The Caretaking Episode – Wake Me Up When It’s Over – Update

The Most Exciting Thing to Happen Last Night….

We found out Jerry’s real name.

Seriously, they gave me very, very little to work with last night, pigeons.   I think instead of doing these ‘nothing’ shows they should do a special episode featuring little known characters, ‘A Day in the Life of Mr. Wong’ or ‘Fat Brenda’s Fantastic Adventures’.

I am however, duty bound to report on last night’s events and even though doing a report on Deidre’s optometrist’s cat may be more exciting…here you go in glorious technicolor.

Claire’s Bluff

Not happy about the price that they’re getting for the house, Claire wants to pull out of the deal.  Ashley reminds her that they’ve agreed on a price and that the Websters are their friends so she should just leave it.

Claire realizes that if she can’t get the price she wanted for her house,  all other hopes she has for world domination will be dashed.  So she kiiiiiiiiiind of  ignores Ashley and plays the guilt card with Sally.   She tells her that without the extra 5K they could never do the repairs they need to do with the Webster’s house to make it livable…and dangles the threat of withdrawing from the deal over Sally’s head.

Sally takes the bait and tells Kevin that they have to do something or they’ll lose the house.  (oh nos!).   The Websters go back to the Pecocks with an offer that Bill will do the reno’s for ‘Mate’s Rate’ and they’ll throw in another 2K.   Claire hums and haws, but Ashley takes the deal.

Claire is becoming quite the manipulator….she’s almost ‘Shakesperean’ as they say.

Morons ‘R Us

Molly wants the plastic blue and yellow siding off of the house saying that it makes them look like morons.   Tyrone is more worried about the memory of Vera and Jack’s feelings and would rather they leave it up.   They fret over the situation, but Molly decides to ask Jack how he’d feel about having the siding removed.

Turns out he’d be VERY freakin’ happy without the siding.  While it is a reminder of Vera, it’s not such a good reminder.

Harry’s Girl Troubles

Harry asks Liz out for a drink but she turns him down again…..but adds a bit of a wink and a smile as she does it and sashay’s away,  hips and ass in full swing.   Harry’s been around the block enough times to pick up on these signals.

Meanwhile, his soon-to-be ex, Clarissa shows up.  Turns out she’s had her driver’s permit revoked and would like Harry to pay for her transportation between the tanning salon and the ‘Gold Diggers of 2001’ club.   Harry tells her to keep dreaming.

This whole scene, btw, was witness by Deidre and Eileen who were minding their own business, standing there, eyes and ears in the general direction of Harry and Clarissa…for 5 minutes.   They trip over themselves getting to the Rovers to tell Liz.

In the theory that a marriage ring is an aphrodisiac….Liz accepts Harry’s offer to dinner the next time they run into each other.

In Other News

Leanne wears underwear as a frock to work at the Rovers.

Michelle comes home and Ryan gets a video game.  Oh yeah, she’s pissed that Leanne is working at the Rovers.  Someone please remind me, what is the beef she has Leanne?  Other than Leanne slept with both of her brothers?  But wouldn’t that beef be overturned by the fact that one of the Conner  brothers tried to KILL Leanne?

Leanne wants to know what an actuary is.  About $130K a year, sweetie.

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14 Responses to The Caretaking Episode – Wake Me Up When It’s Over – Update

  1. kunzie says:

    I wanted to drown Jeremy as a child. He was so full of himself. I much preferred HR Puff’n’stuff. Yeah, I know, early indicators…

  2. Gayle says:

    Why wasn’t Michelle informed off the loss of her brother’s baby?

    I also thought Leeanne was wearing her slip to work.

    By the way Liz is making me sick, she is after all married.

  3. eps says:

    Did I miss something? Michelle, auntie to Babypaul the Deceased, arrives home and no one, NO ONE, mentions the baby? She doesn’t ask either how is Maria doing? (if unaware that the death has occurred) or how are Maria and Liam? (if aware). I am fairly sure that I didn’t doze-off during the episode. I know Steve and Liz were too self-involved but I did think Ryan would say something.

