Monday February 16th 2009 – The, She Needs Help Update

UK Time Sunday May 4th 2008

Maria has clearly lost the plot. The episode opens with Maria in Audrey’s spare room still holding on to a secret that will get more and more difficult to keep as the hours go by. Obviously, she isn’t thinking because if she were she would realize that keeping this secret is impossible and a little bit crazy. She has the possibility of alienating the people she needs to see her through this difficult time. The panic and grief has totally blown all other problems out of proportion.

After begging Audrey not to say anything to Liam, Bill talks some sense into her. I have to say that I think Audrey’s worry that Liam is violent is kind of unfounded and I don’t understand where it comes from. To me it seems like a writer’s excuse. Maria is clearly not in her right mind. Thankfully, Audrey calls Liam and tells him that Maria is with her and yeah, don’t come over. Okay.

Obviously, Liam high-tails it over to Audrey’s where he fights to get into the house. But, Audrey and Bill stop him at the door while Maria looks on from the stairs. Later, Audrey tucks Maria into bed and offers to put a load in for her. Maria declines the offer wanting to sort it out in the morning. This, of course, means that Audrey should rifle through her things. What does she find? She finds evidence of a baby born yesterday. I am not clear on whether or not Audrey knows that the baby is still born.

Other Stuff That Happened

Bill and Gail demand to know about Ted Paige

Ashley finally tells Clair that they are broke. It looks like Claire is a bit of a 1950’s throwback. What they need is a visit from Gail Vas Oxlaide for a little ‘Till Debt do us Part counseling.

Bookie Daddy, Harry is still charming the leopard print of Liz.

This Episode’s totally Random and Useless Story

Bookie son, Dan needs a boost and basically has to beg Lloyd for it. Finally after promising a pint, Lloyd is keen to help. Like magic Lloyd provides a boost and we learn that Bookie son is helpless with cars. Steve makes fun of him while talking to Lloyd and Ryan (who serves as a grim reminder that Michelle will one day be back from her trip). Then Steve locks his keys in the car and Dan has to come out to get them out. Steve say7s “I thought I had a misspent youth.” You did Steve. Please read your character backgrounder, lest you forget.

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16 Responses to Monday February 16th 2009 – The, She Needs Help Update

  1. Piper says:

    I’ve always wondered where the CBC gets their short episode blurb from. There always seems to be some piece of info that never happens. I eventually chalked it up to the deleted scenes issue, but I don’t think that was the case on the Monday episode (real time May 4th).

    Their caption on the website and what appeared on my digital cable guide included this

    ‘Maria stays with Audrey while Liam is panic stricken. David gets a surprise visit from Tina. Harry asks Liz to accompany him to an event.’

    Obviously we didn’t see any David or Tina, but when I checked the episode summary on corrie.ent for that day there is also no mention of David.

  2. Yanyan says:

    Love the “Random Encounter” picture. Also loved the scene with Steve, Lloyd and Baby Bookie. Also wish Michelle would never return.

    Piper, I also noticed the lack of David getting a surprise visit from Tina. The only thing I can think of is that it was originally aired as an hour-long episode in Britain, and CBC chopped it into two half-hours? With the surprise visit occurring tonight? Guess time will tell.

  3. kunzie says:

    Piper, Mr. Kunzie and I have a chuckle about the erroneous micro-reports every night…often things are listed that didn’t happen. I won’t look at the info ahead of time either – sometimes there are spoilers like…”the alien mothership returns for Gail; Value Village closes, leaving Liam and Mel Morton without togs; Kunzie blows up CBC, destroying this season of Sophie.”

  4. debbie1975 says:

    “Kunzie blows up CBC, destroying this season of Sophie.”

    This could read “Kunzie and Debbie get arrested as RCMP uncover their plot to blow up CBC, destroying this season of Sophie.”

  5. Piper says:

    I too wondered if it was a split one hour episode but it didn’t seem to be. This episode aired on a Sunday and the next one (according to the wonderful aired on the Monday. Oh well, just another thing to wonder about…

  6. haili says:

    A couple of things for the gratitude journal: Michelle is still away – and Alex too; Maria’s secret is finally out.

    Looks like bookie boy has done a spot of joy riding in the past. The random encounter was good for a laugh and I like Steve and Lloyd together.

    Gail really outdid herself as a sour puss. She already knew who her father was and that he didn’t know about her. I wanted to belt her one when she lit into Audrey. That woman is so judgmental when it comes to her mother – a real misery guts.

    Is Sophie that bad? I’ve never watched it.

  7. lovethestreet says:

    Didn’t Steve steal car radios throughout his teenage years? Shouldn’t he know how to break into a locked car?

  8. Tracy Emm says:

    okay, so I’m off the Maria subject, can’t even be bothered to type about it anymore, it’s all so pathetic.
    However, I have another complaint! Can anyone explain why Ashley would be broke? Okay, so even if the business goes down the pan – what about his inheritance money from Fred? Fred owned the Rovers, lets not forget. Surely a big dealer like Fred had some money stored away and would have had some form of life insurance? Fred also had his own home, before buying the house on Coronation Street… I can see where this storyline is going, and yet again, more unbelievable-ness (if that’s even a word! ugh!)

  9. corrierules says:

    And let’s not forget that Fred bought the house for Ashley when he was married to Maxine! So unless he has a gambling/drug/retail habit that’s spiraling out of control, (and that we never knew about) I cannot understand why Ashley’s broke.

  10. haili says:

    I can’t understand why Ashley’s broke either since he sold the Rovers and got the house free. Even if the butcher shop was losing money, couldn’t he just sell it or go into another business?

    I remember Steve stealing radios so he should have known how to get into the car – but the writers don’t seem to bother about these little details.

  11. TrudyC says:

    The reason I don’t watch American soaps is because it takes forever to get with a plotline – kinda like Maria not telling Liam, you can totally see where this storyline is going. Do I hear – Liam running into Carla’s open arms?

  12. Yanyan says:

    No, TrudyC, that noise you hear is Carla unfurling herself from her web and opening her arms in anticipation of Liam running into them.

  13. haili says:

    And I’ll bet he lands there tonight or Friday. Looks like Corrie is pre-empted yet again tomorrow.

  14. Gayle says:

    Haili: According to my tv schedule, Thursday’s episode of Corrie will be shown at 2pm Thursday.

  15. haili says:

    Thanks a lot Gayle. I would have missed it! Never thought to look at the afternoon schedule. Maybe there will be a one of those announcements across the screen tonight.

  16. corriecrazy says:

    I thought Gail’s reaction to the whole Ted Paige situation. She’s a brat. She’s known her father’s name for so long that she could’ve already found/met him if she really wanted to! I wonder if this storyline will go furthur… It’s kind of taking a back seat to all of the Liam/Maria/pregnancy action.

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