Late as HELL Update for Monday and Tuesday’s Episodes

A million apologies for the’s been the week from hell for me and I couldn’t get around to the update. 


Here is Monday and Tuesday’s update in brief – I know that the rest of the week’s updates will make up for it.


The Show Must Go On


With Kenzie (you know, this kid’s trouble may have started by being saddled with a name like that) in the hoosgow, the play is in danger of not going forward.  That is until Sophie tells the teacher that Chesney knows all the lines to the lead role.  Holy Andy Hardy, this just might work!


Chesney is reluctant, but is persuaded to step up to the plate.  His only concern now is the kiss he has to give Kaleigh during the play…not only has he got a big ginger crush on her, but he’s never kissed a girl before.  He asks Sophie for advice about how to kiss and that seems to straighten it all out.


Kaleigh, who is off Kenzie now, invites Chesney out for chips with the gang.  When he’s primping himself for the chip outing, Fizz and Kirk-eh worry that he might be setting himself up for a fall and wonder how they can protect him.


Glacia thinks, this is one of those things you CAN’T and shouldn’t protect young’uns from.  The bird’s got to fall a few times to learn how to fly…and it won’t be the end of the world for him.



Jerry’s in the hospital and guess who shows up unannounced and univited…Theresa…Jerry’s ex and Finley’s mom.   Once Jerry convinces her that he did have a heart attack and not heartburn, she announces that she has come to play Mary Poppins with the children and take care of the homestead.


This is surprisingly NOT a popular suggestions with any of the Mortons, but Theresa is more manipulative than that and suggests to Jerry that if he doesn’t take her help there’s a chance that Finley will end up in care.   Jerry relents.


When she does arrive at the house Mel tells her to take a hike, but Darryl, overwhelm with the shop and the house thinks it might be a good idea if she sticks around.   Theresa immediately plops herself on the couch and is all hugs for Finley.


When Kaleigh asks her if she will come to the play that she is starring in, Theresa’s response is, ‘Oh I don’t think I could sit though a play, it’d set my A.D.D.H. off.   Now where’s the alcohol.’


An unimpressed Kaleigh says she’s going out and Theresa makes sure that limits are set, she’s to be home no later than eleven.  Mel, in the background, is rolling her eyes all Linda Blair-like.


When Finley and Theresa are alone, Theresa immediately goes routing around the house looking for emergency cash.   When she finds it she tells Finely that he’s to be in bed in 5 minutes and if he needs her, he has her cell number and then OFF to the boozer she goes leaving Llyod’s love child alone.  


She does somehow make it back before Mel can discover that she left Finley by himself.


Under the Speed Limit Racer



Llyod and Dan have a speed limit race to see who’s route is faster.   Dan wins.  Glacia suspsects foul play.   That is all.

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