Update – Wednesday February 18, 2009. Mid-Winter Blues

An Unhappy Birthday

Liam has arrived at Audrey’s, after discovering through the nurse that Maria lost the baby. He charges upstairs where he finds his wife in the guest room. He asks Maria if it’s true and she confirms it. 

He then finds out that this happened a few days ago and Maria begs him not to leave her. She says that he died and nobody knows why. There was nothing wrong with him, he seemed perfect.

Later, Marcus arrives with flowers for Maria but quickly understands that she and Liam are having the talk. He stays downstairs with Audrey, where he brings her up to speed on why Maria and Liam where separated the day she found out the baby died. He also explains to Audrey that he knows what happened because he was there at the time.

Liam is gutted when he finds out that it was Marcus, and not him, who was with her when she delivered. He asks what he’s done that’s so wrong that she would prefer having a stranger there than her own husband. He then discovers the print of the baby’s hands and feet and starts crying. 

Eventually, they head home where they meet Fizz, Kirk, and Chesney who all wish her happy birthday and start going on about the baby. She can’t tell them what happened (though now it’s bound to get out sooner or later) and she gets in the car and they head back to Audrey’s. 

There, the conversation turns from the baby’s burial to Liam shock that at what Maria did and Maria’s suspicion that Liam will run right to Carla’s shoulder. Eventually, Liam storms out, unable to look at Maria, despite her demand that he tell her he loves her. 

But Liam just gets in his car with the very loud engine and drives away.

“That’s it,” Maria tells Audrey. “He’s gone. I’ve lost him.”

Or, she could say that she’s “All by myself”

(hey, someone’s gotta inject some levity somewhere)

House Swap

Sally, Claire, Kevin, and Ashley arrive at the Rovers where newly frugal Claire orders a tap water with lemon from Betty (the others order proper drinks). Claire talks about the deal she got in the Precinct, which Sally thinks smells like a tramp’s armpit, where she found a deal on 20 tins of unknown foodstuffs for £2. Ashley thinks it’s all going a bit too far as they’re aren’t that desperate but Sally wants to know if they’re considering selling the house. Ashley says no, but Claire mouthes “yes” to Sally.

As it’s been pointed out, it’s an interesting storyline but slow business at the butchers doesn’t really explain their financial circumstances. They own their house. It was a gift from Fred. The shop is probably a rented space but the Rovers was a property, which Ashley would have made money on when it was sold to Steve and Liz. More importantly, while Fred Elliot was no Mike Baldwin style tycoon, he was known to have a few bucks in the bank. Ashley and Claire would have inherited a sizeable estate.

So, this is what I came up with to explain their skintness:

  • The fire shot their insurance premiums through the roof. 
  • Despite an insurance pay out, they still paid thousands more than they should have rebuilding the house.
  • Fred only bequeathed a small amount to his son, the rest went to Beryl and the Square Dealer’s association. 
  • Last year’s fuel prices drove up the cost of cattle feed, which drove up the cost of livestock. 
  • When things went south at the butcher’s, Ashley quietly remortgaged the house (knowing that Claire never checks her own joint accounts) and has been paying out his savings on that, Kirk’s salary, and cardigans for Claire. 

Later, Sally, who’s always dreamed of a posher house, suggests a house swap which Claire thinks is a swell idea. Sally subtly suggests an upgrade (without saying what house she has in mind) to Kevin, who flatly rejects the idea.

Boys Behind Bars

Tina finally comes to see David in jail. She complains of a big “lezzer” who felt her up at the security desk (yeah, that’s kind of offensive). She also agrees, for some reason, to move in with Gail, to keep her company. And she and David are back on.

And Graeme is in for arson, which broke his mother’s heart, according to woman who came to visit him.

And a scroll ran across the screen, at least here in Montreal, to say that Corrie will air at 2:00pm because of special, probably Obama-related, programming tomorrow night.

