Update for Tuesday Feb 17, 2009


This Story Can’t End Fast Enough For Me

It’s bank holiday and the show starts with Audrey preparing to approach Maria about the baby certificate. When Maria comes down, Audrey asks her what’s up..and just to make sure this story line gets even more horrid, Audrey assumes the baby was born alive and asks Maria ‘Where’s your baby, my darling’. (On a side note, I’ve decided to drink heavier than usual during this stuff.)

Maria finally spills the beans to Audrey and Audrey tells her that she needs to tell Liam asap. Maria is worried that Liam is going to supa-pissed because she’s waited so long. Audrey says it’s tragic that Liam didn’t get a chance to see the baby, because every baby ever born needs to have their mother’s arms about them, but that every baby also needs their daddy. Audrey said this. (At this point Glacia paused the PVR and went to the kitchen to get a pot and kettle. Just for comparison sake.  FYI, they’re both black.)

Meanwhile Liam is having difficulties fending off questions from Kirk-eh and Fizz (who have gifts because apparently it’s Maria’s birthday. Come on! Can we incorporate some abandoned kittens?) There’s also some Carla/Liam banter – the same we’ve been seeing for the last few days.

Liam tries to get into his house but not before a social worker comes up asking for Maria.  She’s following up on the case and when Liam says that he’s Maria’s husband, social worker lady says, ‘This situation is hard on both of you.’

Bada bing bada boom – the cat’s out of the bag and the social worker has to tell the whole story.  He of course is pretty upset and goes rushing off to Audrey’s to confront Maria.

Meanwhile back at Chez Roberts, Audrey has convinced Maria to go to Liam and tell him what’s happened. As Maria’s walking down the stairs and loud knock at the door happens. Yep, it’s Liam and he’s in a state. The last we see is him pushing passed Audrey and chasing Maria upstairs.

Claire and Ashley Start a Reality Improvement Show Network

Ashely and Claire are trying to figure out ways to make sure that their marriage isn’t Till Debt Do Us Part. So Claire decides the best way is to Sell Our House and they can buy This Old House and fix it up.

Now, if Ashley can pack on 300lbs and Claire can get knocked up with quintuplets – THEN we’re talking spinoff.

In Other News
Les calls to tell Chesney that he won’t be back for at least another year. Chesney no longer not give a rat’s ass.

Sean is back from vaycay and has discovered on his travels that Lauren is a self centred bitch who uses people. After that breakthrough, he spent some reflective time on the beach and figured out that Marcus might be gay.

Oh yeah, David is still in jail; still waiting for Tina. He seems to be doing some sort of bonding with the mentalist who he shares a room with. Turns out the roomie is in the hoosegow for starting an ickle fire.

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7 Responses to Update for Tuesday Feb 17, 2009

  1. fondue123 says:

    Thanks, Glacia, I laughed so hard at the kettle/pot comparison! No kidding, Audreh takes the cake.
    I f

  2. fondue123 says:

    oops. fast fingers~!!!!
    As I was saying: If I didn’t know better (and I do, because I’ve watched the show), it certainly looked like Maria was PETRIFIED of Liam, when he banged on Audreh’s door. Audreh had wondered about physical violence, and we know it didn’t happen, but Maria’s reaction made it look like this really could have been true.

  3. fondue123 says:

    Hey, I don’t know what happened there…LOL! Apologies!

  4. beanie says:

    Fondue123….you are now fired as our Corrie Canuck Stenographer.

  5. fondue123 says:

    HAHAHAHA! Technology and me…not a marriage made in heaven. How ironic that I make my living as a tech writer/software tester!

  6. glacia says:

    Fondue – I feel your pain. I’m a tech writer too and after a day of correcting other people, seriously, I can’t be arsed to spell correctly myself.

    But I do mentally correct billboards and restaurant menus.

  7. fondue123 says:

    Glacia!! Small world, no?

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