Tuesday’s Update

Gayle’s Dacharacter51
There’s a new stylist on the street named Natasha, and while it seems like she can give Maria a run for her money in the insecurity and dopey department, she’s a talented stylist as we can see by the fancy ‘do she does on Audrey. (Very impressive).

Gayle pops in to get her roots touched up and a chin replacement as she needs to gussy up for her first meeting with her father. Gayle’s feeling a bit insecure herself, but Audrey assures her they can ‘de-E.T.’ her in no time.

Just as Gayle is fluffing the pillows for Ted’s arrival, Tina barges in announcing that she hates her mother and that David said she could use his room.  When Gayle objects to her just showing up unannounced, Tina says, ‘Fine I’ll sleep in the streets, in the gutter, with a…DOG POO PILLOW’. (Best line of the night).

Gayle and her have an argy bargy on the street when Ted Page shows up. He assumes that Tina is Sarah and Tina assumes that Gayle has become lovers with a ‘coffin dodger’. When all is straightened out, the three go into the house for tea.

Tina begins to ask a lot of personal questions of Ted, including if Audrey was a ‘goer’ back in the day and Gayle suggests that Tina go upstairs to unpack.

Gayle and Ted bond and Gayle says that she always kidded herself that fathers weren’t important. (THANK YOU!!!!), but she’s happy they’ve met. She also lets Ted know that his grandson is a big fat jail bird….but it wasn’t his fault.   ‘Pffffffffft…right.’, says Tina.

Tina asks if she can take a picture and as she prepares, Gayle brings up Ted’s dead wife. Ted corrects her and says that his wife didn’t die, his partner died. His partner, James. Yes, he is a gay, gay, gay….a homosexual.

Oh, and because like a lot of you I was doing the WHERE THE HELL HAVE I SEEN THIS GUY BEFORE game…..I imdb’d him.  He was nazi bad guy (as opposed to nazi GOOD guy)  Vogel in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  


And Ick.
It’s first thing in the morning and Maria and Liam at each other’s throats. Maria is being insecure and Liam is fed up. When Maria asks if Liam is going to work all day, he says it sounds like like an accusation.

Over at the factory, Liam tells Carla that he can’t blame Maria but still she is driving him around the bend. Carla is being supportive in a “Maria’s a dip and don’t forget she hurt you and lied to you’  kind of way.

Liam goes to the house to get info for the registration, but when he gets there Maria talks about Carla and how he still hates her for deceiving him.   He really seems to want her to just shut up.

Maria fondly reminisces over the time when her and Tyrone went out and that he always said she would leave him for someone better looking and smarter. She feels like karma has bit her in the ass because Liam is ‘perfect’. But wait! It gets better. Maria blames her jealousy for the miscarriage saying that she couldn’t sleep that night knowing that Liam is with Carla all night.

At this point Carla comes over with…a cake (wtf?).   ‘Shove off!’ Liam explains and pushes her out the door.

Later in the garden Maria tells Liam he needs to apologize to Carla. Liam, clearly stressed says that when Paul died, it threw him and Carla together. He goes on to tell Maria that he never cheated on her…HOWEVER, while she was wrong to think she’d lose him, she was right to feel jealous because he did feel something for Carla. He says that he’s only telling her that so that she won’t keep punishing herself.

Maria says, ‘Oh, of course, that’s perfectly understandable. You and Carla clung to each other out of grief and out of that experience you developed what you thought were feelings of love, but clearly these emotions were just an attempt to overcome your pain and put things back to normal. I understand, this kind of thing often happens. Now, let’s just get our marriage back on track with some honest and open discussions. Perhaps some tantric yoga would help too.’

Okay, that’s what happened in Opposite World.

What happened in this reality was Maria screaming ‘You love her!’ and stomping off.

Maria starts packing her bags to go back to Audrey’s. When Liam tries to stop her, Maria asks him if she hadn’t gotten pregnant, would he have asked to marry her or would he have pursued Carla? (Ooookay she’s got a point, cause I seem to remember the proposal being a bit of retaliation for Carla dating Tony.)

