Monday March 23rd – I know the Update is Late

UK Time Friday May 9th – Episode II

The show opens at the funeral of little Paul Connor. Liam and Maria are sitting in the front pew. Everyone is somber at the funeral, but Kirk’s girlfriend is wailing like a professional mourner. I sympathized with her mainly because she has this amazing emotional pull over me, like she understands my inner most feelings. I had the same sense with Princess Diana.

The funeral was very sad. After, the small group gathered at the grave yard for the remainder of the service there and once everyone left, Maria and Liam sat the grave side. Liam didn’t say anything in the church, but at the grave yard feels like he wants to say something. Maria encourages him and he talks to the baby.

Graveside, Maria also apologizes for not telling Liam about the baby and basically making a mess out of the whole situation. After the funeral Maria and Liam go home and Maria decides not to go back to Audrey’s house. The other funeral goers head to the pub.

The house swap is in full swing between the Peacocks and the Websters. The estate evaluator has come by and is deciding on what the houses are worth. After Clair is totally gracious regarding Sally’s house, Sally is a bit of a cow while going through Claire’s house.

Once the evaluations came in we learned that Sally’s house is worth 98 thousand pounds. At the time of this writing that converts to $175, 927.05. Not bad for the down market suburb of a northern England city. Claire’s house is worth 123 thousand pounds. That is $219,408.62 in Canadian funds. The difference is close to 50 grand. Sally is chuffed, but Claire is pissed. She feels that Sally influenced the valuation by making comments about room size.

This promises to be a Coronation Street BATTLE ROYALE. The Breathtaking Busy Body Vs the Queen of Keeping up Appearances. Who will emerge victorious? Will it be our wide eyed red-head who doesn’t believe in secrets or the social climbing vixen who will stop at nothing to live above her station.

In Other News

Tina tells Gail that she has been visiting David. Gayle is glad that David is calling someone cuz it ain’t his mother.

Ted Paige has the worst day of his life. Gail called him and he actually answered.

Sean and Marcus living at Eileen’s. K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

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8 Responses to Monday March 23rd – I know the Update is Late

  1. kunzie says:

    Thanks Deb – worth the wait!! I too figured that Sean and Marcus would be living at Eileen’s…but hey, they may move above the saloh, mightn’t they?

    And further to my Kevin/Claire comment of last posting…wasn’t Kevin commenting to Ty in the garage that he bets Claire’s a wild librarian in bed??? Uh-huh…

  2. haili says:

    I really wanted someone to drag Kirk’s girlfriend out by the hair! She doesn’t even know the people but she carries on like that?

    Thank goodness Audrey was there to pry Carla away or she would have been sitting between Liam and Maria. As it was, she hovered as long as she could – like a black crow.

    We haven’t seen Eileen in ages and I miss her sense of humour. I wonder if Sean and Marcus will move elsewhere and leave the Grimshaw house almost empty again.

  3. S. Poole says:

    @haili — LOL, pretty sure there was a crow call amongst all the nature sounds in the cemetery.

  4. corriecrazy says:

    Love that Marcus and our Sean are moving in! I also loved how Carla was left all alone throughout the funeral and at the pub. Couldn’t tell though if she was finally backing off or jealous when she saw Maria and Liam arrive home.

    It’s probably the latter. I think Tony needs to come back and divert her attention.

    Oh I do love when Sally is conniving. But I can do without Claire being whiny and annoying. Really haven’t liked what they’ve done to that character since coming out of depression.

    Loved seeing Sophie! She and Kevin are definitely my favourite Websters!

    And I’m glad Tina’s back. I like hers and Gail’s banter.

    I also realised while watching this episode that I love the expression of “being cheesed off.” My Mum says that every now and then, so I burst out laughing when Tina said it.

  5. Modge says:

    The Black Crow’s skirt was slit high enough in the back to be showing next week’s washing as well. A little tarty for a funeral?

    I was relieved to hear Sean finally ask “Shall I talk with Eileen?” since it looked like once again, people were making plans for her home while denying her any input. Love Kunzie’s idea of them moving in above the salon.

  6. TrudyC says:

    “The Black Crow’s skirt was slit high enough in the back to be showing next week’s washing as well. A little tarty for a funeral?”

    ROLMFAO – OMG that is priceless Modge. Well put!

  7. CAPT PAT says:

    Are we into the month of March already, stay out of the Rovers ladies, we are still in February??

  8. Gayle says:

    Regarding Carla wanting to be “left alone” in the pub, then why go to a crowded pub if you want to be left alone? I can’t stand the character of Carla and was chuckling to myself that she absolutely has no friends.

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