and that Liam has been frantic with worry looking for Maria all day. Maria tells about his not coming home from Carla’s the other night, and how he denied sleeping with her, but why did they send the cab away? Audrey, wise woman that she is, tells Maria that ‘men do stupid things, dont’ they?’ Maria continues to cry and Audrey wonders if there is more to it then that, thinking that Liam might have been violent with Maria, but she says that isn’t it. Audrey tries to sooth Maria again, telling her to ‘keep calm just for that little babies sake’, which only leads to more tears.

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17 Responses to Update For Episode #6808 February 13, 2009

  1. beanie says:

    I wasn’t sure if that was Audrey’s house either as we haven’t seen it for some time. I must say though Chez Audrey is Tres Chic!

  2. haili says:

    I hope Maria tells someone soon! This has gone on long enough. She’s feeling betrayed but at least she could blurt it out to Audrey, who is acting like a mother to her. Pretty soon someone should notice when she stands up she’s lost a few pounds.

    Liz has a way with words when it comes to dealing with men but I can see that she’s needed at the Rovers what with Michelle, Sean, Vernon and Vi gone. She can’t expect too many hours out of Betty and Steve has the cab business to run. Did Vernon expect her to close the place? Lucky for her she had a good excuse but that marriage was doomed from the start. She just seems to enjoy these breaks from Vern a bit too much.

  3. Barbie says:

    I think Maria is in denial big time. If she says it, then it becomes real. I wish she’d get on with it though, this waiting is driving me nuts.
    I’ve also been wondering how Audrey can lose both her grandkids in the salon but still keep on as normal. Shows how useless they were I guess.

  4. haili says:

    Maria knows Carla spares no opportunity to try to seduce Liam and that there is chemistry between them. Carla never misses an opportunity to disparage Maria to Liam and try to get him to drink with her and then insults Maria every chance she gets. No wonder Maria doesn’t trust them. Liam doesn’t help matters and plays right into Carla’s hands. He should have taken her home that night at the dinner or at least gone with her and then he ends up at the Rovers with Carla the next day. They try to make out that Maria is paranoid but it’s not paranoia when it’s true.

    The poor girl is emotionally worn out by the whole thing and shame on Liam for not calling the hospital when she took off in a taxi with a suitcase. Audrey should have known something was very wrong too.

  5. pip says:

    Well, Maria started all this by saying one thing when she meant another – she told Liam to stay at Carla and Tony’s when she really wanted him to go home with her. She should have done what most married couples do before they arrive at a dinner party – work out the signals – ‘when I say/do this, honey, that means it’s time for us to leave’. So if Liam’s guilty of playing into Carla’s hands then Maria’s guilty of assisting him to do so.

    I’m just worried that Maria will delay telling anyone about the baby for so long that she simply can’t do it, and just carries on pretending to still be pregnant.

  6. corrierules says:

    Okay, I know I’m thinking about this waaaay more than i should….but shouldn’t Leanne be able to get the insurance $ now, since she’s been cleared by the police investigation? She could paint herself as a victim of a crime, perpetrated by an obsessed “stalker” thwarted in love and consumed by jealousy.

  7. Defrost Indoors says:

    I found it hard to believe that Audrey didn’t notice Maria’s tummy was more or less flat now.

  8. Joy says:

    Corrierules, I’m not an insurance lawyer but I think that if one of the insured persons (which Paul would be as a partner) commits arson, the insurance company doesn’t pay anyone.

  9. Tracy Emm says:

    yes, I would agree. If Paul was a legal partner in the business, then the insurance will not pay. You can’t burn down your own property and then collect insurance on it…
    Almost time to watch Monday nights episode! So more gruelling troubles with Maria again. I’m prepare to be annoyed AGAIN!!!! Surely to goodness, this matter will be closed tonight and we can move onto other matters!

  10. lovethestreet says:

    Although I found the episode with Maria delivering the baby quite moving, I join the ranks of other watchers who are fed up with this story — it seems unbelievable that Maria would be able to keep this secret.

    On the other hand, I enjoyed seeing Au-dreh’s house, my darlings. Her many years as a gad-about and shopaholic have resulted in her having much better taste than most of the others on the street!

    (And, in all fairness, she is a hard worker now with the salon.)

  11. haili says:

    I really like Audrey. She always seems to be the first to figure out the truth and has been like a mom to Maria, Sarah and Candice. Last night she finally got it and it took her a lot longer this time.

  12. fondue123 says:

    Okay, really. Time’s up, everybody out of the pool. I’m not impressed with the writing for this plot line. As someone pointed out earlier, why didn’t Liam call the hospital when he was desperately looking for Maria????? Didn’t occur to him, didn’t occur to anyone to suggest it to him? This is getting really schtupid!
    Re: Audreh. I’ve never been able to get behind this character too much; she mothers people sometimes, helps them out, defends them against all odds, but then the next minute she’s threatening to fire them, or talking trash about them. She’s a bit changeable, our Audreh. Nice house though.

  13. Piper says:

    “I found it hard to believe that Audrey didn’t notice Maria’s tummy was more or less flat now.”

    I was also wondering about that. I’ve never been pregnant and although I know the stomach doesn’t immediately shrink back I thought for sure Audrey would notice. I’m pretty sure the costume/wardrobe had her in a less noticeable ‘tummy’ piece.

  14. kunzie says:

    Agreed, people…I found it beyond believable that Audrey did not notice the physical change in Maria, nor ask directly if the baby was okay. If a pregnant friend of mine was curled up on the sidewalk crying, that’s the first thing I would look at and ask about.

    I was okay with this storyline at first; now I am finding the plot devices keeping Maria and Liam apart annoying rather than tension I am willing to play along with.

    Also in my mind is the fact that Liam and Maria don’t know each other well at all…to my view, they are almost strangers that got married. I was personally surprised that they did get married – I expected that to get interrupted, somehow. The incident on the moors showed that they become panicky and intolerant of one another very quickly; they are not well-enough acquainted to anticipate one another. Funny how sometimes we think that marriage is some sort of magic bullet that hastens the process of discovery.

  15. Gayle says:

    Kunzie, I agree with all of your comments! If I had a pregnant friend miss work, not call, and turn up at my door crying hysterically my first question would be is the baby ok?

    This story is also showing us how immature both Liam and Maria are (how old are they suppposed to be does anyone know?) Why is Liam constantly going into the pub and asking people if they know where Maria is? The pub is the last place a distraught pregnant woman would be.

    When is Gail going back to work? She is constantly wandering around in an ugly track suit.

  16. kunzie says:

    C’mon, Gail hunched over like that and frowning is total ET!! Makes me laugh…

  17. jacqui583 says:

    So how long do you think we’ll have to wait for Paul to realize that he really shafted himself by turning himself in? I find THAT storyline really incredible. I can’t imagine anyone is really as stupid as they make Paul out to be.

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