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31 Responses to Update – Wednesday February 18, 2009. Mid-Winter Blues

  1. haili says:

    No hugs for Maria but no problem hugging Carla. No sympathy for Maria but defends Carla. Lots of yelling. That’s the way to comfort a wife who just lost a baby. Time for Maria to move on.

    Maybe Ashley has a gambling, call-girl type problem; that’s all I can think of that would make them broke unless they did overspend re-decorating the house. To me, it’s the business they should sell.

  2. Tracy Emm says:

    Well,I for one, am glad Liam left Maria at Audrey’s! This storyline has turned her into a nagging little brat, and I am beginning to dislike a character whom I once loved… The writters did this with Dev/Sunita, and that whole scenerio when Sunita left the show – that storyline was just too unbelieveable for me… Not that Dev was Mr. Perfect (who is?!) but I just didn’t see him disregarding his own kids.
    I’ve always raved to my friends about how Corrie is so much better than the American soaps, but I can see the egg slowly approaching my face now!

  3. Joy says:

    I thought that Liam was quite calm considering the circumstances. Not telling him about the baby was bad enough but accusing him of running back to Carla was over the top! I know that Maria’s in mourning but she’s being way too stupid.

  4. kunzie says:

    Glacia, JOhn – cheers for the updates! Needed it – customers are freaking out today. I guess they don’t like the Sophie desk calendars I sent them. (Deb, I have the fertilizer bags…).

    Remind my aging brain: did Bev affect the disbursement of Fred’s estate?

    And I must have totally missed Tina’s decision to move in with Gail. I hope she has a flying bike with banana seat.

  5. pip says:

    Boy, Maria couldn’t have driven Liam from her if she tried harder. To accuse him of wanting to go cry on Carla’s shoulder was a bit much. To then suggest that his actions were responsible for her not telling him about the baby was even worse. All she can say is sorry, sorry, but she made no move towards him to give or receive comfort, and then she said she couldn’t go back to their flat with him. Finally she accuses him of not loving her and of only marrying her because of the baby. There’s no indication that she sees him as a source of solace or that she truly loves him (if she truly loved him she would have told him straightaway about the baby). All in all an unbelieveable and poorly written storyline. The writers banged the nail in the coffin of that relationship with a sledgehammer.

    As for flat swapping storyline, it makes no sense financially, as John pointed out. But it makes no sense in terms Sally’s sudden need for more space. Somehow teenage girls are more in need of a garden to play in than preschool boys are? Please.

  6. Barbie says:

    Sally has always wanted to live on the “posh” side of the street, I pity the girls in the factory having to listen to her if and when she gets her way. Poor Kevin is in for it now.
    Maria is acting like an idiot but she is right. Liam really did only marry her because she was pregnant and he was trying to send a message to Carla.

  7. haili says:

    Maria is so right! He made no move to put his arms around her or comfort her but turns to Carla every time. He should have had his fling with Carla instead of marrying Maria but then I suppose there would be no storyline. I just think that when a woman is in a fragile condition after giving birth to a dead baby, the husband should think about her feelings for awhile, but Liam is very self-centered about this whole thing. We should take bets on how long it takes Carla to seduce him. The boy is so easily led.

    On the other hand, Maria had doubts about the marriage and should have followed her intuition and stayed single.

  8. lovethestreet says:

    The most disconcerting moment for me last night had nothing to do with Maria and Liam: it was Claire and her measure to economize. She was trying to make new bars of soap from the remnants of old bars of soap, but kept finding “curly ‘airs”. I was staggered.

    Frankly, I can’t believe no one else has mentioned this line…

  9. pip says:

    Yeah, that was disgusting. Made no sense either, as you’d find more curly hairs on a large piece of soap than on a soap sliver. On that topic I remember when I was a kid we were supposed to meld the soap sliver to the new bar of soap we were starting. It never worked.

  10. kunzie says:

    I do not allow bar melding in my house. You cannot stick a bar of papaya to a bar of lilac. I thought what Claire said was hysterical. You won’t hear anyone on Days of our Lives say that!

