Update For Episode #6823 March 6, 2009


The Webster Estate, as seen through the eyes of Claire

In honour of International Women’s Day, I shall be succinct.

Leanne goes to look at the new flats and ends up getting a job as a sales agent for the company. No doubt she will be operating a house of ill repute there in the near future.

Molly is moaning about how much it is costing for them to have the same ugly cladding left on in the end. Somewhere up in swamp duck heaven Vera has a good laugh.

Paul is hanging around the house looking forlorn. Jack tells him not to start serving his prison sentence before he has to and live a little. Paul later admits to Molly that he is going to do a runner, rather than go to prison and get in touch with his feminine side. Later at the pub Molly tells Tyrone what Paul is up to, while Paul is at home on the phone booking a ticket for points unknown.

Ken, Deirdre and Blanche are growing weary of using the loo at the pub while they wait for Roger the plumber to return and fix their water problem. In the end they decide to get Roger to renovate the bathroom. Blanche will not be impressed.

Clarissa comes by the bookie’s shop and complains to Dan and Leanne how all the walking she has been doing is giving her bulging calf muscles. Harry comes up with a clever solution to her ‘transportation’ problem by employing Lloyd as her personal ‘on call’ driver.

Steve and Liz have a spat about her ‘friendship’ with Harry. She tells her son to stay out of her private life. Harry comes by the pub later and tries to smooth things over with Steve.

Liz has the wedding album out and asks Deirdre what picture she should get framed. They agree on a photo and when Liz shows it to Steve, he expresses concern about the blood stains Vern has on his suit. Liz is sure that the photo shop can do something to airbrush the blood out.

Claire stops by The Kabin and goes on a tirade about the state of affairs in the Webster household, calling it a ‘slum’. Norris, of course, is only too happy to listen. Claire next stoops at the butcher shop to complain to Ashley about the fixtures and fittings at the Webster house, while Emily is there to hear it all.

Sal and Rosie go by the Peacock place to take a few measurements, and are surprised when Claire tells them, due to the poor state of their fixtures, that the price will have to be adjusted by 3,000 pounds, contrary to what she had discussed with Ashley earlier. Much agitation ensues amongst until Kevin and Ashley come to an understanding. An agreement had been reached, and should be honoured. Kev and Ahley both want to go for drinks with their friends but neither of Claire nor Sally is feeling too social towards the other at the moment.

Later at The Rovers, Norris is trying to share the house swap gossip with Emily, but she has sufficient dignity to leave the table. Norris does bump into Sal however, and is able to share with her how Claire described the conditions in the Webster home like ‘living in a slum.’ Sal is not amused.

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14 Responses to Update For Episode #6823 March 6, 2009

  1. haili says:

    Is Leanne going back “on the game”?

    The house swap thing is stupid – but at least it’s funny at times.

    It does seem odd that Steve is so concerned about Vernon. Maybe he’s just embarrassed by Liz’s behaviour.

  2. missusmac says:

    I think Steve realizes his mother isn’t all that and a bag of chips, she has some issues. Yet, Vern is ready and willing to put up with her issues, Big Jim, little Amy and the whole dang clan.

    Nothing more embarrassing for a kid, of any age, than a mom on the make.

  3. beanie says:

    I agree missusmac! The MacDs arrived on the street just before Steve and Andy turned 16. That’s a lot of years of embarrassment! She may not have ALWAYS been on the make but she sure looked the part.

  4. fondue123 says:

    Loved loved loved Steve’s comment about the blood stains on Vernon’s white suit…perfectly delivered line, absolutely hilarious. Love Steve.

  5. debbie says:

    Well, both Claire and Sally seem to be giving as good as they get. They are both just really petty.

    I know that a lot of people are finding this story line silly or boring, I however love it and it is typical Corrie.

    It is nice to have a story line that has nothing to do with a love triangle or does not involve constant crying (Michelle) constant wingeing (Maria) characters who’s emotions or motivations are out of reach for the actor’s abilities (Leanne and Paul).

  6. Joy says:

    Loved Claire’s imitation of Rosie! Also (for the first time) got a couple of laughs from Roger.

  7. glacia says:

    I loved Claire’s imitation…especially since it came at a time when I was saying out loud about Rosie, ‘My god this child can’t act her way out of a wet paper bag.’

  8. Barbee says:

    I missed about half of this episode, so will have to watch online to catch some of the good lines. I, too, love the episodes without histrionics, but lots of old-time Corrie laughs. I agree that the house swap story is kind of lame, but it is typical of the street.
    Steve has always been embarrassed by his mom (quite rightly) – I think he’s a wonderful son for putting up with her, and staying so close.
    Anyone elso notice that Rosie’s acting style changed since Lauren came on the street? She seems to have taken a chapter out of her book what with the head tossing, pouting and OTT contrived speaking voice.

  9. Gayle says:

    Barbee and Glacia, I completely agree with your comments regarding Rosie’s “acting” when she was standing beside Sally nodding I thought what is the purpose of this character? She is a very beautiful girl but cannot act.

    Debbie I also agree with you regarding Paul and Leeanne’s acting. I will not be sad at all to see the back of him.

    As foolish as the house swap story is, it is a nice change from Maria’s crying. I am disappointed in how bitchy Claire is about Sally’s house. It is a little terraced house but is hardly a slum. Where does Claire get off acting so high and mighty? They are supposed to be in serious debt, Sally and Kevin seem to be much better off fiancially.

  10. romeozulu says:

    I enjoyed the banter between David and his new grandfather- very good actors, both.
    Am I the only one that thinks the bookie clan is terrific? I love the interaction between the two of them, and it seems that both characters are developing / fleshing out.
    Where’s Mel? Bring back Mel and her goofy, shaggy brother.
    The actress that plays Rosie is, and has always been, terrible. Over-the-top everything, all the time. Not a subtle bone in that lass’s body. Her sister, IMO, is quite a good actress – unfortunately they’re building Rosie up to be the Street’s sex kitten / bitch. Hopefully they’ll see the light and give Sophie a fair shake. Although not as va-va-voom, she’ll blow Rosie’s doors off.

  11. Barbee says:

    I’m enjoying the gay grandad as well – great interaction with David, who has always been a pretty convincing actor. I think the bookie senior is great, and wish they hadn’t hooked up Leanne with bookie the younger; no chemistry. Much like Steve & Michelle, Liam and Maria.
    He’d have been fun with Mel, maybe.
    I like the Mortons, too, now. I couldn’t stand Jodie but have grown to like Mel & her bro.

  12. haili says:

    I like the bookies too. Harry was good in Bad Girls and I wish I could see the next season of it. All those good shows like Bad Girls, Footballers’ Wives, Life on Mars, etc. used to be on Showcase and now they have crappy reality shows instead. I watch TV to escape reality.

    It’s not so long ago that Sally and Kevin were scraping by trying to pay tuition at that private school and now they have lots of money to swap houses and re-decorate. I should stop trying to figure out the finances of all these people and suspend disbelief.

  13. lovethestreet says:

    Perhaps the Websters have more money now that Rosie is out of the posh school…

  14. CAPT PAT says:

    And KEVIN is out of the CrowbarHotel, earning a living in his garage.

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