Update For Episode #6833 March 20, 2009


Doing renovations this weekend, so just the highlights, sorry readers.

Claire wonders if Steve and Michelle might want to buy their house.

Audrey seems less than keen on David returning to work at the salon.

Mel is curious/suspicious where Teresa is getting all her money lately.

Steve and Lloyd discuss the joys of fatherhood.

Lloyd broaches the subject of Finlay being his son with Teresa, and is willing to help out, but wants to make it ‘official’ with a DNA test. Teresa tells Lloyd that this would mean going to the courts, which likely means a judge would make Lloyd pay eight years of retroactive child support. Lloyd seems a bit scared by this prospect, and agrees to keep ‘it’ between him and Teresa, before he hands over some more cash so Teresa can buy herelf some booze – I mean buy Finlay some new trainers.

Steve stops in at the bookies to gloat over his win at darts. The conversation touches again on Steve parking his cabs somewhere else besides in front of the turf accountants. Norris walks by with his newspaper trolley/umbrella contraption and scratches the side of Steve’s cab, before he scurries away. Steve sees the scratch and accuses Dan of the damage, while Norris lurks in the background not admitting his wrong doing. Harry and Lloyd both express doubt about who scratched the car. A while later Dan comes in the pub and orders some pork scratchings from Steve, who tells Dan that he won’t be laughing when Steve sends him the bill to paint his car. Harry casts doubt on Dan’s innocence when he brings up the time they clamped one of Steve’s cabs.

Becky gets increasingly touchy feely with Jason, who is getting increasingly uncomfortable with the current state of affairs.

Roy and Eileen discuss Jason and Becky and seem to agree that it is a mostly good thing.

Jason and Bill stop in at the cafe for some food and Becky hangs off Jason like a cheap suit. Norris comes in with the newspaper delivery, and has words with Jason and Bill about how they are carrying on with women in Weatherfield while they both have wives living in Europe. Jason silence in the defence of Becky speaks volumes.

Jason tells Becky that he wants a night in – to sleep – and just looks scared when Becky says goodbye with ‘See you lover.’

Roy counsels patience for Becky, and tells her how Eileen likes her.

Eileen and Jason have a chat about Becky on the sofa, and Eileen tells him to let her down gently now or pay for it later.

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7 Responses to Update For Episode #6833 March 20, 2009

  1. Glacia says:

    I ‘ate chicken pen they Pope in Rome on the bloody range a character’s basic personality.

    lloyd ‘as been ’round the chuffin’ block a few times, ‘e aint that naive ter adam ‘n eve theresa.

  2. haili says:

    glacia: I think I get the gist of what you’re saying – but not sure?!

    Lloyd has been around the block and should know enough to sneak a DNA sample from Fin. from a pop bottle, hair or something, then check with a lawyer if he is the dad. He seems to have no problem handing out money to Teresa but did everything he could to avoid paying the gambling debt a few months ago.

    Dev and Claire have both had huge personality transplants too and now Becky is getting creepy with her flypaper draping over Jason. He needs to let her down very firmly ASAP.

  3. eila says:

    Yeah, I wish the writer’s would be more careful regarding character.

    I know people aren’t 100% consistent in what they think, say, and do, but the swings shouldn’t be too wide.


  4. Yanyan says:

    Anyone remember that scene from Cheers when Paulie (the rotund fellow with glasses at the end of the bar who never said much) was offered a shot at Rebecca, who was being particularly needy & desperate? His line was, Paulie don’t need no clingin vine. I’m guessing Jason don’t need one, either.

  5. beanie says:

    “Becky hangs off Jason like a cheap suit” LMAO Papa Smurf.

  6. kunzie says:

    Dude, is the boiling sea your renovations? Someone light the apples & pears on fire?

  7. Tracy Emm says:

    I agree with Eila…. I find it very annoying when the writers completely alter a characters personality and move them in a new direction (all too quickly). And further, none of these
    ‘new character directions’ are impressive! Claire, Dev, Becky – even Michele used to be great when she first entered Weatherfield, now she just plain gets under my skin… On a positive note – I am loving Tina, and Gail’s happy attitude seems to be coming on with a bit more normal speed…

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