  11. beanie says:

    LMFAO!!! Thanks for reminding me lovethestreet about soap slivers with curly hairs. How freakin’ gross is that? They probably don’t even discuss that in porn.

  12. beanie says:

    A couple of serious questions. How far along was Maria? Why is she considered to have given ‘birth’ and she must give the registrar a name and have a funeral. I’m not trying to make light of the painful loss of a child but this is confusing to me.
    Is anyone else a little freaked out about that paper with the little hands and feet? Do they really do that? It’s beyond creepy to me.

  13. Pauline says:

    Beanie, I believe once you’re past the 26 week mark that you have to have a funeral if the baby should die. As I recall, Maria said she had 10 weeks to go which would put her at 30 weeks pregnant.


  14. Pauline says:

    Beanie, I found this info at a UK Government website…

    Under the law, if your baby is born dead before the end of the 24 th week of pregnancy, it is called a miscarriage.

    If your baby is born dead after the 24 th week of pregnancy it is called a stillbirth.

  15. haili says:

    It may have been a bit much to accuse Liam of crying on Carla’s shoulder, but that’s exactly what he does! It’s not paranoia if it’s really true.

    I totally missed the part about the curly hairs on the soap! Still can’t believe the Peacocks are so broke that she has to stick soap together and order tap water in the Rovers. I suppose it’s all part of the campaign to get Ashley to move. Claire is more devious than I thought – or more upset by the whole thing with KC than we’ve seen so far.

  16. Bea says:

    About Clair and the soap melding – I believe she has OCD. I have someone close to me who has it, and imo they took Clair’s personality right out of the text book. When she gets an idea into her head she just can’t let it go.

  17. beanie says:

    Pauline, Thanks for clearing that up. I’m still a little freaked about the tiny hands and feet though. Then again, I felt very uncomfortable with the big honkin’ Vera flowers and having a service at the Crematorium especially when the casket exits the room.

  18. Modge says:

    I was surprised at how manipulative Claire was with the “not sleeping because of the fire and everything else” to get Ashley to agree to move -and also at how quickly he caved…he must still feel very guilty. I too am baffled as to how they could have ended up in such dire financial straits after having everything handed to them. In fact, even after the fire, didn’t the neighbours get together and practically rebuild the place for them, before any insurance came in? This whole thing is another rushed and ridiculous example of plot advancement.
    Regarding Maria and Liam -I’m just sick of them both. I hope they both go away somewhere for a few days/weeks after the funeral – maybe the Lake District?

  19. Tracy Emm says:

    Modge, I completely agree with you about Claire… I was amazed at the great lengths she has went to, to get Ashley to agree to moving!!! I’m getting a bit tired of the writters ideas lately… you can’t build up a character over many years and then expect the viewers to accept a complete change in direction (where character’s morals/attitudes are concerned)!
    And while I am also sick of Maria – it is true, she should never have married him in the first place; there is a definite connection w/ Liam and Carla; clearly Maria can’t get over it, so it’s time to move on!

  20. pip says:

    Yes, who would have thought that Claire, who believes in always doing the right thing, would be so manipulative.

    I was flabbergasted that Liam and Maria have agreed to name the baby ‘Paul’ in memory of Liam’s dead brother. (btw, I feel so sorry for Liam’s parents, first Paul dies, now they find out Ryan isn’t their blood grandson – some freak of child named Alex is – and then the baby is stillborn). But who in their right mind names a poor stillborn baby after a deceased relative? The purpose of giving a child a family name is to CARRY ON THE NAME! (sorry for yelling). Now the family has two dead Pauls, both of whom died tragically.

    The only logical explanation for this is that the writers are on drugs. Or they’re teenage girls.

    But I’m pretty fed up. I’m going to watch tonight’s episode and then take a month off from the show. I hope its better when I come back.

  21. haili says:

    I don’t find it strange to name a baby after a dead relative – if you loved the relative; it’s kind of a tribute to them. But we sure do all see things differently depending on life experiences. My ex and I named our son after our brothers – and his was deceased. He remembered him fondly and wanted to use his name. I can understand where Liam was coming from for once; even if the baby was stillborn Liam is supposed to have loved him.

