Update for March 4, 2009 – Puppets on Strings

Liz Pulls the Strings

At the Rovers, Liz asks Steve for the night off, to which he reluctantly agrees as he had plans to spend the evening with Michelle. She claims Deirdre is having the kind of crisis that only four bottles of wine can solve. Of course, her real intent to have dinner with Harry.

At Harry’s, the man himself is cooking his world famous stew, the kind, his son Dan notes, that he only pulls out when there is a lady to impress. Indeed, he tells Dan, so amscray. And besides, he adds, there is nothing untoward going on – just two lonely souls enjoying each other’s company.

“And by company,” adds the missus, “they mean ‘penis’ and ‘vagina’.”

Later, Liz sneaks over to Deirdre’s to give her the story. Deirdre tells her she’s playing with fire, particularly in her high heels and short white leather skirt.

“She’s gonna get chapped lips,” adds the missus.

She’s all class, my wife. ‘Swhy I love her.

Liz changes into a more demure turtle neck but runs into Steve and Lloyd who are having a cigarette in the smokers’ shelter out back of the Rovers. They notice she’s changed clothes so Liz chalks it up to Deirdre spilling wine on her. She leaves, making to go to Deirdre’s as Steve yells “Don’t do anything he wouldn’t do” and as Lloyd yells “You look hot!”

Deirdre makes sure the coast is clear and turns around to go to Harry’s.

“Right,” Lloyd declares. “Let’s see who else we can annoy.”

Liz shows up at Harry’s, who has prepared a romantic table for them – with a candle and everything. She confesses that she wishes she dressed up more (which in Liz’s case means wearing less) but Harry tells her she could wear a sack cloth and make it look good. They then toast to being friends.

Later, during dinner, they discuss their respective spouses and the lovely stew. Afterward, they’re having drinks on the sofa and Harry is telling her that he likes her because she doesn’t expect anything. Then Liz gets up to leave as Harry tries to kiss. She waves him off (but you can tell she’s into it). Harry backs off and Liz leaves.

Outside, however, Liz is smirking quite proudly to herself as she walks down the street.

Sally Pulls Claire’s Strings

Sally has discovered that Claire and Ashley’s conservatory has a possibility of subsidence so she goes over to Claire and tells her that they may have to rethink the deal. Claire says there is only a possibility of subsidence.

“But if something were to happen,” Sally says.

“If is a very big word,” Claire counters.

“Not as big as subsidence.” Sally says nicely, then sharply adding “Knock £3000 off the asking price or the deal’s off.”

Sorry, Claire. Sally’s got twenty years on you doing this stuff because later in the Rovers’ Claire agrees to Sally’s terms.

Jason and Becky Yank Each Other’s Chains

At the Rovers’ Becky and Jason are talking about what they want out of life and the best way to do that is decide what you don’t want. Becky does not want to die alone, get into classical music, and doesn’t want to give birth to an alien.

She also doesn’t want to pay pub prices for cider when she can drink from her two-liter bottle at Roy’s. And so that’s what these two lovebirds do, in addition to some couch snogging when Roy comes home early from his train doo-dah.

Roy is so uncomfortable with Jason the bat hater in his flat that he keeps his coat on the entire time. They all try to make small talk but Becky cuts it short, saying this is too weird even for her and so the snogging and whatnot continue in her room.

Later, Jason comes out to find Roy, still wearing his coat, and Roy tries to ask Jason what his plans are with Becky. Jason admits he has no idea but their just taking it as it comes. And nobody seems to ask about the fact that Jason is still very much married to Sarah.

In Other News

The cladding at Ty and Molly’s will cost £1500 to remove, which Molly agrees to over Ty’s objections. Paul is facing two years for the arson and tries to feel sorry for himself but Jack wisely tells him to suck it up.

Michelle and Leanne make nice so I guess Michelle has forgiven Leanne for nearly being killed by her drunk driving brother.

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11 Responses to Update for March 4, 2009 – Puppets on Strings

  1. lovethestreet says:

    Would someone please tell Liz how old she is?

  2. missusmac says:

    With Michelle and Leanne, there was also the Liam debacle, where Leanne was dating Liam yet being a prostitute at the same time. (She’s a multi-tasker.) Sooooo, I’m thinking Michelle must be on drugs, cos that was a pretty quick apology/forgive session.

    I think Lloyd would like to date Liz.

  3. fondue123 says:

    John…your missus is pretty funny: “She’s gonna get chapped lips”!!!!!! Too funny.
    I remember when my daughter was a teenager, having to stop her at the door on one or two occasions to tell her to put on a skirt longer than 8 inches…where oh where is Liz’s inner voice of discretion??? Mind you, she does have nice legs, but she’s gotta be in her fifties.

  4. CAPT PAT says:

    I think Lloyd just wants her for her leather skirt. Men love women in leather, reminds them of the smell of new truck.

  5. Yanyan says:

    I LOVED the scene with Becky swigging cider straight from the two-litre bottle. Reminded me of Canada Cooler and my own misspent youth.

  6. glacia says:

    Liz = mutton dressed as lamb.

  7. haili says:

    You’re only as old as you feel – or so they say! Life begins at 40 but 50 is the new 40 these days! Liz is making up for the teen years she missed when she married Jim. I liked her red leather jacket and only wish I could wear one – and I loved the line about the new truck smell – much classier than the chapped lips one!

    Loved the negotiations between Sally and Claire and it’s true: Sally has had much more practice at manipulation and devious dealings.

  8. Modge says:

    Loved Dierdre’s line when she saw Liz’s leather outfit: “That just screams Hard-to-Get”.

  9. glacia says:

    Oh and John…2 thumbs up for using one of my favourite music videos.

  10. kunzie says:

    Ted didn’t want to die alone, get into classical music or give birth to an alien, either. I guess two outta three ain’t bad.

  11. Pauline says:

    Liz is all fur coat and no knickers.

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