Liam swears on his life that he never slept with Carla. Maria responds with the rather creepy, ‘A week ago you swore on our baby’s life that you weren’t in love with Carla….now that baby’s dead.’

Mr. Glacia,who doesn’t really watch Corrie, says from the kitchen, ‘I don’t want to even know what that line was all about.’    Me too sweetie, me too…unfortunately you can’t ‘unwatch’ a god awful storyline.

Maria tells Liam that he can’t be with her out of guilt, pity or to try and block Carla out of his head. (Again, maybe that’s a little bit true). She wants to know one thing…does he honestly think they have a future. He doesn’t answer.

Becky Rae

Jason has to use secret code to contact Becky as he’s still barred from the café. Roy not happy that Becky is seeing Jason. When he sees Becky hanging out with Jason on her break, he calls her in. She responds by holding up a ‘Three Minutes’ sign. (Hmmm, why do I feel that Becky may be a wee bit too young to have ever seen Norma Rae?)

Becky teases Roy about holding onto his grudges, but he is firm in his position. He goes outside and reads Jason the riot act about being a married man and dating our Becky.

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14 Responses to Tuesday’s Update

  1. Mark Daye says:

    A cake, really Carla? Why? I’m so sick of Maria’s whining and insecurity. If I was Liam I’d have taken the cake and shoved it down Maria’s …. sorry, that’s not very nice is it. I’m glad they are through (please let them be through)!!

  2. missusmac says:

    Finally! Someone walked out of Audrey’s salon looking different than when they walked in, and ironically, it’s Audrey!

    I love Tina. She takes the piss out of every situation. Who else would you want in the room the first time you meet your old gay dad, but Tina? No awkwardness there. 🙂 Was Audrey a goer? I’m betting yes.

    Were Liam and Maria in this episode? Didn’t notice…

  3. haili says:

    I’m sure Audrey was a goer!

    Maria, Maria… please move on! There is no hope. He’s so not worth it. He’s an insensitive lout.

    I love the way Roy treats Becky like he’s her dad. He really doesn’t like to see her get hurt.

  4. Yanyan says:

    Maria, there’s a movie I think you should see. It’s called, “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

  5. John says:

    Thanks for the tip regarding Ted’s past association with Indiana Jones. For a guy whose face was melted off by the Ark of the Covenant, he’s aged remarkably well.

  6. Jody says:

    Great pic..I luv Little Britain..what a funny show!!!

  7. Mark Daye says:

    I don’t mean to be nit picky, but Ted, Michael Byrne, or DAD as Gayle was so quick to call him, was not in The Temple of Doom and did not get his face melted off.

    He was actually in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade and although he did die it was in a tank that went over a cliff.

    PS: I was just warned by my dear partner that I better be careful or I will get my nerd credentials! 🙂

  8. John says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I was confusing my Indiana Jones Nazis.

  9. glacia says:

    It was Toht that melted.

    No worries Mark about the nerd credentials.

    Did I mention that John’s cell phone ring is the Star Trek beeping thing?

  10. kunzie says:

    I think Becky was attempting to hold up a fake “three minutes of extra time” sign, as an official would at the end of a footie match…she commented that her pretend-electronic numbers were on the blink.

    Why doesn’t Jayshun just file for divorce?

  11. Gayle says:

    Glacia, love the photo! It made my day I just love Little Britain! Thanks.

  12. glacia says:

    Ooooooooooooooooooooh! TY Kunzie!

  13. John says:

    I’ll have you know I’ve replaced that ringtone and now have Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Ulysses’ announcing my calls.

    But there IS a new Star Trek movie coming out…

  14. eila says:

    I absolutely loved Tina and Ted. What a hoot! “Did Audreh turn you that way?” LOL

    Have you noticed that Gail acts like a normal human being when Tina’s around? It’s so refreshing.


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