    I found the little hand and foot prints creepy too but people keep strange mementoes of dead people – sometimes even the ashes on the mantle.

  22. pip says:

    I don’t find it strange to name a baby after a dead relative, I find it strange to name a dead baby after a dead relative, especially a relative whose life was cut short. It just seems to emphasize the tragedy of both losses – now both our Pauls are gone far too soon. And it defeats the reason for giving the child the same name – so the name and the memory would live on.

    Strange, but I don’t think the hand and footprints are creepy, I thought that was lovely. As for ashes my mom kept my grandma’s ashes hidden inside a large ceramic stool for years. Only I knew. It was a bit morbidly funny watching other people sit on it, unawares. But then, death doesn’t seem to creep me out as much as it does other people.

  23. corrierules says:

    While I agree this story is somewhat ridiculous, I for one am prepared to cut Maria some slack. She has just been through a horrific experience. She learned that the child she was carrying is dead and the shock keeps her from thinking straight. She then has to go through the pain of childbirth. which is compounded by grief and anxiety. She’s really barely functioning. Liam is acting like an idiot. Rather than say, “Maria, what an ordeal you’ve been through, how can I help and support you?” Somehow it’s become all about him. Which is not say that he hasn’t suffered a huge loss and is of course feeling pain… but he should be reaching out to her, not censuring her.
    Thank goodness for the house swap story. great to watch the interactions between Kevin and Sally.

  24. Pauline says:

    It looked to me like Claire is pregnant is real life. Anybody else notice?

  25. haili says:

    I read that the actress who plays Claire had a baby last July. I didn’t really notice but will look again.

  26. eila says:

    I think the certificate with the hands and feet is a good thing. Parents of stillborn babies often appreciate having something like that to remember them by.

    They used to bustle the babies away, thinking it was for the best, but now they offer family members the chance to cuddle them and, in some places, even take pictures.


  27. Gayle says:

    What I don’t get in the Maria loss of baby story. Where in hell are the grandparents? Liam has lovely parents — surely they could come and provide some comfort and support. Isn’t Michelle supposed to be there visiting with the creepy Alex. As well what about Maria’s parents? Kirk was just there so it can’t be that expensive to fly there. I didn’t see Ryan at the funeral, isn’t he quite close to Liam? I will be so glad to see this storyline wrap up.

  28. haili says:

    They decided to have the funeral right away so the grandparents probably don’t even know about it yet. I would love to see Liam’s mother handle Carla again; she did a great job last time! I can understand why they would want to keep it as private as possible and get it over with. Maybe Liam and Maria will go and visit their parents after all this. We never see Maria’s parents and I forget if we ever did.

  29. Pauline says:

    Haili, that would mean she’s about 7 months pregnant in the episodes we’re seeing now. I thought I saw a bump and her boobs are definately bigger. lol

  30. missusmac says:

    Tina agreed to move in with Gail? I must have missed that, I watched online.

    Not sure where Ashley and Claire’s money went. Possibly on Little Tyke toys for the boys? There were some serious-sized toys in that back garden. I can see Sally immediately loving the idea of going to the POSH side of the street, whether she needs room for teens or not. With Sal, it’s all about ‘class’.

    The Liam/Maria saga is too American soap for me. I tried to tell you for two days, but I couldn’t…. WHAT? And the idea that Liam would be all over Carla for support etc, even have her drive him to Maria’s, is nuts. Even in his grief, Liam knows Maria distrusts Carla and that Carla dislikes Maria, and this won’t make the situation good. Nope, too contrived for me.

  31. haili says:

    Speaking of Little Tyke toys, why couldn’t Claire – a trained nanny – start a business minding other tikes? There would be hardly any cost involved. It seems that she just wants to get out of that house and all her dedication as a professional nanny disappeared when she had the baby. Maybe her depression put her off that business.

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