Monday March 23rd 2009 – The Painful Update

UK Time: Friday, June 6th 2008

Worst Book Ever

Worst Book Ever

The show opens with Jason having a conversation with his mother about Becky. I know that for some of you it may be hard to believe that a young man would have such a frank conversation with his mother about his love life. Believe me, some do, that type often date me and give me their mother’s opinion about the relationship. This is further evidence that I belong with Jason Grimshaw, or that he is destined to break my heart – something like that.

Anyway, Eileen gives him some advice that is spot on, but will be hard for both Jason and Becky. Tell her tell her tell her. Tell her as soon as possible. The only thing worth than heartbreak is heart break and then the realization that you’ve actually spent a lot of time, unbeknownst to you, waiting for the heartbreak. But, I’m not speaking from experience here.

Later on at Roy’s Rolls Eileen and Jason sit for some bacon bams, sausage rolls, bacon butties, egg and bacon butties, bypass surgery when Becky come in from the flat. Excited to see her new boyfriend she begs Roy for five minutes so she can talk to him.  What follows is a rather painful display of a relationship better off in a film called, “He’s Just Not That Into You, But is Too Nice a Guy to Just Dump You”

Jason says he wants to talk. Becky gets paranoid.* Jason denies that anything is wrong with “them”. Jason even makes up story to make Becky feel better. Becky falls for it. Eileen is aghast.

Later Becky asks Roy and Ken for relationship advice. Let me repeat that. Becky asks ROY and KEN for relationship advice. They go over what makes for a lasting relationship. Roy fails to mention that a big plus in his relationship is that no other woman would go out with him. On Ken’s list of tips for a lasting relationship he leaves out habitual adultery on both parts and a complete abandonment of all personal goals.

Well Ken and Roy’s sage advice really struck a chord with Becky. Her definition of mutual respect is red lingerie. Oh Becky. I feel for you girl.

*A word of advice. If you need to have a talk, don’t say you need to have a talk. Just make plans to get together and have the talk. The “talk warning” is just kind of mean.

Steve MacDonald

Steve MacDonald

Steve MacDonald is really going out of his way to act like a first class ass. Is it his fault? Or is this little story line hanging on by tooth floss? Last night it went like this.

Steve: You scratched my car!
Dan: I didn’t scratch your car, mate!
Steve: Yes you DID scratch my car.
Dan: I did no such thing.
Kevin Webster: I’ve got a bill for the scratch on the car.
Steve: You have to pay to repair the scratch on my car.
Dan: I will not pay for the repair because I didn’t scratch your car.
Steve: You gotta pay for the scratch or else.
Michelle: Steve, don’t be an idiot.
Dan: Now you are looking for a fat lip.
Steve: You’re barred!
Dan: You stole my phone.
Steve: You’ll get it back when you pay the bill
Dan: Oh, I’ll think you’re the one whose gonna pay.

In Other News

David got out of kiddie jail

Liz booked a dirty weekend for herself and Vern. I’ve just thrown up in my mouth a little bit.

Michelle and Steve will not be buying Ashley and Claire’s house.

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7 Responses to Monday March 23rd 2009 – The Painful Update

  1. haili says:

    Jason may have to throw a bucket of cold water over that one! I don’t know how else he can get her attention. She just hears what she wants to hear.

    I too laughed at the relationship advice coming from Ken. I think it’s mostly just habit with him and Dierdre – or they’re getting too tired to cheat anymore.

    Steve is just so out of character. Those scenes could have been written for Jim and re-cycled after he left.

  2. Tracy Emm says:

    Yet again, another ‘out of character’ action from Steve…
    Seems we are on a downward spiral with Corrie characters as of lately…
    I have always understood it that different writers, write different episodes — perhaps they might all want to meet up and get the ‘personality plans’ in sync !!!!!!

  3. lovethestreet says:

    Great update! I loved it when Eileen hit ‘R Jason upside the head.

    Your comments about Ken are hi-larious.

  4. kunzie says:

    Deb, my sides hurt!!!

  5. CAPT PAT says:

    If ”our Paul” took a ‘runner’,why aren’t the ‘bobbies’ looking for him, or is it just being written out of the Program, shouldn’t Jack be in there commenting on it.

    Also, hasn’t anyone told Michelle about her dead nephew Paul??
    The writers start something but, no conclusion??????

  6. Long time lurker says:

    It’s just pained me to watch Becky’s clinging/neediness with Jason over the last few episodes. I know that she’s the tough outer-shell girl with the soft, gooey centre, but it has just been so difficult to watch her go through this, knowing what’s got to be coming.

  7. Yanyan says:

    Capt. Pat, your comments re: Paul are spot on. I would think Jack’s withdrawal of 10,000 pounds on the very day his grandson did a runner would raise a few red flags for the bobbies.

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