    I love Ted and was cheering when he so deftly gave David as good as he got during the visit at the building for bad boys. I am so sorry to see Ted go – we need a new, fresh voice of reason – maybe Gail would actually listen to Ted.

    I would love to see Ted at a table in the Rover’s with Blanche, Rita and Norris (dependable set-up man) – Betty serving- the dry wit would have multiple opportunities to fly. They could invite Eileen, Fiz and Becky to join them for some mentoring since they are the best of the younger set with sardonic humor.

    Claire surely looked very pg last night. I know that the actress was. I was surprised that so little was done with the camera to hide the fact.

  4. Tracy Emm says:

    It is absurd that no-one has mentioned the loss of the baby to Michelle! Ridiculous! She was in Ireland for goodness sake, with a mobile phone in hand! And then Steve and Liz feel it is a good idea to have her working the bar, instead of telling her of a tragic family loss?! Also, that was quite the pretty dress our Michelle had on for her flight home – we’ve seen her in her ‘cozy’s’ before, so why not yesterday? I repeat: Ridiculous!
    And isn’t Claire just the cunning little madame lately?! I quite enjoy seeing this side of her, and I loved the expression on Ashley’s face at the end, after the Webster’s left! Gobsmacked with a Grin! 🙂

  5. debbie says:

    EXCELLENT update!

  6. beanie says:

    My son was taunted as a child by classmates singing that stupid bear song! He was in fact named after Jeremy Holt played by Bobby Sherman on Here come the Brides.

  7. pip says:

    OMG ‘Here Come the Brides’! I had completely forgotten about that show and I still only vaguely remember it. Was it a western with a bunch of women shipped into a town to be married off to the local men, or something like that?

    I think Michelle also hates Leanne because she was a call girl, and therefore is beneath her, and brings down the tone of the Rovers.

  8. haili says:

    Thank God my kids are grown up! Those high-pitched voices on kids shows are unbearable. Yet, when they were young I was thrilled to use TV as babysitter and have a coffee break during Friendly Giant and Chez Helene.

    One would think that having one’s brother almost kill Leanne, Michelle would call things even. I enjoyed the holiday as much as Michelle did but the drama queen has returned.

    Claire is quite the manipulator and is looking like she’ll be on maternity leave one of these weeks.

    Maybe Steve called Michelle and told her about the baby? Or if she bothered to call Ryan he may have told her. We only saw a few minutes of conversation between Michelle and Steve.

  9. eps says:

    I laughed when I read that Michelle thought “maybe Leanne would bring down the tone of the Rovers”. It would surely take at least a 5.6 quake to do that.

    Yes, Here comes the Brides was about the women brought to Seattle to marry the loggers and early settlers. The theme song goes, (minutiae warning: more info than you want or need)
    “The bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle
    And the green’s the (brightest?) green in Seattle
    Like a beautiful child
    Growing up free and wild
    Full of hopes and full of fears
    Full of laughter, full of tears
    Full of dreams to last the years – in Seattle”

    Now it is mostly full of traffic.

  10. Barbie says:

    I could be wrong but as I recall the cladding on Jack and Vera’s was put on as a gift to Jack from his brother Cliff and Vera hated it. That was a long time ago. I never thought it was plastic though.

    When Mr Barbie and I went to Seattle we sang that song all the time except we only knew the first line and kind of hummed the rest.

  11. Yanyan says:

    I would TOTALLY watch the Fat Brenda’s Fantastic Adventures.

  12. missusmac says:

    I TOTALLY thought I was going to grow up and marry Bobby Sherman…

    and I would definitely watch Fat Brenda. I wish they’d actually produce that character.

  13. glacia says:

    Okay…spoiler, but in a good way….I think they ARE planning to bring Fat Brenda on as a real person.

  14. Yanyan says:

    Three cheers for Fat Brenda!

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